DIY Neon Studded Phone Case

After seeking out our favorite DIY iPhone cases,  it was about time that we made our own. And when we spotted these new neon studs in our store, we knew they would be a great addition to a plain white phone case. Armed with our studs and some E3000 glue, we created this neon iPhone case that will be the perfect summer accessory. Keep reading to find out how to make your own!


1. Begin to arrange your studs on the case to figure out the design you want. You could do polka dots, or stripes, but we opted for a simple geometric pattern.

2. Using the E3000 glue, begin to individually glue down each stud. If you use the same pattern as us, start in the middle and work your way out. You may want to use a toothpick to apply glue to each stud.

3. Continue to apply the studs until you’ve covered the entire phone case. Let dry for half an hour then you’re ready to show off your new neon case!

18 thoughts on “DIY Neon Studded Phone Case

  1. These are super cute! Do you know where else one would buy those studs? We are in MN so don’t have access to that store…

  2. Hey There Mampj Trimming,
    Maybe a little off topic, however My school is throwing a dance just for the 8th graders and the theme is Highlight of The Year. Meaning everything is going to be bright and neon colors. I was thinking of instead of a wearing a dress like everyone else I would wear this. Let me know what you guys think…

    with these tights

    and this top

    For shoes I’m wearing these black heels that aren’t very high.
    For my makeup I’m going to wear some of MAC’s neon colors.
    I’m also going to where chunky beads
    BTW great blogpost

  3. I have a black life proof i6 case..applied little round studs with jewelry glue and some of the glue is actually on my phone case..any idea how to remove ? Looks horrible..

  4. This is really cool and informative post! I have this Blue Sperm Whale Silicone Case looks really good as well! Can you make a post for an underwater theme phone case ? Thank you!Looking forward to it!

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