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DIY: Jungalow Dorm Room

If you love plants and the word “Jungalow” is unfamiliar to you, you should get acquainted, quickly. The true queen of Jungalow is Justina Blakeney, with her ‘jungaliciousness’ (her word) decor and homes. It combines bright colors and organic textures with nature. It’s not a hard look to achieve and if you can’t keep plants alive just find some real looking fake ones. Besides, if you’re in college, looking after yourself is hard enough. I have two easy DIY’s to add some color to your Jungalow.

Beaded Jungle Lamp

I found this fabric in our fabric drawer and I couldn’t believe how perfect it was for this DIY. I decided to sew a lampshade for it that fit one of the frames I had. You could just modify an existing lampshade or buy one for cheap at a thrift store. And you can substitute the printed fabric for solid colors if that’s more your style.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A lampshade

Beaded Fringe

Sequin Patches – We used this, this and this

Sewing Machine or Strong Fabric Glue



First, start by placing your patches on your lampshade. Since I made mine I could lay it flat, but if you have a pre-made one you can pin your patches to it for placement. Once you have them where you want them, cover them with a thin cotton cloth. Using an iron on it’s hottest setting, press and hold down for 20 seconds at a time. Repeat if necessary. Be careful, the metal of the lamp will get hot too. For all those of you who own a hair iron, you can use that too.

*DO NOT do this while the lamp is still plugged in.


Once all the patches are ironed on, start pinning the beaded fringe to the fabric. If you’re going to be gluing it to the lampshade you can skip this step. Pin the fringe and the fabric with their ‘right’ sides facing each other.


If you’re using glue (I suggest Sobo Craft Glue or E6000), start gluing the fringe in sections to the inside of the lampshade for a neater finish. You can use binder clips to keep it in place while it dries. I would sew a few stitches by hand just to secure it.

If you’re sewing it to a lampshade, sew along the pinned fabric, removing the pins as you go along.

Now plug that lamp in and watch the beads catch the light.

Jacquard Bed Scarf

You must be wondering what a bed scarf is. Trust me, the term is new to me too. I just called it that decorative quilt-like thing at the foot of the bed. So that’s what a bed scarf is. I decided to use all the beautiful jacquards that we have and it totally goes with the Jungalow theme.

You’ll need:

Jacquard trim – We used the following:

1 ½” Ivory and Gold Jacquard

30MM Metallic Jacquard

2″ (50mm) Sun Moon Jacquard

Embroidered Metallic Jacquard

50MM Imported Wine Metallic Jacquard

53MM Fine Imported Jacquard

1 ¼” Metallic Jacquard Red/Gold

40MM Metallic Jacquard Red/Green


Tassel trim

Scrap fabric – You can choose a print you like that complements the jacquard


A sewing machine – If you don’t have a sewing machine you can glue the trims together but I strongly recommend sewing


Plan the arrangement of your trims. Take a picture when you’re done so you know the order you want them in.



Take the first two trims and lay one over the other, overlapping very slightly. Now sew along the edge making sure you’re sewing both together. Repeat this process with the all the trims.



When you’re done with all the jacquard, place the tassel trim with the tassels at one end of the scarf, facing away from the edge; right side facing down. Next,  take the scarp fabric and lay it over the the tassel trim, sandwiching it in between.



Sew along about 1/2″ from the edge. You can leave the fabric in the back unfinished and cut it to about 2 inches or you can do a double fold and sew it. Repeat this for the other side of the scarf. I added a top stitch just to make it more sturdy.


And Voila. Jungalow done.


DIY: Modern Dorm Room

Just because you’re in a college dorm room doesn’t mean you need to live in a basic box. You can have the future apartment of your dreams, in college, at a fraction of the cost. Just hop aboard the DIY train like all the other savvy young people and make your dorm room look classy beyond its years. I have three new DIYs for you that will be très chic in a clean modern room.

Gingham Lamp Cord

Gingham is back and how! This quirky plaid print looks great on clothes and home decor alike. So when I saw this plaid ribbon I had to do something with it. I decided to make a decorative cover for the bare wire of a lamp.

What you’ll need:

Plaid Ribbon

Vinyl Tape


Glue Gun

Lamp cord


Glue the length of the ribbon to the length of vinyl. This is to give it a strong backing. 2 yards of ribbon made us about a foot of the final covering.



Now cut 8″ strips of the backed ribbon.



Next,  using your glue gun add glue to 1/2 at the end of the strip, plaid side facing up. Now make a loop by attaching it to the other end.



The next piece needs to be glued in a similar way but you need to pass it through the first loop before closing it. You’re essentially creating links. Repeat this process with the remaining loops.


When you’re done with all the links, thread your lamp cord through them, making sure you follow an even threading pattern.

Now lights on!

Faux Metallic Leather Basket

This catch all leather basket is perfect to have on your night stand or in the entryway. You can just toss your earphones and keys in here so you’ll always know where to find them on your way out.

What you’ll need:

Metallic Vinyl Tape


Glue Gun


We’re making a basket that is 8″ wide,  6″ long and 5″ tall. See the below above for the measurements of the pieces you need to cut. Since we want the walls of the basket to be 5″ tall, using a pencil make a light mark at 5″ from both end of the base strips.




If you’ve made a basket before or used a basket weave for any project this will be simple. Even if you haven’t you just have to know it’s an alternating pattern. 1 up 1 down.



Apply a little glue at the joints as you go along so you can have some stability and the strips won’t be able to move out of place.



Once you’re done with the base strips ( 3 x 18″ + 4 x 16″) you’ll need to start weaving the sides of the basket. To do this, glue the 28″ strip to a base strip at the right angle formed by the base strips. Make sure this strip is alternating with the parallel strip. For example if the strip next to it is going under, you have to start by glueing the side strip over. This is the point of the basket weave, to interlock and create a sturdy structure.



Repeat weaving in and out till you’re all the way around the basket and glue the end piece. You can crease the corners to give it a more defined shape. Do this with the second strip as well, making sure it’s alternating with the previous strip.



To finish the ends, fold down and glue the remaining on inch wither inward or outward.


Aaaaand you’re done!


Faux Leather Strap Shelves

This might be the easiest of them all. Add a sleek touch to your shelves by adding these faux leather straps. They look good and are also actually functional. Double yay.

You’ll need:

Vinyl Tape


Glue Gun



Drill (If you don’t own a drill you can use a screw driver and do it manually)



Measure how high or low you want the shelf hung. The longer the strap, the lower the shelf. Our strap was about 18″. When measuring, keep in mind the strap at the back will be straight while the one in the front will be longer because it’ll be at an angle. Mark the short end and the long end.



After you measure, cut the strap. Cut a second piece for the other end.



Glue the strap about 1.5″ in. Make sure you align the marks you made earlier with the edges of the shelf. Next, glue the sides.



When you figure out where you want the shelf, using a drill, drill the back strap at the top and the bottom. You can have a friend help you keep the shelf straight while you do this. Repeat for the other side. Then, drill the front strap to the wall in the middle of the other. Make sure you’re shelf is straight while you do this.

Ta da!

DIY: Bohemian Chic Dorm Room

Yes, yes, I know, you don’t want to think about school. You just want to keep enjoying your summer and pretend that it’s never going to end. But sadly, it must. Maybe a cool new dorm room is just what you need to make the start of school less daunting. Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to give you awesome budget-friendly ideas for decorating your dorm room. You can choose the one that suits your style the most and then put your own unique spin on it. The first one in the dorm decor series is a chic bohemian dorm room that can express your wandering spirit and bohemian aesthetic. We have three easy tutorials to bring bohemia straight to your dorm room.

Fringe Wall Hanging:

Woven wall hangings have been making the rounds all year and some of them can be time consuming and hard to make. We came up with an easier way to achieve the cool textured effect that you can customize and complete in less than 30 minutes.

Here’s what you’ll need

Various Colors of Bullion Fringe – Based on the width of your final hanging, buy double or triple that amount so that you can color block

We used these:

6″ Pink Bullion Fringe

6″ Loden Bullion Fringe

3″ Dark Beige Bullion Fringe

3″ Spruce Bullion Fringe



Board – A piece of wood or sturdy cardboard would work. We made ours 11″ x 17″

A Glue Gun


Cut all the fringes to the width of the board you have + 2 inches.


Once you’ve planned how you’re going to lay out your colors, starting at the bottom, glue your first line of fringe. To finish the ends, glue the excess fringe around the fringe to the back.


Keep repeating this process until you get to the top and finish off the top edge by gluing the last fringe slightly higher, so it’s peaking out over the edge and covers the board behind. The aim is to not have the board show through at all.


Now just find a spot and hang up this beauty.

Tassel Trimmed Basket

This DIY is so easy I don’t think you need step by step instructions. But I’ll give them to you anyway.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A Basket

Tassel Trim

A Glue Gun



Start by applying glue on the top edge of the basket.


Place the tassel trim over the glue and press to secure. Make sure you align it to the edge. When you’re done, cut the excess and add a little glue to the cut end to prevent fraying.


Repeat this process, working on small sections at a time so the glue doesn’t dry out.

That’s it. Now go put some plants in it and show off your awesome project on a window sill or a side table.

Pom Pom Pillowcase

This DIY is a little more advanced (you need to know how to sew on a sewing machine). If you don’t have access to a sewing machine you can glue the trim on. This tutorial can also be applied to curtains, cushion covers and duvet covers. You can use bigger pom poms for a duvet cover.

What you’ll need:


Pom Pom Trim


Sewing Machine (or fabric glue)



Measure how much you need for the pillow case. You can either sew it in sections or per side. Cut according to what you decide. We decided to sew it as one continuous piece for 3 sides and do it separately for the open side.


Pin the trim to the pillow case edge. Make sure you’re not pinning it to the part the pillow has to fit through. Stick to the very edge, along the seam.


Using a sewing machine sew the trim along the edge of the pillowcase.

*An even more advanced option would be making the pillow case from scratch and sandwiching the pom pom trim between the fabric for a more finished look.


DIY: Rope Basket

I know this DIY’s been making the rounds for a while now and I wanted to jump in and try one myself. I did want to put a spin on it by using different types of ropes so I get different textures instead of sticking to cotton rope. Check out these easy steps to make your own rope basket.

What you’ll need:
  • Rope (I used this one and used about 15 yards)
  • Glue Gun (and at least 10 glue sticks)
  • Spray Paint (optional)
  • A shape to mold your basket around. Something uniform in shape or tapering to the bottom works best. I use this lampshade I had lying around
  • Tape


It’s important to know what shape you’re going to end up with. In my case, my lamp shade which I’m using as a base, is round. So I glue the rope on itself with the smallest turn.

If I was making a rectangular basket my first turn would be long.


You then have to keep adding a thing line of glue and wrapping the rope around the first turn. Keep doing this till you finish the bottom of your basket.


Once you reach the size you want, place the lamp shade or whatever base you’re using over it and make sure the bottom is one turn bigger than the bottom of the lamp. You then start applying glue on top the rope instead of the side and start wrapping it around the lamp.

Keep in mind you’re not gluing the rope TO the lamp shade. You’re just using it as a shape to mold your basket around.


Let it cool for a couple of minutes and take the basket out.


This step is optional.

I taped the top edge of the basket and added two coats of silver metallic spray paint. Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area and wear a mask to protect yourself.

Spring Summer 17 Trend Alert: Straw and Wicker

This summer’s latest trend is straw and wicker hats, bags and furniture. With Scandinavian influences, the trend embraces natural fibers and un-dyed, light colors. The pale shades of lemon yellow and creamy beige are light and sunny and will instantly turn any outfit into a summer look and any room into an airy oasis.

The original straw and wicker trendsetter is Jane Birkin, circa 1974 with her iconic basket bag but the upcoming trendsetter is you, circa now. So gather your looms and weaving materials, and come on a straw studded journey through this summer’s latest craze.

FRANCE – FEBRUARY 08: Jane Birkin Posing With Her Little 10 Month Old Daughter On The Boardwalk In Nice On September 9, 1972. The 28 Year Old Actress Was Then On The Set Of The Film Trop Jolies Pour Etre Honnetes, Directed By Roger Balducci. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

First up, straw hats and bags with inspired verbiage like “do not disturb”, “beach please”, “out of office” and more. The large, script, playful letters in contrasting blues and reds make this style really pop and come to life. It’s great when your accessory can speak for you with a little message and it’s a whimsical look perfect for the beach or pool. 

Eugenia Kim’s Hats are so adorable (and so DIY-able) (Source)

In the home décor world, we have outdoor woven furniture. Rattan and wicker has returned and natural furniture pieces are making a comeback. Whether the piece is retro or modern, designers are foregoing all things heavy and dark for a refined “back to nature” look.


This summer, drop your leather bags and hardwood and opt to accessorize with your new favorite materials.  The look may have started with the Scandinavians but it ends here with you.

DIY: 3 Ways to Use Frames In Your Dorm Room

One of the most versatile things you can find is a frame. You probably already have plenty lying around or you can get them for a couple of bucks at ikea or if you’re adventurous you can find them at yard sales or thrift stores. I put together 3 ways you can use a frame in your dorm decor but this is just a starting point for you guys to come up with your own unique ideas.


This one is super simple and quite useful. You can hang it on your wall and write yourself a note or on the outside of your dorm door for people to leave you messages when you’re out.

Here’s what you need:

A frame with glass

Cardstock (thick paper) in a light color

Wide lace like this one



Take the backing out of the frame and lay it on the cardstock. I used a corner so I would only have to cut two sides.


Using a pencil trace around the board and cut out the resulting rectangle.


I used this Chantilly lace which was wide enough for a 11 x 14 frame with some extra. With the glass in the frame (facing down), place the lace and then the cardstock on top. Then carefully insert the backing to hold everything in place.

And that’s it. Now get your self some dry erase markers and make a to do list.


With Instax and other companies making affordable polaroid cameras, polaroids are a nice way to collect memories and document your travels. What you need is a cute frame where you can hang up your awesome polaroids.

Here’s what you need:

A frame

Braided trims in 2 colors (more or less, depending on the size of your frame.

This Rococo trim


A Glue Gun

Clips to hang your polaroids


Measure the trim to fit from side to side of the frame and cut all of them equally.


Apply a small amount of glue to the right side of the trim and attach to one side. Let it dry for a minute. Then, pulling it tight, add glue the other end to the other side. Be careful with the hot glue though!


Repeat with the other two trims and you’re done.

Hang up your polaroids and show them off!

Velvet Ribbon Art

Want a sophisticated and tactile piece of art for your dorm room that’s not going to break the bank? I have just the idea for you. All you need to do is figure out your color scheme and then just play with the different velvet trims in different widths till you like the layout. You can see the one I made for some inspiration:

What you’ll need:

A frame

Velvet ribbon in various colors

This adorable velvet daisy trim



I used half a yard for each of the strips for a 14″ tall frame. Measure the inside area of the frame and add 4 inches to that measurement to know how much you’ll need for each strip.


Starting with one side start taping the ribbon taut onto the backing of the frame. I did it directly on the backing because it’s sturdy and won’t bend when I pull it tight.


Keep going, experimenting with different widths that you can change by overlaying the ribbon differently.Add the daisy trim in between for some dimension. The back is going to look messy with all the tape so if you want a cleaner more permanent solution use a glue gun and glue all the ribbon evenly.

And that’s it. Pop the backing back into the frame and hang your art up. 

DIY: Tassel Wall Hanging

Wall hangings have been all the rage the last year or so and the trend doesn’t seem to be dying down. Whether it’s a woven tapestry, macrame or fringe, a handmade wall hanging is a beautiful addition to any room. I decided to use the stunning colorful tassels we have and make a simple hanging that is vaguely bohemian.

What you’ll need:

A dowel or sticks (I used long thin sticks from the floral section of the craft store)


Tassels (I used multiple colors but you could also try the all white or all black look)

Step 1: If you’re using multiple thin sticks, bind together a few to make it more sturdy. You can skip this step if you use a dowel.

Step 2: Decide how you want your final hanging to look. Do you want them all the same length? Do you want a ‘V’ Shape? I chose to do an asymmetrical upside down ‘V’. Keeping your design in mind, tie the cords to the sticks and cut to whatever length you need.

Step 3: Using the loops, attach the tassels to the ends of the cords.

Step 4: Tie a cord on both ends of the stick to hang the hanging from.

And you’re done!

DIY: Faux Bee Embroidered Pillow

Ok, so we didn’t actually do the embroidery, hence the ‘faux’. But our way is better for those of you who don’t have the time or the skills to embroider something. Check out how to make this super cool bee embroidered throw pillow:


What you’ll need:

A pillow cover

Embroidered patches – We used this one

An iron


Yup, that’s it.

Step 1: Place the patches how you want them.

Step 2: Iron the patches for 20 seconds each on high heat (no steam). Repeat if necessary.

(Use a thin cotton cloth over the patches, to protect them)

And that’s it, you’re done. No joke.

Check out how to make this pillow and two others in this video:

DIY: Tassel Pillow

Have an old pillow you want to give some life to? Just grab a few tassels and add them all around. Tassels are a fun addition to a lot of home decor projects. Check out how we updated this pillow:

What you’ll need:

A pillow cover/pillow


Needle and Thread

Step 1: Starting with a corner, sew a stitch from the back of the pillow and then sew it back through.

Step 2: Using the loop on the tassel, fasten it to the cover by repeating the first step.

Step 3: Just add more tassels all around the pillow.

And you’re done!

Check out this video for more ideas on making cool pillows:


DIY: Tufted Pillow

One of the easiest updates you can give a throw pillow is the classic tufted look. It looks complicated but it’s so simple to do. You can do this with armchairs, cushioned benches and pretty much anything with cushion/padding that you can tuft. Check out the video at the bottom of the page if you want a quick tutorial on how to tuft pillows.

Disclaimer: If you’re going to tuft something, it’s going to stay that way. So if you have a pillow with a cover and an insert, make sure you’re not going to want to change it in the near future.

What you’ll need:

Throw Pillow

5 Buttons of your choice – We used This One

5 Small Buttons

Decorator’s Needle

Extra Strong Thread


Step 1: Mark where you want the tufts.

Step 2: Tie a knot at the end of the thread. Pull the needle through to the other side (through your marking)

Step 3: Thread the needle through the button’s shank. Pull the needle through the pillow to the back.

>Make sure you pull the thread through as tightly as you can.

Step 4: Thread the needle through the smaller button that will anchor your main button.

And you’re done!

Check out the video to see how to make this pillow and two others: