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Back To School 2018: DIY Preppy Backpack

It’s that time of year again, the one that students dread and parents love: Back to School Season. The fall semester starts in about a month so it’s about time to start creating some great new school supplies, for a great price! I am going to start this series with an essential: the backpack. Today, we are creating the perfect, basic, preppy-style backpack which is perfect for every student who wants to update their backpack for the new school year!

Today’s Look: The Preppy Student

What You’ll Need:


Step 1: Cut zipper tassels already on bag off with scissors. Then, loop leather cord through zipper and cut to desired length, making a loop.


Take thinner cord and tie in a knot around the loop to hold it together. Wrap thin cord around and then tie in a knot twice to secure. Cut off excess of both cords. Repeat for all other zippers on bag.

Step 2: Take white grosgrain ribbon and striped grosgrain ribbon and layer them on top of each other, then glue with E6000 glue. Wait for it to dry a bit, then you can begin to line your backpack with it.

Glue ribbon to the inside part of the zipper flap and then fold to begin lining the backpack along the zipper.

Continuously glue as you go until the ribbon is all the way across the top of the backpack. To finish, fold over flap and glue, the same as when you started the ribbon.

Step 3: Using the same ribbon layered and glued on top of each other, glue to the side pockets of the backpack (if there are any) using E6000 glue. Tip: Use binder clips to secure ribbon while drying to make sure it stays in place!

Step 4: Now we are going to apply the letters! Lay out your monogram in the desired order and lay a thin piece of fabric on top in order to protect the letters from the iron.

Then, use your iron to press down onto the patches for about 20 seconds, or until they are attached to the bag.

Remove fabric for the finished look!


Get the Look: Trending and Popular Decorative Pillows

DIY Trendy Decorative Pillows

I recently rented an apartment and all I wanted was for it to be super stylish and modern. The only problem was I didn’t have the budget to splurge on both furniture and decor, so I had to find a way to cut back. That was when I began to face my throw pillow dilemma… I wanted some trendy pillows but, not for the price. Then I realized I could DIY old pillows to look just like them! Today, I am going to give you some tips on how to recreate four of my favorite luxury throw pillows. The best part is all you need is our different trims and products and pillows you may already have (or can buy for a low price on Amazon)!

Embroidered Pillows


This beautiful embroidered bird pillow with fringe is so easy to recreate with a plain throw pillow and just a few supplies. All you need to easily recreate this at home is an embroidered bird patch, floral patches, and some tassels for the corners. Iron on the patches and glue/sew the tassels onto the pillow or pillow cover. You are good to go with a new pillow that looks like a million bucks without having to hurt your wallet!

Pom Poms

(Source) (Source)

PomPoms are a great way to add flair to any home decor piece, especially throw pillows. The pillow covers on the right retail for about $60, which is too expensive for my taste. To recreate a pompom pillow, use pompom trim and line it along the perimeter. To be even more creative, you can use the trim in a geometric pattern to give design to the front of the pillow.

Fringe Pillows

(Source) (Source)

Adding fringe to a pillow is simpler than you think! Just take a plain pillow and any color fringe trim you like. Then, sew it around the outside and voila! You have a fun pillow to spice up any couch, recliner, or love seat!



Fur pillows give a luxurious look to any piece of furniture you place them on, which is why they are definitely one of the most expensive throws out there. Thankfully, M&J carries fur trims so you can make your own! A fur border on any pillow adds such an elegant aspect to any room. Just sew fur trim to the perimeter of the pillow to add fur to your decor while not overspending.

Get The Look: Paris Fashion Week Menswear Runway Trends

Recreate the newest runway trends from Paris Fashion Week – Menswear for less using products from M&J Trimming!

Vetements – Spikes


Vetements jumps on the “dad shoe” trend with their new sneakers featured in the Spring 2019 Menswear runway show. They feature large oversized sneakers with embellishments such as paint and large metal spikes. Recreate this look by applying metal spikes to any pair of bulky sneakers and create your own unique pair of trendy dad shoes!

Acne Studios – Fringe


Acne Studios presents fringe in their Spring 2019 Menswear show, part of Paris Fashion Week as well. Fringe is an easy way to make any piece stand out which Acne proved in their designs. Add fringe to the bottom of any piece of outerwear and if you are feeling extra adventurous, add fringe to the seam of your favorite top.

Dior Homme – Embroidery


The collection presented by Dior Homme consisted of basic pieces embellished with detail. The white vinyl coat pictured is adorned with beautiful embroidered floral designs, which you can achieve on your own basics using floral patches. Glue or iron on a collection of your favorite patches onto any piece of outerwear or denim to achieve a look that is elegant and timeless.

Balmain – Buttons


Balmain’s Spring 2019 collection is a bit more toned down than their usual designs, but still features iconic detail. The coats featured are embellished with heavy metal buttons, which can make any jacket look more luxurious. To up-cycle your old coat, add metal buttons to keep it looking new and on trend, which it definitely will be with this addition.

Louis Vuitton – Chains


Virgil Abloh, replacement for Kim Jones as creative director for Louis Vuitton, nailed it with his new menswear collection. To revamp the traditional Louis Vuitton brand, he added large plastic chains to his bags in order to make the luxury brand more fresh and appealing to the younger demographic. To follow this trend, add a plastic chain to any handbag or accessory to revamp your wardrobe!

Ann Demeulemeester – Ribbon


Almost every piece in Demeulemeester’s menswear line featured interesting trim, with the most common being ribbon. She styles ribbon around necklines and draping off of the ends of sleeves. To update any shirt, sew your favorite style of ribbon onto neckline or sleeves so it hangs down, like in the collection. No matter your gender, you can rock ribbon an any of your preexisting garments to stay trendy without breaking the bank.

DIY: Beaded and Sequined Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is almost upon us! Struggling to find the perfect gift for mom, something that’s handmade yet worthy of her? We’ve got you. These super simple, super stylish DIYs will have mom smiling and you looking like the best daughter/son.

Flowered Sun Hat

This easy DIY will take you all of 10 minutes. Add a little glitz and glam to a sun hat by adding some beaded flower appliques.

What you’ll need:

A Hat

These Floral Beaded Appliques

E6000 Glue

Some Tape

1: Add some glue to the back of the applique, making sure you get all the edges.

2: Place the patch where you’d like it and press it down.

3: Put some tape over it to keep it in place while it dries.

4: Let dry for a few hours, wrap it up and give it to mom!


Embellished Loafers

Give mom a pair of comfy loafers to slip into, that she can wear out to dinner too.

What you’ll need:

A Pair of Loafers

An Iron

A Cotton Cloth or Teflon Sheet

2 x This Beaded Flower Applique

1: Place the patch where you want it.

2: Cover the patch with a thin cotton cloth or Teflon sheet and iron on high heat. Hold the iron down for 20 second intervals, repeating as necessary. Don’t use steam.

3: Repeat on the other shoe.

4: Gift them to mom and put a spring in her step 😉


Sequin/Beaded Flower Bag

All moms have that one bag that they throw everything in. They always manage to have snacks and bandaids and just about anything you might need in a sticky situation. Like wet wipes. Treat her with a clutch that she can take out when she’s off duty.

What you’ll need:

A Plain Clutch or Crossbody Bag

E6000 Glue

This Flower Beaded Patch

1: Apply glue to the back of the patch, making sure you get all the edges.

2: Place the patch on the bag and press down.

3: For added measure, place a heavy object over it and let it dry for a few hours.

Now you just have to gift it to mom and see her try to fit all the “essentials” into it.


Spring/Summer 2018: Get The Look

I’m secretly hoping that by dressing for Spring, I’m willing it to come quicker. It’s April and I want to cast off the blues, grays and blacks and bust out the yellows, pinks and reds. There are so many fun trends to try out this season and I’ve rounded up 5 of my favorite ones. You can easily incorporate these trends into your wardrobe with some mini DIYs. I hope you find some inspiration in here to brighten up your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Pink + Red

Although this combination is timeless, it packs a punch every time it comes around. The contrast is just beautiful and can easily be achieved with either accessories, separates or jewelry. Designers like Dolce and Gabbana, Ferragamo and Stella McCartney are embracing this yummy palette. Does it remind anyone of candy?


Here’s a few ideas on how you can try this trend out for yourself:
  • Some pink buttons on a red shirt or vice versa.
  • Red and pink sew-on jewels on a blouse would look stunning.
  • A red fur pom pom on a pink handbag or vice versa

Birds of a Feather

Feathers are a whimsical touch to any garment or accessory. They add a bit of dramatic flair or in the case of Alberta Ferreti and Proenza a Schouler, a LOT of dramatic flair.


Here’s a few ideas on how you can try this trend out for yourself:
  • Add some feathers around an ankle strap on your strappy sandals.
  • A wispy feather trim around the neckline or sleeves is just the thing.
  • Long feather earrings to add to a simple outfit.


Sparkle is abundant on the runways this season. Sequins made an appearance time and time again, upping the glam quotient. It’s clear that sequins are no longer restricted to the holidays!


Here’s a few ideas on how you can try this trend out for yourself:
  • Glue on sequins to a pair of heels for some instant glam.
  • Sew on large paillettes to a tank top to create a going out outfit.
  • Embellish a clutch for a night out by gluing some sequins on it.


Sequins aren’t the only ones having a moment right now. I don’t think we’ll ever tire of bedazzling things. Rhinestones and crystals have made their way into several collections on the runway this season. Everyone from Saint Laurent to Gabbana is adding some sparkle to their lines.


Here’s a few ideas on how you can try this trend out for yourself:
  • Take a page out of Dolce and Gabbana’s book and add some crystals to your sunglasses.
  • Add rhinestones to a pair of thigh-highs like Saint Laurent.
  • Add some sew-on jewels to your light spring overcoat to make it a style statement.

Fringe Benefits

I personally love the flappers from the twenties with their beaded shift dresses and drawn-on panty hose. Fringe was an essential back then and apparently in S/S 18 too. Whether it’s Chanel’s subtle fringe on their classic tweed suits or Stella McCartney’s macrame fringe bag, we can’t get enough of this trend.


Here’s a few ideas on how you can try this trend out for yourself:
  • Make a pair of statement earrings with a 6″ fringe to add some oomph to any outfit.
  • Glue some fringe onto the front of a small bag for a statement piece.

    Let us know in the comments if you tried any of these trends out! Happy Spring!

How to Tie a Classic Bow

Classic Bow Tutorial

Want to step up your gift wrapping game? Well, to do that you need to master the classic bow. Watch the video below and you’ll be an expert in no time. To make sure you get the best possible results follow these tips:

• Use a ribbon that has some stiffness if you want a nice structured bow that holds its own. If you want something softer and almost drape-y, use a silk satin ribbon.

• Use a double faced ribbon so you don’t have to worry about a right and wrong side.

• Use a sharp pair of scissors to avoid a frayed edge.


How To Customize Your Christmas Stockings

Customized Stockings – 2 Ways!

Tis the season to be silly, fa la la la la. Get silly by customizing your stockings this year with cute patches that show off your unique personality or spell out your name with some chenille patches. Patches have been hot hot hot for the last few seasons and we don’t see why they can’t make their way on to our festive decor as well. They make for awesome stocking stuffers too. These two easy DIYs will have you ready for the holidays in no time. Santa won’t be able to stuff coal down these stockings!

Fall/Winter 2017: Get The Look

Fashion moves at a lightning pace, and every season has a new wave of stand out trends. While it’s great to get style inspiration from the runway, there’s nothing like wearing the hip looks yourself. We’ve created the M&J Trimming Fashion Trend DIY Guide to share the highlights of each season and ways to make them yours without breaking the bank. This bi-annual review will feature the runway’s hottest trends, the designers and details that really stick out, and DIY fashion projects to create your own pieces.

For the Fall/Winter line-up, the biggest fashion trends in 2017 walked out in sheer ensembles and dark floral. This fall and winter, we’re all about being cozy and romantic-chic. The trends that caught our eye were those flirty details that added a textured accent to a warm ensemble.

Collar Pop

Gucci blew us away with their flirtatious details and embroidered extravagance. Never did fall look so fun then the parties happening on the runway look collars.  We couldn’t decide which look we liked more, so we have DIY projects for all our favorites.

Floral Collar Accent

We love the simplicity of this look and how easy it is to DIY! M&J has an incredible selection of floral iron-on patches ( this one is perfect! ), and all you need is a collared shirt! Update your office look or add a romantic accent like a silk flower to your favorite button-up for class!

Fur-forward Trim

We loved this Gucci look from head to toe, but that collar popping fur trim is just what our old fall coat needed! A detachable fur collar trim is perfect for a quick and easy coat collar upgrade.



Some quick steps:

  1. Shop our great collection of fur trims to find the perfect accent collar for last winter’s jacket and measure out the length of your pre-existing collar plus two inches.
  2. Cut your trim and create a nice clean edge by folding and gluing the hand sewing the edges down.
  3. Sew the hook and eyes, one in the center of the fur trim and one on each side. 

Birds of a Feather

Calvin Klein and Marchesa showed us the way to rock feather trim for that wintry soiree this season. From Alexander McQueen’s dark magic dresses to Prada’s fringed skirts and Balenciaga’s love affair with ostrich plumes, feathers just might be the season’s fashion hit.

Feather Fringe sleeve cuffs

Following Marchesa’s lead, we’re adding short feather fringe to our cute short-sleeved dresses this fall for an extra bit of flair. These feather trims in moody dark collars are the perfect accent to a velvety ensemble. 

Quick Steps:
  1. Sew your feather cuffs to the sleeves with a sewing machine or by hand
  2. To give your feather trim accent a polished look, sew or glue the layer of velvet ribbon along the edge of the sleeve.
  3. You’re done and ready to party this holiday season!

Moody Dark Floral

The runway was full of moody dark floral this season, from Gucci’s Russian Doll ensemble to Naeem Khan’s jacquard trim. Brightly colored rosettes on a dark, velvet background are popping up all over the runway. 

Dark Floral Belt Cover

We loved how Anna Sui constructed her big floral belts and will show you how to recreate that dark floral feel for a belt you already own! Want an extra challenge? Make your own velvet belt from scratch using our incredible collection of buckles and knots!

A few quick steps:
  1. Big belts are perfect to accentuate the waist, so use your waist measurement for this project. Fold your piece of velvet in half, right side in, create a rectangle on the fold that is your waist + 3” by 4 inches wide.
  2. After you’ve cut out your folded rectangle, iron on the interfacing close to the fold. The interfacing will make the velvet nice and sturdy.
  3. Using a sewing machine, sew all but one short side closed.
  4. Turn right side out, and sew up the last edge by hand.
  5. Now measure out a few velvet loops and center them on the “back” of your velvet panel. There should at least be three, one in the center and two 2” from either side.
  6. Now measure out your jacquard so that it can wrap 1” around the back of your belt cover and glue it in place and you’re down!

Take your belt and slide it through the loops and you now have a poppy (and rose) wide belt accent to add dramatic shape to your fall wardrobe.

Dazzle ‘em Boots

Chanel and Saint Laurent are leading the pack in glitter high-rise boots. While we would die to strut out in Oscar de la Renta’s Swarovski rosette-encrusted boots, it’s easier than we thought to turn up the retro glam on last year’s pair of suede shoes. We love the look of adding this alluring rhinestone trim to the back seam of our high-rising suede boots, or these Swarovski flat back crystals to your chunky boot heals for a little extra glamor. We also have these cute rosette rhinestones, too, if you’re feeling extra fancy!

For all of these dazzling looks, all you need is E6000 Glue with a precision tip. If you’re thinking of gluing individual rhinestones to the shoe, we also recommend using these tweezers for ease.

Keep checking this page for the latest in DIY Fashion Trends and how-to’s.  Always check the M&J Fashion page for the latest off the runway looks and easy ways to make them your own!

DIY Halloween Decor: Embroidered and Studded Pumpkins

With Halloween less than two weeks away, we’re skipping the more time-consuming DIYs and showing you two unbelievably easy and straightforward pumpkin décor ideas that you can put together at the drop of a (witch) hat.

First, a throwback DIY that is so quick and simple we had no choice but to raise it from the dead. If you’re looking for an easy DIY that will instantly make your doorstep more festive for your favorite frightening holiday, Halloween, this is it!

For a pumpkin decoration, instead of going the traditional carving route, we decided to make use of our leather cord to create a unique embroidered effect. We also used a craft foam pumpkin for this DIY so that it can last multiple seasons, but you can swap it out for the real thing too! Get ready to not carve up some pumpkins!

Spooky Embroidered Pumpkin

What You’ll Need:


Spooky Image of Your Choice


1mm Round Leather Cord



Cut out your image that you drew or printed. Pick a design that isn’t too complicated.



Pin paper cut-out to the pumpkin using the pearl head pins.



Cut out the top of the pumpkin. If you’re using a real pumpkin you’ll want to clean out the inside!



Make a knot at the base of the leather cord.



Either drill or puncture small holes into the pumpkin using your cutout as a guide. Make sure the holes are big enough to thread the cord through comfortably.


Start weaving your leather cord through all of the holes. Make sure every hole has a corresponding hole close by.


Continue weaving until the image is complete. For small areas you can tie a knot and weave back through one hole, as we did with the spider fangs.


And you’re done! #squadgoals


Studded Pumpkin

What You’ll Need:

Assorted Pronged Nailheads

Pumpkins in Assorted Sizes



Get several pumpkins in several sizes. We chose smaller pumpkins because we were low on time but this DIY is great for pumpkins of all sizes. You can use our Hotfix Nailheads if you are working with a hard plastic pumpkin.



Carefully push the prongs of the nailhead into the skin of the pumpkin until they are secure. Or glue them on with Hotfix nailheads if you are using a plastic pumpkin.



Play around with creating different patterns using various colors, shapes and sizes. Add as many or as few as you’d like and then you are done!



Here we used small round nailheads for our tiny pumpkin.



For this striking white pumpkin, we used different types of nailheads to create a playful look.


And here are the four beautiful pumpkins that were crafted in just minutes.

Happy Halloween!



DIY: Gucci Inspired Embroidered Fall Coat

Gucci has been bringing its A-game these last few seasons with downright decadent designs. They’ve used an amalgam of textures, fabrics and embroidery to create eclectic but wearable collections. I personally love the slew of tigers in various forms on everything from dresses to coats. The only thing that isn’t easy on the eyes or the wallet is their price tag. I like the idea of owing beautiful things without having to empty my bank account, so I made this Gucci Inspired Coat that’s way more affordable and super easy to create.

Gucci’s Embroidered Coats


Our Version

Price does not include cost of the coat.


What you’ll need: 

All these beautiful patches:

A coat

An iron

A thin cotton cloth to cover the patches while you iron



Place patches how you want them and take a picture so you know where everything goes. I stuck to the body of the coat but you can get creative with the back and the sleeves. If you want to keep it simple, you can just add flowers to the lapel.



Set the iron to high with no steam. Place a thin cotton cloth or teflon sheet over the patch and hold the iron down for 20 seconds. Repeat if necessary. Do this with all the patches.


And guess what? That’s it. You’re done. Yup, it’s that simple.

*This item is currently unavailable. Check out our full selection of floral patches.