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The Brisk Set Rhinestone Setter is used to place rhinestones or nailheads into a fabric. In order to use the Brisk set rhinestone setter you will need the proper adaptor. You will need an adapter for the various items you are trying to attach to your fabric.

A. Choose the rhinestones size that you would like to use along with the accompanying setting. B. Using a fabric marker or chalk, draw your rhinestone design.  Its best to do this on the back of your fabric since you will position the fabric face down in the setter.  C. Adjust your adapter to the proper size and slide your setting up on the top attachment. 
D.  Place your rhinestone on the bottom part of the rhinestone setter (face down) E. Take your fabric and place it face down in between the top and bottom peices of the setter.  F. Firmly push down on the top of the setter, the top portion should push down into the bottom allowing the setting to attach to the rhinestone via pressure. 
G. Flip your fabric over to make sure all the legs have on your setting attached correctly. H. Repeat steps E & F as many times as your design calls for, every few rhinestones remember to check on your design to make sure everything is attaching correctly.  I. After you've completed steps E & F the desired amount of times, flip your fabric over, youv've just successfully used the rhinestone brisk setter ! 


Important Information:
For this project you will need the following items. Our M&J rhinestone brisk setter, rhinestones of your choosing, and settings to match the size of the desired rhinestones. 

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