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Top 5 DIY Collar Necklaces

We are big fans of collars and have seen them all over our favorite magazines and blogs.  We are now in love with necklaces in the shape of collars and bibs.  They look great on oxford shirts and thrown over our favorite worn-in tees.  We searched the web for DIY collar necklaces that we could make ourselves and these are our top 5!

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DIY Chain Collar Necklace via Hello, Whimsy

1 hello whimsy

DIY Rhinestone Collar Necklace via taylor & DEMOLISH

2 taylor and demolish

DIY Marc by Marc Jacobs Collar Necklace via Court & Hudson

3 court and hudson

DIY Chain Collar Necklace via A Pair and A Spare

4 a pair and a spare

DIY Rhinestone Collar Necklace via Where Did U Get That

5 where did u get that

DIY OMG Sweatshirt

Candy of Taylor and Demolish recently made a sweatshirt with supplies from our store, and we loved it so much we had to share. She was inspired by Acne’s “OMG” sweater, and used iron-on letters from our store to create the same effect. The collegiate feel is perfect for fall, but we also love the fun quirky aspect of the sweater. See the tutorial below, and stop by Taylor and Demolish to see more!

The inspiration:
Supplies: O, M, and G chenille heat-set letters, a sweatshirt, and an iron

1. Line up the letters where you want them on your sweatshirt.

2. With the iron on its cotton setting, place it onto each letter for about 45 seconds each. Simply hold it down, rather than moving it around.

3. Let it cool for a few minutes, then you’re ready to wear your new sweatshirt!

DIY Celine Trio Purse by Taylor and Demolish


We’re really digging this DIY Celine Trio Purse by Candy of Taylor and Demolish. Inspired by the classic Celine bag, this purse is chic, minimalistic, and it looks pretty easy to make! All you need is a needle, thread, scissors, leather trim, and 3 clutches. Head on over to Taylor and Demolish to see the full tutorial.


DIY H&M Embellished Jeans by taylor & DEMOLISH

We’re back with another original DIY, this time brought to us by the awesome Candy of taylor & DEMOLISH. Keep reading to find out how to make these embellished cuffed jeans, and stop by taylor & DEMOLISH for more of Candy’s DIYs!Images via Around Lucia, Style Scrapbook, Tumblr, Sania Claus, Caroline’s Mode

I have been cuffing my jeans ever since the weather began to warm up in Manhattan and when I spotted these jeans from H&M’s upcoming Fall 2012 collection, I knew they would make the perfect DIY to add to my collection!


Medium blue skinny jeans


E6000 glue


Needle & Thread

Rhinestones (SS30 (6mm) Crystal)

Sew-on octagon jewels

Sew-on pearls

Seed beads (Mine are the cry luster colored beads from M&J Trimming)

1. Put jeans on and fold the cuff so it’s about 1.5 inches above your ankle.  The cuff itself should be 2-3 inches long.

2. Using a couple stitches around the jeans, stitch the cuff to the jeans so it doesn’t unfold.

3. Split the number of large jewels that you have in half.  Sew half individually onto the left cuff and half on the right.  Make sure to space them evenly around the entire jean cuff.

4. Glue about 10-15 rhinestones to each cuff with the E6000 glue.  Let rhinestones dry for about 30 minutes.

5. Fill in open gaps by sewing in the pearls.  I used about 30 on each jean cuff.

6. Fill in any other open gaps you may find with your seed beads.  I created loops of 5 beads each.

And there you have it!  Cuff your jeans and expose this beautiful hidden treasure!

Blogger Highlight: Taylor & Demolish

Candy of Taylor and Demolish has been one of our favorite DIY bloggers for quite some time now. From pearls to glitter, we love seeing the different ways she embellishes her clothing – her projects are so unique! The NYC girl is a familiar face in the M&J Trimming store, and we always get excited to see what she makes next. We were lucky enough to get to chat with Candy about her DIYs. Keep reading to see her interview!

How did you get started as a blogger and a DIYer?  
My DIYing skilling started when I was a kid.  I will never forget the night my mom took me to Toys-R-Us when I was 8 years old to buy a Barbie doll for Show’n’Tell.  The night before Show’n’Tell, I made a necklace from baubles from old barrettes and a shoelace.  When it was my turn to present, I decided not to show off the doll so I stuffed it into my bookbag and presented the necklace.  To this day, my mom still doesn’t know I wasted her money (but I guess she will now lol).  Now looking back, I know it was at that moment that my destiny was determined!

My blog didn’t happen by chance.  I planned my blog an entire year before the launch.  I came up with the name, saved and bought my DSLR, created a business plan, planned a ton of DIY projects, and promoted it before I even launched.  It’s the businesswoman in me.

Where do you find inspiration for your DIYs? 
Tumblr!  There are so many great streetstyle, runway, destination, and random pictures that I am able to find hidden DIYs in.  It’s like a massive treasure chest!

Which of your DIY projects is your favorite?
My favorite always changes, but for now I will have to go with my DIY chained collar tips. It’s the most ridiculously easy thing I’ve ever made.

Have you noticed any upcoming DIY trends?
Since the summer is almost here, I can’t wait to see all of the DIY cutoff shorts that will hit the streets of NYC.  Stencil tribal prints, stencil floral designs, dip dyed, studded, distressed…the possibilities are endless so I have a ton of these in the works!

What advice would you give to DIY beginners?  
Invest in a giant sketchpad. I always write out what it is I am going to do or sketch out what I am going to do.  It is crazy how many mistakes you can avoid with a simple plan.

What are your DIY must-haves?
Studs and spikes!  I always walk around with some in a ziploc in my handbag.

Blogger Highlight: Taylor & Demolish

We recently found Candy’s blog Taylor & Demolish when we stumbled upon her DIY Sass & Bide inspired shorts, which we shared with you a while ago. Since then, we have been obsessing over Taylor & Demolish and all of the incredible DIY projects that Candy shares. From her spiked friendship bracelets to her dip-dye shorts, this girl truly has an eye for style! Stop by Taylor & Demolish to see some more of her trendy DIYS.

DIY Sass & Bide Inspired Embroidered Shorts

DIY Spiked Friendship Bracelet

DIY Dip-Dye Tribal Shorts

DIY Embroidered Shorts

How cool are these DIY shorts by Candy of Taylor and Demolish? We love the crazy mix of prints and colors – these shorts would be perfect for a summer music festival. Obviously, we’re also thrilled that Candy grabbed her supplies from M&J Trimming – we’re tempted to snag all of the tribal-printed trim in the store and recreate this right away! Head over to Taylor and Demolish to see her full tutorial.

3 Medium sized trims (2 yds each) from M&J Trimming
2 Thin sized trims (3 yds each) from M&J Trimming and here
Sequin trim (1 yd) from M&J Trimming
Gold studs (36 pk) from M&J Trimming
Thread (that match your trim)
Screwdriver/Stud Press