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DIY: Lettered Sweatshirt

Want an easy way to embroider words onto your sweatshirt or t shirt? Just use iron on chenille letters like we did. It’s an easy and fun way to make matching sweatshirts for an event or bachelorette. Watch this video to see how you make your own and scroll down for more detailed instructions.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

Sweatshirt (or whatever you’re ironing on – cotton works best)

Iron-On Chenille Letters – We used These

Iron-On Chenille Symbols – Like These

An Iron

Tip: We recommend also using a teflon sheet or a thin cotton fabric to cover the letters while ironing.

Step 1: Place the letters how you want them on the sweatshirt.


Step 2: Cover the letters with the teflon sheet or fabric and Iron over it, pressing down on each section for about 20 seconds. Repeat if necessary.

Step 3: Reverse the sweatshirt and iron on the back of where the letters are.

That’s it, you’re done!

Lanvin Inspired Varsity DIY Necklace

Even though we’re loving varsity embellishments on sweaters, jackets, beanies and scarves we opted to go in a different direction. Inspired by Lanvin’s Fall 2013 collection, we created this Varsity Letter necklace.
Enjoy the diy and check out MJTrim.com for supplies 

Lanvin’s Fall 2013 Collection



2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White

3 Denim Iron-On Patches

7MM Flat Curb Chain

11MM Flat Chain

19MM Metal Chain

6MM Molded Pearls


Safety Pins

Varsity DIY Supplies MJ Trimming


Iron two of the Denim Iron-On Patches together back to back with the denim on the outside.

Varsity DIY Supplies MJ Trimming

Place your 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White where you’d like it to appear.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Carefully flip it over so the letter is facing down on the ironing board.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Gently iron the back of the denim. The heat causes the 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White to stay in place.
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Once your 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White feels secure, flip the denim over.
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Glue pearls around the 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White creating a circle outline. Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Cut the excess denim off around the 6MM Molded Pearls.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

OPTION 1: Sew your chain around the 6MM Molded Pearls creating an additional border.
(as shown)
OPTION 2: Glue your chain around the 6MM Molded Pearls creating an additional border

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Regardless of which option you selected for the previous step, leave an inch of 7MM Flat Curb Chain at the top.
Now safety pin the remaining chain together. Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Carry your 11MM Flat Chain chain through the loop you had just created.  

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Use an additional safety pin to secure both the 19MM Metal Chain and the 11MM Flat Chain  
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity Editorial Prints

Each of the below editorial prints demonstrates the relaxed athletic vibe of the Letterman jacket that we adore. The preppy jacket adds an instant it factor without trying too hard.

while we were dreaming by henry klobaczewski7- miu miu sequined embellished dresses and varsity jacketsvarsity jacket- girly look1316454272-3681218599givenchy-fall-2011-linda-vojtovavarsity_blues_imgur

If you’d like to make your own version of this jacket check out M&J trimming for supplies.
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Prep School Runway Looks

Envious of all those Gossip Girl outfits?  Here’s your chance to recreate your own GG inspired outfit sans dress codes. Designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Opening Ceremony and A.P.C have coveted some of the preppier looks that are undeniably cool.

Preppy 4.5Tommy Hilfiger

Preppy 2Ralph Lauren

Prep 4 A.P.C

Preppy 3Opening Ceremony

Preppy 1Tommy Hilfiger

Styling Tip: Try mixing and matching  prep school pieces with leather to create an edgy look or opt for the full on quirky look shown on the runway.

Top 5 Varsity D.I.Y Projects

Varsity Letters have been a staple on high school campuses for decades. After these D.I.Y tutorials these pieces will be a staple in your closets as well.



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Check out our selection of Varsity Letters and Numbers at M&J Trimming or MJTrim.com