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Buckles are used on belts for keeping trousers in place, cinching waists, and adding style to any outfit. While you may be familiar with the classic styles of buckles, there are many other types you may not have yet discovered. If you want to create a fashionable belt or add a buckle to a handbag, take a look at our buying guide to find the perfect one for you!  


There are so many styles of buckles available, but some of them work better than others with certain types of trim and projects. Here are a few of the most common.

Conventional – This style of buckle is the most common. It features a frame and a prong. To use this buckle, pull the belt strap into the frame and the prong hooks into the notches of the belt. The buckle makes belts easily adjustable, and is often paired with a leather band. If you’re looking to make a classic belt to go with dressy or casual pants, this is the buckle for you.

Interlocking Clasp – An interlocking clasp usually consists of two pieces that fit into each other.  A clasp buckle is best used with a belt that has a stretchy band because clasp buckles cannot be used to adjust the length. This type of buckle is great for using with elastic lace for a simple, yet elegant belt.

SlideThis category of buckle is characterized by the ability to slide the band into place without hooks or prongs. This adjustability makes slide buckles a great choice for fabric belts. There is usually a bar going down the middle of the buckle which you wrap your band or trim through.

O-Ring and D-RingA ring buckle is an open buckle without a prong or bar in the center. You need two rings to make a belt with this type of buckle. To attach you pull the band through both rings, and then pull it in the opposite direction and through one of the rings. Ring buckles work really well for making fabric belts because they are easily adjustable. Pair an O-ring with webbing to create a cool, casual belt. 

Plates – Belt plates are really meant to make a statement. They usually come in eye-catching designs, and don’t have any visible attachment methods. They attach via a hidden hook that loops into your belt notch. This type of buckle works well with leather belts since they tend to be heavier, and this buckle needs a sturdier and more supportive band. This type of buckle is great for Western-style belts.



Buckles also come in an assortment of materials. Once you’ve picked your style, you can also pick the material you’d like to work with. Choosing the material is an important step because some styles are best suited for specific types of clothing.

Bamboo Bamboo buckles are made from authentic bamboo, and have a unique ridged shape. They retain their natural color, and have a beautiful shining finish. Bamboo usually comes in the “ring” style. They work really well with a fabric belt band. Use this type of buckle for casual beachwear.

MetalMetal is the most common material for buckles. Metal buckles come in almost every style, and are often used to create conventional prong buckles. Metal buckles are often paired with leather bands.  

PlasticPlastic buckles often come in the O-ring or D-ring style. They are great for fashion pieces like trench coat belts. They also look fantastic on kids’ clothing because they come in fun and funky colors. 

Rhinestone Rhinestone buckles are great for adding sparkle to your style. They often have a sturdy metal base, and are adorned with shimmering crystal rhinestones. These buckles are great for using on bridal belts or paired with a beautiful evening dress.



When choosing the perfect buckle you need to make sure that the trim or band is the same size or smaller than the bar in the center of the buckle. If you are using a ring buckle, make sure that the trim is smaller than the widest part of the opening.

  • The standard width of a dress belt is 1” to 1 1/2".
  • Thinner belts, those under 1”, are often worn around dresses, or used on accessories like handbags and wallets.
  • Wider belts, those over 1 1/2", can either make a statement, or look casual depending on the rest of the outfit.

Now that you know how to buy a buckle you can pick the perfect piece to go with your band. Whether you’re looking for a cute skinny belt to cinch your shirtdress, or a sparkling statement belt to wear to your next formal event, we have the materials to make a personalized accessory that is totally one of a kind.

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