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DIY Swarovski Sew-on Stone Bracelet

By Dara



The sun is quite hot today, which also mean its still summer.  We have a long way to go before it starts getting cold again.  Of course summer time usually means a little less fabric, more skin and more accessories.  I know that the recession has everyone on a budget, but it doesn’t necessarily mean looking fashionably attractive has to also be on a budget.  Just turn to DIY projects and you’ll notice that making things on your own can turn out just as great as a finished piece from the department stores. 

This week, we’re going to create and design our own Swarovski bracelet.  To make the bracelet, we’ll be using the Swarovski sew-on stone collection.  Here’s the list of the materials and instructions.




  1. Take the Swarovski sew-on stones and lay them on top of the suede patch.  Lay them according to the design you like.
  2. After you finished the design, pick up one stone from the pattern and add glue to the back.  Don’t add too much or the glue will end up showing. 
  3. Lay the stone back down onto the pattern.  Repeat this with all the stones.
  4. Let it to dry for a bout 5 minutes.  After it’s dry, use the scissors and trim the suede.  Follow the pattern you designed.
  5. Now add a dab of glue onto the back side of the patch, and lay the patch on top of the 1/8” suede tape.  Remember to lay it on the center of the tape.
  6. You’re all done.

DIY Multi-facet Swarovski Jewel Bracelet

By Milton


People often ask me what’s my advice when it comes to fashion.  My reply is “Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize some more”.  Accessories can really help enhance what you’re wearing; unless you’re already wearing something that sparkles all on its own.  Some examples would be a sequin dress or an overly embellished jewel dress. 

 The Swarovski bracelet I made today would look great with an outfit that doesn’t have any embellishments on it.  Like your “Little Black” dress.  So let’s get started.




  1. Lay out your pattern.  As you can see, my pattern switches between the rectangle and oval jewels.
  2. Carefully using the pliers open and add a jump ring to the circle end of the closure. 
  3. Add the rectangle jewel to the jump ring. 
  4. After that, add another jump ring and add the oval jewel to the jump ring.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you run out of jewels.
  6. At the end of the pattern, add five jump rings and then add the long end of the closure.
  7. Now you’re bracelet is ready to be worn.