5 Ways to Stay Creative

Every DIYer has faced a creative block at one point or another. It’s natural! Sometimes you just run out of ideas, and don’t know how to proceed. There are ways to boost your creativity though! 

Peruse Pinterest or really any other website with a lot of images. You may get an idea of what you’d like to make, find a DIY you’d like to try, or just become inspired to make something new altogether!

d5804b95c88b361a7bde79e79ebc2f78 (1)Take a walk. As simple as that sounds, doing an activity that let’s your mind wander has long been known to boost creativity. How many fantastic ideas have you thought of in the shower? Exactly.

Brainstorm with pen and paper. You can create an idea map, a flow chart, or anything else that allows you to get your thoughts down to help boost that creative flow.
Explore outside of your comfort zone. Whether you try a new type of cuisine, read a fiction book when you usually read nonfiction, or go to an event you’d never step foot in; seeing the world from another point if view can only help your creativity.
Take a nap. We know we just told you to take a walk two tips ago, but sleeping can also boost creativity! Just keep a journal by your bed to capture all of those creative thoughts.

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