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DIY: Button Brooch

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By Julissa

Thought buttons were only for clothes? Well not anymore…. There are so many ways you can use buttons to dress your outfits, and I don’t mean on your clothes. Here is a fun brooch made out of buttons. It’s easy and affordable, you can use any buttons you want. I made this brooch with metal and pearl buttons.



  • Take the pliers and cut the shanks off the buttons. Note: the largest button maybe hard to cut shank off, you don’t have to cut that one off.
  • Take the largest button and apply glue in the back of the button and glue it on to the pin back. Glue it directly next to the shank. Take the 24l/15mm button (which is the next size down) and apply glue on the back. Glue part of the button on the large and the other part on the pin back.
  • Do the same with the smaller button, Apply glue on the back and glue part of it on the button and part of it on the pin back.
  • take the bigger pearl and glue it a little to the side of the small metal button.
  • then take the small pearl button and glut it next to the bigger pearl and directly on to the pin back.

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