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Wholesale and Production Orders

Industrial - Wholesale - International Division

For large volume customers we offer:

  • Programs tailored to your company needs
  • A global manufacturing base (we make it where you make it)
  • Direct shipping to your factory, warehouse, or individual stores
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Exceptional customer service

Specializing In:

  • Packaging: Ribbons, cords, loops, bows, belly bands, assemblies, custom made fabric bags.
  • Garments: All trims from buttons to braids to appliqués to laces, to ribbons, to zebra printed faux suede.
  • Home Furnishing: Fringes, cords, cord-edges, jacquards, ribbons, laces, buttons, crests.
  • Visual Merchandising: Prop shop including flowers to assemblies to decorative items.

Contact Us

Contact [email protected] for pricing and assistance in large wholesale, industrial, and production orders.

M&J Trimming Small Business - Small Wholesale Orders - Custom Orders

If you are interested in a smaller custom job, or are just starting a business, M&J offers an unmatched selection and inventory of the finest fashion trimming.

Since 1936, M&J Trimming has been the premier trimming source for the fashion and home décor industries. M&J’s finest unique trims imported from around the world make it a favorite destination for the country’s top fashion designers, retailers, costume makers, interior designers, and more.

Contact Us

For small wholesale or custom orders, contact [email protected] or call 1-800-9-MJTRIM (1-800-965-8746 or 212-204-9595) to get a quote. M&J customer service representatives are standing by to assist you with your specific business needs.

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