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DIY Swarovski and Chain Necklace

By Roseann


Every girl can use a little sparkle in her life, and thanks to M&J’s selection of Swarovski rhinestones and assortment of sew on jewels and pendants, it’s easy and affordable. For $25 I created a piece that could easily retail for $60 or more. I used 1 twisted Swarovski sew on jewel (#40198), and two different pear shaped Swarovski pendants (#38394 in Vitrail, and #41916 in golden shadow) available by calling 1-800-9-mjtrim. I used simple jump rings to attach the stones to the chain. The piece was left long, so it fits easily over the head. The look is simple and chic, and since it can be worn with jeans or cocktail dress it is also versatile. Please check out our Swarvski section online and create a gem of your own.


Free Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Catalog


M&J Trimming would like to introduce you to our new Swarovski Crystals Rhinestone Catalog.  This catalog includes our entire updated colors of Swarovski rhinetones  It also includes our collection of the newest sew-on jewels, most popular rhinestone fringe, easy to use iron-on rhinestone appliques, and supplies.  This catalog is free.  All you have to do is provide us with a shipping address and you’ll receive your free catalog within five to ten business days. 

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Toasting Flutes

By Kristin

Everyone knows that the toast is an important part of the wedding reception. It’s a time for those closest to the couple to express their feelings and let the rest of the guests know just how special the couple is. The Best Man/Maid of Honor, the parents or anyone else who is special to the couple could do the speech.

Now comes the hard part of finding just the right toasting flutes. This is a great place to express who you are as a couple or just make them simple to match the wedding theme. You could buy a simple pair of flutes for cheap at any store and embellish them with rhinestones, ribbons or a charm. They could have your new monogram or a simple design. These are one of the best things to make because they won’t cost a lot and will look gorgeous after the wedding displayed with your photo.

Try drawing your design out on a piece of paper and see how you like it. Change things here and there to get it just right. When you are certain you have what you want, it’s time to be creative! When you are done, you will have a one-of-a-kind toasting set sure to impress.