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Happy Monday!,  Blerona

Designer Inspired Floral Headpiece

By: Roseann and Goldie


Christophe Coppens is one of my favorite designers.  His designs are some of the most unique out there and at times a bit preternatural.  However out of this world his looks may be,  drawing inspiration from his costume like designs we can create fun accessories that work in our daily wardrobe.  His floral hat is the inspiration for my own floral shaped hat, created easily with rat tail cording.





  1. Choose a rat tail cord you would like to use.  M&J has a wide variety of colors.
  2.  Use a dab of craft glue on the end of cord to keep it from unraveling. 
  3.  Create loops out of the cord and pin in the center to create a floral shape.  You want to create loops of different sizes.  The loops we created are no larger than 3” and no smaller than 1 ½”. 
  4. Once you have created the desired shape hand stitch the loops together at the center. 
  5.  It is okay if the center of your flower looks a little messy.  Stitch a rhinestone button to the center of your flower. 
  6.  Draw a circle 3 ½” in diameter.  Draw in the radius.  Draw another circle with a 4 ½” diameter. 
  7. Use the 3 ½” circle as your pattern for the hat.  Using your pattern cut a circular piece of acetate. Make a cut into the circle along the radius you marked on your pattern.
  8.  Mark ¾” to the right of the cut you just made.  Pull the left side of the cut to the ¾” mark and glue.  Hot glue may work best because it dries quickest.  By doing this you have created a convex shape, so the hat will sit nicely on the head.
  9.  Use the 4 ½” circle pattern and cut a piece of fabric. 
  10. Apply a spray adhesive to the hat and cover with fabric. Fold the corners over to the inside and glue.
  11.  Glue your flower to the hat and a comb to the inside to keep your hat in place. 

Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" Inspired Bracelet

by Blerona

In an interview with WWD Magazine, Lady Gaga said she shops at M&J Trimming where she gets her inspiration for some of her funky and over the top pieces. The performer who describes her look as “filthy, unacceptable,” has now inspired M&J Trimming.

After her change of wild outfits and performance at the MTV Music Video Awards, Lady Gaga set the standard for every pop music artist. And if you weren’t a fan of Lady Gaga then, and still not, then you haven’t seen her latest video “Bad Romance”.


The concept of the video is a fashion installation of a Russian Bath-house. Lady Gaga wears these crazy and exciting costumes; including, shoes from designer Alexander McQueen which are worn throughout the video. When I watched the video for the first time I fell in love completely. The scene of her in the crystal top and headpiece was simply amazing and was my inspiration for this crystal bracelet.




  • Trace the appliqué onto a piece of fabric. Then cut out traced fabric.
  • Now cut ­­­­rhinestone trim into five pieces.
    • Cut two pieces into  1inch
    • 3 pieces into 1/2 inch
    • Glue the 1 inch pieces on opposite sides of each other
    • Glue two smaller strands on opposite sides below the longer strands
    • Glue the remaining strained at the bottom of the appliqué.
    • Now take the cut fabric and glue it on evenly and neatly on the back of the beaded appliqué over the rhinestone trim.
    • Now cut the dress trim w/ prong
      •  The buckle should be 2 inches long
      • The other side should be 2.5 inches
      • Glue the two pieces to the back of the appliqué, one on each side
      • Now take the two strands at the bottom of the applique and cut each strand to 1 inch(or the size of your middle finger) then glue together


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DIY Seed Bead and Chain Necklace

By Goldie


For my first post I decided to create an easy DIY chain and seed bead necklace.  Although I choose these materials solely many other combinations can be created from the array of trims offered by M&J such as; ribbons, lace, cording, and leathers.


To get the look:

  1. Cut 1 piece of beaded trim 3” longer than length of 1 of the chains.
  2. Thread this piece through the chain and secure ends with glue
  3. Next thread the other piece of beaded trim through second chain, knot the excess trim off to one side and let hang
  4. by widening one of the links in the back of the chain attach the two chains together


Sumptuous DIY Halloween Decorations

By Roseann


It seems like yesterday it was summer and now Halloween is just around the corner. Maybe you haven’t even begun planning or are somewhat perplexed over your theme for your holiday gathering this year; well don’t fret because we’ve got some inspirational ideas in store for you. This Halloween try a more elegant approach to decorating for your holiday gathering. I worked up a few ideas for our decorations this year using feather trims and some inexpensive finds from your local floral or craft shop.


Materials for Wreath

  • • 1 wreath (I used a plain twig wreath)
  • • 2 feather boas style: 16776 (To order call 1-800-9-mjtrim)
  • • Jewelry wire Materials for Centerpiece
  • • Plastic cauldron ( the one used here has an inner diameter of 12”) you may also use a planter that you may already have
  • • Thin branches
  • • Sand or stones to fill the bottom
  • • Super moss • 3’ artificial ravens
  • • 1 yard (measurement is dependant upon the size of your cauldron) feather trim style: 27971 (To order call 1-800-9-mjtrim)
  • • Craft foam

How To Wreath:

For the wreath I just wrapped the two boas around it and secured with jewelry wire.


How To Centerpiece: The centerpiece was a bit more involved, but still very easy.

  1. The first I thing I did, and this is completely optional, is treated my cauldron so that it wouldn’t look like a cheap plastic cauldron. I sprayed it with spray on stone which can be purchased at your local hardware store. Once it has set up and dried I went over is with a coat of semi-gloss black spray paint.
  2. Next you are going to want to fill your cauldron with sand or stone, you want to fill it just enough so that the craft foam will sit level with the top of the cauldron, so be sure to take a measurement.
  3. Place your craft foam inside the cauldron; you may have to trim it down if you are not able to find it in a round.  I used an 11” round dummy cake, it’s made of foam and fit perfectly inside the cauldron you should be able to find them online at nycake.com
  4. Arrange your branches in the center of the foam, you should be able to just push them in to secure
  5. Glue your feather trim around the foam so that it appears to be spilling out of the cauldron
  6. Apply your super moss around the branches to cover the exposed foam
  7. Arrange and attach your ravens how you wish
  8. Enjoy your beautiful new Halloween centerpiece

Helpful Tips for Your at Home Sewing Projects

By Roseann


In 1982 President Ronald Reagan declared September national sewing month “in recognition of the importance of home sewing to our nation.” This could not be truer today; the theme this year is “Reuse, Remake, Restyle.” Our blog has been dedicated to the do it yourselfer since the beginning and in the spirit of the month I’d like to share some helpful sewing tips in hopes that your creative projects this month go a little smoother. I have put together a list of the most helpful tips for what I’ve found to be the most common hang ups in a sewing project.

Golden Rule

The single most important thing to do before you even cut your fabric is to wash it. If this is not done your fabric will shrink and your garment may not fit after the first wear. Keep in mind that the width will shrink more than length; consider that you will probably lose about 10% of your width after washing when deciding how much fabric to purchase. Before washing my fabric I like to serge the cut edge, you can leave the selvage as is, this prevents fraying. If you do not have a serger at home a zigzag stitch can be done along the very edge, it works the same.


Gathering for me has always been a bit of a pain. Pulling on basting threads can often times cause them to break and cause uneven gathers. If you created a zigzag stitch over a piece of dental floss instead of basting be sure not to get the floss in the stitches, it’s much easier to control gathers and will not break.


Sewing curves can be daunting, I cannot tell you how many times I have had to pull stitches and restitch to smooth out pinching and create a smooth line. To gain more control reduce your stitch length around curves and corners. It helps greatly. Reducing stitch length can also be done at the beginning and to end seams instead of backing up which can be difficult with very thin fabrics.

Matching Stripes and Plaids

You can spend all the time you like on a project but if your fabric patterns and prints don’t match at the seams, no one will notice the rest of your hard work. There’s a easy way to match your patterns pieces so that your garment doesn’t end up looking like an unintended Picasso. Cut out your patterns pieces one at a time. Cut one side then use the fabric you just cut as the other side, be sure to flip it over you want mirrored pieces. Fabric to fabric will help you line up your lines.

DIY Beaded Fringe Reversible Necklace

By Roseann


In the wake of the slow economy many people have turned to do it yourself fashion projects.  As a result I have seen some of the most innovative and creative pieces in decades.    The best of these hand made accessories display bold mixes of materials and colors.  And hey, if you’re going to use the remnants of previous projects you can throw out, “The less is more attitude”.  So, go a head and dive into your scrap box and mix it up.





  • On the back side of 1 6” fabric square mark the middle at one edge.  Measure up 2 ¼” and mark.  At top right corner mark ¼” in from the side.  From your 2 ¼” mark draw curved line to ¼” mark in right corner.  Do the same from the bottom mark to right corner.  Fold square and cut on lines so that you have an even crescent shape.  Repeat steps with the other fabric square. 
  • Find the outer measurement of your crescent.  Subtract 2” and cut fringe to this length. 
  • Pin fringe to bottom curve and baste.
  • Embellish face of the other fabric crescent.  I chose flat sew on jewels so that the piece can be reversible.  If you like you can embellish with larger sew on jewels and beads and where your piece from 1 side only.
  • Pin fabric crescents back to back and stitch around. 
  • Finding the placement of you piece is up to you.  I left my chain a little longer so that it can be adjusted depending on my outfit.
  • Stitch chain to the corner of you crescent
  • Add jewelry clasp.
  • Wear, enjoy!


Pictures from the, "Embellish My Own" workshop


We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the, “Embellish My Own” workshop on May 31st.  The workshop was a great success.  Those who attended brought their own projects to embellish.  There was plenty of creativity going around.  This is the only workshop of it’s’ kind in NYC.  If anyone else is interested in attending the next one, give us a call at 1-800-9-MJTRIM and we’ll put you on the list for this exciting workshop.  The next “Embellish My Own” workshop will be on June 28th.  This workshop is great for all ages. 


Join Us On May 31st For The "Embellish Your Own" Workshop

“Embellish Your Own ” Workshop May 31st, 2009


Last chance to sign-up for the, “Embellish Your Own” workshop.  The workshop is on May 31st at M&J Trimming’s NYC showroom.  It’s from 9:30am to 12pm and only cost $30.  The workshop teaches you how you can be creative with simple trimmings and embellishments.  There are so many things you can do with trimmings; from embellishing your garment to decorating your home.  You can bring what you’d like to embellish to the workshop and we’ll teach you how to make it more beautiful than ever.  Call 1-800-9-MJTRIM to sign-up.