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A hot-fixer is a heat tool used to attach hotfix rhinestones to fabrics and surfaces. In order to attach hotfix rhinestones, heat must be applied to the rhinestone using an iron or heating tool in order for the glue to activate and adhere to the desired surface.

A. Lay out your supplies put the tips you need off to the side. Each tip matches a rhinestone size. Match the tip with the size stone you're using.

B. Apply the tip to the end of the wand. C. Take your rhinestones and lay them face up. Your tip should fit perfectly on the rhinestone.
D.  Take your wand (with rhinestone) and apply pressure to the desired area. The heat through the wand will melt the glue and adhere the stone. E. Every so often lift the applied area to the side to make sure the rhinestones don't fall off and are fully adhered. F. Continue to apply your stones as shown in Steps C & D.
G. If you're using two or more sizes of rhinestones for your project, after completing the areas with your first size, its time to prepare your next size. H. (If using multiple sizes) Attach your new tip to the end attachment of the wand. It should now match the new size rhinestone you're using (sizes are on the side measured in stone size) I. Continue steps C & D until your design is completed. Congratulations you've just successfully used the rhinestone hot-fixer ! 

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