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Glue Guide

Knowing which glue to use can be a bit sticky.
We are often asked which craft glue is the best choice for a particular project, so we created this easy to follow chart to describe what its best uses are and how to care for it.



Sobo Craft Glue

Great for decorative fabric crafts Uses on porous and semi-porous surfaces like paper,wood, ceramics, ribbons, beads, leather, and feathers Clear Do Not Wash
E6000 E-6000 E-6000 is great for on-the-go projects and crafts. The glue is a multi-purpose adhesive self-leveling formula. Use this glue on any project for a strong and clean finish. Adheres to wood, metal, glass, rubber, leather, and more. Clear Washable
Gem-Tac Glue Multi-purpose adhesive and permanent glue. Use on Rhinestones, Sequins, glitter and adhering gems to fabric. Clear Washable

Magna-Tac Glue

A versatile, fast drying, easy-to-use adhesive. Great for bridal, fashion, crafts, household repairs, home decor & wearable art Use on lace, feathers, fabrics, trims, wood, canvas, ribbons, leather, suede, and more. Ideal for seams, hems, cushions,upholstery, dried floral arrangements and general household repairs. Clear Washable
Full Size Dual Temp Glue Gun Kit Includes: 
- Dual Temperature Mini Glue Gun
-12 -4" All-purpose .44" diameter round glue sticks

The higher temperature is
best for use on wood, plastic,
metal, ceramics, magnets,
leather, paper, fabric, and

Clear Do Not Wash
Bead Enhanced Glue This glue helps embellish ordinary beads to glamorous and unique beads. Great for creating your own one-of-a-kind jewelry. Use on beads made of glass, plastic, wood, ceramic or metal. Clear Spot Clean
Hold The Foam

Super thick, no-run glue great
for all types of projects

Use on Styrofoam, foam
core, wood, paper, felt,
cardboard, fabrics, porous
and semi-porous surfaces.

Clear Washable

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