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M&J Trimming Product Glossary

M&J Trimming is a world of colors, textures, and materials. We understand how important it is to find the right product, so to help our online shoppers we've put together a product glossary for our trimmings and accessories, along with some ideas on how to use them.


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AB: Aurora Borealis. Iridescent or rainbow like appearance on crystal color rhinestones or jewels.
  Acetate: A man-made plastic material used in certain products like chainette fringes, as well as crafts supplies.
  Acetate Ribbon: A stiffer satin ribbon used often for floral arrangements, inexpensive pew bows, and other bridal work.
Appliqué: A sew-on or iron-on novelty that can be embroidered, beaded, or crocheted. Appliqués are also known as “patches” and are typically used for embellishing a garment, hat, or bag.
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Basting Tape: Double Faced Basting Tape is a quick and easy method of positioning zippers, trims, hems, appliques before sewing. Basting Tape eliminates the need for pinning.
  Beads: Different kinds of material molded into a shape with a hole through the middle for sewing or attaching purposes. Beads come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, and are used mainly for jewelry but also for clothing, accessories, interiors, and numerous other projects as well.

Beaded Trim: Ribbon trim decorated with beadwork andnly for eveningwear, bridal and fine costumes.

  Bengaline Moire: A type of ribbon that has ridges (like grosgrain) and a watermark on it like Moire ribbon. 
Bias Tape

Bias Tape: Bias tape is often used on the raw edge of many fabrics. It adds a finished or refined look to a curved edge. Bias tape can be found on quilts, placements, armholes, and various other edges

  Bobbins: A spindle used for winding thread. Bobbins can be purchased with thread on them or without. They are used on sewing machines.

Brisk Set: Used to apply rhinestones with settings or nailheads. You need an adapter for the nailheads and rim settings.

Brooch: Decorative piece with a pin-back. Brooches are usually made with rhinestones or pearls.
Buckles: Closure device usually consisting of two pieces that connect to one another to secure a material. Used for belts, shoes, bags, and clothing. It can also have a central prong for adjustable belts.
  Bugle Beads: Long, narrow beads usually made of glass that come in many colors and finishes. Bugle beads are typically used for jewelry and detailing on garments or crafts.
Bullion: Metallic threads wound into a coil. Bullion can be applied on trims and appliqués particularly crest patterned patches.
Bullion Fringe Bullion Fringe: Not made from bullion, but from twisted cords.
Buttons: Available on four holes, two holes, or shank opening for attachment and sewing. Comes in all kinds of shapes, materials, and colors. Comes in standard sizes for proper application of fit to buttonhole size. Used as a closing device for garments, accessories, and interiors and also used as embellishments on clothing, interiors, and crafting. It can be made of natural materials, glass, metal, plastic or rhinestones.
  Button Gauge: Used for accurate measurement of buttons.
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Chains: Available in several different sizes and shapes. Chains are typically made out of aluminum and are used for jewelry, purses and clothing.
Turquoise Charm Charms: Metal or plastic symbols or characters with attachment for hanging. Used for jewelry, zipper pulls, and accessories.
Chenille: A fuzzy thread that can be woven into trims, appliqués or fringes.
Metal Closure With Tabs Closures: Serves the same purpose as a buckle securing and opening or material with two connecting pieces. Used for clothing and accessories.
Cords: Twisted or braided pieces of material making a tubular shape, also known as rope. Used for belts, handbags, jewelry and tiebacks. Comes in both leather and vinyl.
  Cord Adjuster: A piece used to slide up and down a cord. It has one or two side that squeezes in to hold the cord in place.
  Cord Cap: Used to finish the end of a cord also known as cord tip3
Cordedge: Twisted rope. Cordedge is often used in home décor.
  Cut Edge Ribbon: A bolt of fabric is sliced into ribbon widths. The ribbon can be fed to a sewing machine to add wire edge to each side by wrapping it with thread to hold the wire. The ribbon can be left unwired. Acetate satin, craft moirés and cotton prints are made this way.
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  DF: Stands for “Double face”. Which means pattern or texture is on both sides of the ribbon.
 D-Ring D and O Rings: Rings in the shape of the letter D and O that come in many different sizes and materials. Used mainly for belts and other accessories such as bags and jewelry.
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E6000 GLUE E-6000: Used for gluing things like rhinestones, metal, plastic, leather and wood to non-porous surfaces like plastic, glass, rubber, metal, etc. Very strong glue when dried.
Elastics: Knit material with stretch to allow movement and give. Used for give in knit fabrics mainly in clothing, headbands, belts, and some jewelry. Also made in stretch cording, plastic and lace.
SUEDE COWHIDE ELBOW PATCH Elbow Patch: An iron-on fabric used to repair torn goods, most notably areas of garments that are more susceptible to tearing.

Eyelets: A Small hole or perforation, usually rimmed with metal, cord, fabric, or leather, used for fastening with a cord or hook.

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Faceted: The flat surface that appears on a raised crystal or stone. Both rhinestones and diamonds are faceted.
Feathers: Trim made out of real or faux bird feathers. Feathers are used for outerwear, headdresses, eveningwear, and shoe accents.
 5MM JUMP RINGS Findings: Usually used in jewelry making.  Findings are typically metal parts to put jewelry together or to make fashion accessories. Common types of findings include jump rings, end caps, and clasps.
Flatback: The flat surface located on the back of a rhinestone or jewel. Glue is used to attach the flatbacks to the desired area and can also be used with rim settings or tiffany settings.
Flower Pins Flower pins: Pins made out of ribbon or material in the shape of a flower. Flower pins are used as an accessory or embellishment on garments like jackets, dresses, and hats.
Floral Trim: Flowers on a continuous trim. Floral trim is used for headpieces, costumes, eveningwear, bridal, and packaging.
Fringe: Small pieces of cord, string, fabric, or beads falling vertically from a strip of tape, braid, or ribbon. Fringe is used for accents on interiors such as furniture, curtains, and lampshades and accessorizing clothing such as scarves, sweaters, jackets, dresses, and costumes.
Frog Frogs: Closure with two pieces attaching around each other made out of a cord design. Frogs are used for closures mainly on clothing such as jackets or sweaters and most widely known on traditional Chinese dresses.
1" Black Rabbit Trim Fur: Trim made out of real or faux fur. Fur is used for outerwear, headdresses, eveningwear, and shoe accents.
Faux: Pronounced fo, not fox, means fake or imitation
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Gem-Tac: Used for gluing embellishments to all types of fabric, Gem-Tac is washable after it dries for 24 hours. Gem-Tac is non-toxic, and safe for children to use.
Gimp Braids: Flat braid of intertwining cords or threads that make a detailed design. Gimp braids can be seen on jackets, shoes, handbags, pillows, furniture, and drapery.
Gingham:  A checkered or plaid print.
Glue Gun: A high temperature gluing device that requires electric power. The glue gun works best on the following materials: wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, magnets, leather, paper, and fabric.
Greek Key Greek Key:A repetitive pattern often shown on jacquard ribbon.
Grosgrain: A very popular type of ribbon. This narrow ribbed ribbon is created with closely woven silk or rayon.
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Hand Dyed: Products are colored manually as opposed to being colored with a machine. Colors often vary from one product to another due to the nature of the dying process.

Handles: A piece of material or hardware that is molded into a shape for carrying purposes when attached to a product. Handles can be made from materials such as plastic, wood, horn or metal. Handles are used mainly for bags, purses, and some packaging.

Heat Seal Film: The glue-like substance on the back of an iron-on trim.


Hook & Eye: This two part closure consists of one hook piece and one loop piece that can be hooked together to become a closure.  Both sides can be sewn on.
Rhinestone Setter Hot Fixer: A heat tool used to attach hotfix rhinestones to fabrics and surfaces.
Hotfix Rhinestone Appliqué: A crystal and metallic heat transfer motifs available in different sizes and designs. Hotfix Rhinestone Appliques are used mostly for embellishing clothing. Garments can be washed after applying the appliqué but must be line dried.
Hotfix Rhinestones: Crystals with glue on the back. To attach hotfix rhinestones, heat must be applied to the rhinestone using an iron or heating tool in order for the 
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Iron-on: Requires the heat and pressure from an iron to apply appliqués and trims to garments.
Iron-on Half Pearl: Pearls that can be applied to another product or surface using pressure and heat from an iron or heating tool.
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Jacquards Jacquard Ribbon: Fancy woven and intricate ribbon with an embroidered design on the front and floating threads on the back. Jacquards are typically known for their elaborate floral patterns. Jacquards can be used for clothing, such as eveningwear and some drapery embellishments including bedding.
Jute: A natural material in a plain color. Jute has a very rough texture and is good for country-style crafts and outdoor use.
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Kilt Pin: A large decorative safety pin.
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Lace Lace: Woven design of thread in an open shape or pattern. Lace is used mainly for detailing clothing, such as collars, dresses, blouses, and bridal-wear, as well as home décor, pillow cases, and tablecloths. There are many types of lace such as Cluny lace, fine lace, Chantilly lace, Venice lace, heirloom lace, and crochet.
Leather Leather: An animal derived material often used for handbags, shoes and outerwear.
  Ligne: Standard button width measurement.
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Magna-Tac: Similar to E-6000, but not as strong. Magna-Tac is more of a craft glue.
  Marabou: Made from the fine feathers of an ostrich available in a 2 yard boa or as a fringe.
Metallic Metallic Trims: Gold, silver, and copper flecked ribbon or braid with a shimmering effect. Metallic trims are used to add vibrancy to a garment or interior piece such as eveningwear, costume, or furniture.
Micro-Engraver Micro Engraver:  A tool used for engraving.
Midori: A brand of ribbon.
  MM: Abbreviation for millimeters. 25mm = 1 inch.
  Moiré: A type of satin-like ribbon that has a watermark appearance to it.
Mohair: A silk-like fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat.
  Monofilament Edge: A very thin “fish” line in the ribbon edge. It gives the ribbon body but it is not wire edge.
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Nailheads Nailheads: Metal embellishments that are flat or 3-D with four prongs to push into fabric and bent back to be secured. Nailheads are used mainly for embellishing denim, belts, shoes, clothing, jackets, and almost anything. Nailheads are also available as iron-ons without the prongs.
Narrow Ribbon and Cords: Flat ribbon or tubular cording in various materials such as silk, grosgrain, leather, suede, organza, satin, taffeta, and rayon. Narrow ribbon and cords are used mainly for jewelry and on accessories.
Pin Cushion Notions: A term used to describe a number of small tools or accessories used in sewing, garment making, and crafting.  Examples of notions include needles, thread, glue, pins, and more.
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Organdy: Any sheer ribbon also called organza.
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Pailletes: Large, flat sequins with a hole at top for sewing purposes to give a hanging, fringe look. Pailletes are used for sparkle or shine on mostly eveningwear and costumes.
Pearl Button Pearls: Available in plastic and glass. Pearls can be either naturally derived or man-made. Pearls come in many sizes and colors and can be used for jewelry, beadwork on garments and accessories.
Horn Pendant Pendants: Object similar to a bead or charm with similar purposes coming in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Pendants can be used for jewelry and some clothing applications.
Piping / Cordedge: A twisted, braided, or solid tube of material that is attached to a strip of tape for insertion into a seam. Piping can be used for a clean or decorative finish on furniture, pillows, chairs, sofas, and on clothing such as trousers, jackets, and coats.
Plastic Jewels Plastic Jewels: Plastic, molded into the shapes of true gems and jewels ranging in many colors and shapes. Plastic jewels are often used to embellish costumes, eveningwear, denim, and jewelry.
Poly: Stands for polypropylene ribbon. This is a “plastic” ribbon that does not look like plastic but is excellent for outdoor use or for floral use.
Polyester: Made from fabric and is very durable.
Pom-pom: Small ball of material (usually fur) that can be added to the end of a cord or used as an accent.
  Put Up: The number of yards on the spool.
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Rayon: A man-made material used in ribbons and cording
  Reel: A filled spool of ribbon or trim.
Rhinestone Trim Rhinestone Trim: A continuous line of rhinestones in various widths, sizes, and colors. Rhinestone trim is used for high shine on garments and accessories giving the look of diamonds or gems. This type of trim is most commonly seen on denim, eveningwear, and bridal and works best when sewn on but can also be glued using E-6000.
Ribbon Ribbons: Flat piece of material in a variety of fabrics, sizes, patterns, and colors. Ribbons can be used for countless projects, but some of their most common uses include invitations, packaging, headwear, clothing, jewelry, and shoes.
Rim Setting: A metal rim that holds rhinestones onto fabric.
Rococo: Novelty trim with a young, playful appeal using details like rosettes, fringe, bows, and flowers on a ribbon. Rococo trims are used for children wear, crafting, and packaging.
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Seed Beads: Small round beads usually made of glass, and come in many colors and finishes. Seed beads can be used for jewelry and any kind of beading on a garment or crafts.
Sequins: Small, flat or domed disc with a hole in the center for sewing purposes. They can have a shiny or matte finish. Sequins are used for accentuating clothing, especially costumes or eveningwear, to add shine or reflection to a garment. They are made from plastic or metal cups and can sometimes have a semi-bowl shape.
Sequin Trim: Trim with continuous rows of sequins sewn together. This trim is used for costumes, belts, garments and eveningwear.
  Sew-on: Requires stitching with a needle and thread in order to apply onto garments. They can be gems, appliqués or trims.
  SF: Stands for “Single Face”. This term refers to a pattern or texture that appears only on one side of a ribbon.
  Shoe clip: Small metal piece that clips onto a desired area and can be decorated with embellishments.
Fastener Snaps: Can be magnetic or push in. There are two pieces: a male & female. Snaps are used as a secure closure on bags or garments.
Leather Cord Sobo Craft Glue: Used for gluing ribbons, beads and trims to paper, wood or other crafts. It is non-washable, non-toxic, and for decorative use only.
  SS: Sizing guide for rhinestones. Ex SS12 or SS16.
  Spool: A filled reel of ribbon or trim.
Leather Cord Suede / Leather Trims: Flat ribbon or braid made out of real or faux leather or suede. These types of trims are used for decoration on clothing, handbags, shoes, and jewelry.
Swarovski Rhinestone: Famous brand name of fine rhinestones and crystal gems. Swarovski rhinestones are created to give shine and luster like a true gem or diamond. Rhinestones can be used for embellishing denim, cell phones, eveningwear, bridal, and jewelry. M&J Trimming also carries some non-Swarovski rhinestones as well.
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Tassels: A gathering of small pieces of fabric (fringe) into one ornament. Tassels are used as an adornment or as a pull device mainly with interiors such as curtains, ceiling fans, furniture, and menus.
Tiffany Settings Tiffany Setting: Prongs that hold the rhinestones onto fabric.
Twill Tape: Woven ribbon usually in a herringbone pattern, which can be easily folded over a seam. Twill tape is also known as apron tape or fold-over tape and can be used for covering unfinished seamson a garment or for a sturdy tie closure or backing on a garment.
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Unique Stitch Glue: For gluing fabric to fabric and is washable. Ex. Ribbon on veil or fixing a hem.
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Velcro: Two pieces of material, one soft and one coarse, that weaves and sticks together to form a secure yet non-permanent attachment. Velcro is used for shoes, bags, interiors and some clothing.  Velcro is available as a sew-on or sticky back.  Sticky back should not be sewn as it will ruin the sewing machine’s needle.
Vintage Ribbon: Ribbon that is antique or printed to look antique usually made in a jacquard fashion. Vintage ribbon is used for clothing and is most popular for belts. This type of ribbon usually has a limited availability.
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  WE: Stands for Wire Edge.
Wire-Edge Ribbon Wire Edge: Wire in the edge of the ribbon to allow the ribbon to be molded and hold its shape. Wires can be very thin and have the material folded over the wire, or the wire can be thick and covered with a thread to match the ribbon. Gold, silver or iridescent thread is also used, which is then described as “gold wire edge ribbon” or “silver wire edge ribbon.”
Webbing: Strong woven material made from cotton or polyester. Used for belts, handles, and most commonly for totes and backpack straps.
  Width: The size of a ribbon or trim as measured across the item.
Woven Ribbon: Looms are used to weave the ribbon from the center to the outside. Soft Satins and Grosgrains are made this way. In this process, and if the ribbon is wired, the wire is added as one of the last threads to finish the weave.
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  YD or YRD: Abbreviation for Yard

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