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Christmas Decorating Tips

By Dara



Have you started your Christmas decoration yet?  If you haven’t or you’d like to add more decorations, then here’s a few tips for fast and fun decorations.  Around this time of the year, wired ribbons are quite popular.  Not only do they come in a variety of patterns, but the wires along the edge of the ribbon makes it really easy to work with.  You can use it to decorate Christmas wreath, trees, gifts, center pieces and more. 

When decorating a Christmas wreath, you can wrap the wired ribbon around the wreath so it almost looks like the stripe on a candy cane.  Finish it off by hiding the end of the ribbon in the back of the wreath.  Now as for the bow, yow you can tie a regurlar bow.  Tie about three to four individual bows, then lay them on top of each other.  Using a twisty tie, twist the bows in place and also twist it around the wreath.  After that is done, then you can shape the bows any way you like.  It’s that easy with little mess and time.  Oh yes, I’ve added berries in the center of my bow to hide the twisty tie.  You can do this too.  You can use berries, charms or anything you’d like.  The secret of the bow can also be used on Christmas trees, gifts, center pieces and more. 


DIY Wired Ribbon Christmas Tree

By Dara

Okay, I’m a little early but early is better than late.  What am I talking about?  Well, I’m talking about getting ready for Christmas.  I’ve already kept my eyes open for gifts and decorations.  Besides purchasing decorations from department stores, I also like making them myself.  It’s one of the best time of the year to spend with family and work on a fun project.

This week, I decided to create a miniature Christmas tree out of wired ribbon.  This is really fun and it’s great to do as a family or teachers can use this for school projects also. 


Materials: (1-800-965-8746)


  1. Using the scissors cut 6 inches of the 1 1/2″ ribbon.  You’re going to need five pieces of this.  Then five pieces in 5 inches, five pieces in 4 inches, and five pieces in 3 inches.
  2. Once again using the scissors cut 6 inches of the 1″ ribbon.  You’re gong to need six pieces of this.  Then six pieces in 5 inches, six pieces in 4 inches, and 3 pieces in 3 inches.
  3. Now take the craft stick and place it into the styrofoam.  The styrofoam will be the base. 
  4. Remember the 6″ of the 1 1/2″ ribbon you cut earlier?  There was five pieces.  Take the ribbon, add glue to 1/2″ of the ribbon on the edge and wrap it around the stick towards the bottom.  Do this with the rest of the ribbon.  It’s okay if you overlap the area that you already placed the ribbon. 
  5. Once you’re done with those five pieces.  The next part is to do the same with the six pieces of the 1″ ribbon.  From then on, you pretty much just have to wrap the ribbons around the stick; switching between the 1″ and the 1 1/2″ ribbon.  Go from the largest cut ribbon to the smallest.  Such as from 6″ to 5″ to 4″ to 3″.
  6. Once you reach the top, you can glue the rhinestone button on as a star.
  7. Then start shapping the wired ribbon and decorate using the rhinestones, pearls, nailheads and gem-tac glue. 
  8. After you’re finish, wrap the base with the velvet ribbon and you’re done. 

Ribbon Baby Picture Frame

By Dara


Have you noticed that people who are interested in arts and craft can’t seem to sit still when we have an idea on our mind? I know that’s the case for me. It seems like I try to find something to do for every occasion.

For instance, a couple days ago my cousin called and told me that she’s having an addition to the family. You know what that means. It’s time to start planning the baby shower. Okay, so it’s still a few months away, but it doesn’t hurt to get started.

I came up with this idea for a baby frame set as a gift. Basically, I’m using an O ring and wrapping it with some of my favorite plaid wired ribbon while leaving some space between the ring and the ribbon so I can mold the structure. Of course you can use any style and design of ribbons you like, but I strongly recommend wired ribbons because they help keep the structure in place. I also used the Unique Stitch glue to hold the ribbon in place as I was wrapping it around the ring. The glue worked great for bonding the fabric to the ring and the best part is that it’s safe to wash.

I made three frames and set it aside to be gift-wrapped for the baby shower. Once my cousin has her baby, then she can take some pictures and add it to the frame. It’ll look very cute in the nursery room or even on the wall at her work.

The frames aren’t restricted to just gifts for baby showers, but they can be made for many other occasions as well. They can also be used for weddings, birthdays or just to keep for yourself.

If you have any other suggestion or ideas for gifts, please do advise. I’m always open to making more keepsake gifts.