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Top 5 Rhinestone DIYs

Rhinestones are some of our favorite treasures here at M&J. Each day we come across a new DIY project that expands our creative appetite even more.  Our selection of Swarovski crystals seems endless due to the many shapes and color combinations possible. We can’t wait to ransack our rhinestone trims, and swarovski crystals to create each of these DIY’s.

a pair and a spare DIYA Pair and a Spare

Lace Rhinestone DIYAll Good Girls go to Heaven

Unique USASwell Mayde

ps i made thisPS I Made This

Ipadcase2Punky Little DIYer

We are having the rhinestone sale on Monday April 29th and Tuesday April 30th. We’re offering 10% Off Swarovski flatback and hotfix rhinestones only.  Please note, this does not include rhinestone trim, sew on jewels, appliqués, or anything else.  This promotion is only valid for our rhinestone flatbacks and hotfix line

Last Chance For Swarovski Rhinestones


This weekend is the last chance to purchase Swarovski Rhinestones at the current price.  The price will increase on February 1st at 12am EST.  Stock-up on rhinetones by no later than Sunday night.  Remember that price changes to Swarovski sew-on jewels are to follow in March.  We’ll post the updates on those price change again as soon as we know exactly when they will increase. 

The Perfect Wedding Cake

Besides deciding on the flavor of your cake, most brides and grooms are also concern about the appearance of the cake itself.  After all, it’s one of the most important part of your wedding day and your first anniversary.  Leave the flavor of the cake to your taste bud because I’m pretty sure you’ll know what you like.  As for the adornment of the cake, that’s the important part.  Of course you want something memorable and matches the theme of your wedding.  This can easily be done by using satin ribbons and Swarovski rhinestones.Just use colors that best matches your theme.    For instance, the cake above used 5/8″ and 7/8″ satin ribbon in baby blue and black.  The flowers on the cake were also embellished with Swarovski flatbacks.  Who would have thought that ribbons and crystals can make a big difference on a cake that leave memories of a lifetime. 

You can also use crystal sprays on top of the cake.   If you’re really like to customize your cake, you can add a personalized printed ribbon.  It can have your names and the wedding date on it.  Then embellish it with some rhinestones. 

Updated Bridal Center


M&J Trimming had recently updated our new Bridal Center.  It took a while, but it’s finally finished and ready for all brides-to-be and wedding planners.  On the right side, you’ll noticed that there are a few clickable links to some of the most popular merchandise for weddings.  They are often used for decorations, bridal gowns, invitations and more.  In the center, the images change and if you click on them, they’ll take you to the most current inspriation for themed weddings.  You can also access the blog from this center.  The left side are merchandise that completes every perfect wedding.  We have swarovski crystals that are often used on bridal gowns and accessories.  Our laces are the most popurlar for veils.  Of course last by not lease, our personalized custom ribbons help accessorize all favors and decor.  If there’s something you don’t see and have questions about, you can also call our bridal expert at 1.800.965.8746 ext. 377. 


A Video Of M&J Trimming


Due to M&J Trimming’s 5,000 sq ft showroom being located in New York City, we have decided to make a video for customers who have not yet had a chance to visit us. We hope this video will help you learn more about M&J Trimming and what we have to offer.

For those who had a chance to visit us in New York City and have photos of the showroom, please feel free to share. You can also share your story about your visit to the showroom. We’d all love to hear from you.