Stud Earring DIY Roundup

Add a little something to your next outfit without making waves in your style by adding a set of studs, stud earrings! KateSpadeglitterearringsDIY2_zpsd987c6cf

These fun glitter earrings are high-end inspired, but can be made with old nail polish from your medicine cabinet!


These druzy earrings are perfect if you want to add a little bohemian flair to your outfit.

DIY-Heart-Earrings-The-Hobzy-Blog-tutorial-764x1024These heart-shaped earrings only takes a piece of wire to create, but the results are so cute.



monkey-knot-earringThese studs are modern, simple and chic; and are made with shrinky dink material. What’s not to love?


These earthy studs are perfect for mixing and matching!

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9 thoughts on “Stud Earring DIY Roundup

  1. Hi kainru and orchidmoonbeads: I don’t think reblogging means copying an entire post word for word, image for image, from someone’s site – unless it is Tumblr and you are reblogging a post. I usually take 1 or 2 images from a site, promote the DIY on that site, and make sure that my readers must go to that site to view the DIY. By copying entire posts you deprive sites of getting clicks. Might I suggest going on Bloglovin or craftgawker or pinterest and finding your own favorites and post them on your blog?

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