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4 Ways to Embellish Summer Shorts: Neon Lights Shorts

Summer isn’t hot without some neons to light up the night! We’ve taken a few of our favorite items to DIY with, and given a pair of white jean shorts the neon treatment. These shorts are perfect for a pool party, or a fun night out. This DIY would also look awesome with a black pair of jeans for a high-contrast look. DSC_0310What You’ll Need:

White Jean Shorts
10mm x 15mm Sew-On Neon Plastic Spikes
8mm x 7mm Sew-On Mini Neon Plastic Spikes
8mm Round Hf Epoxy Nailheads
7mm Flat Square Hf Nailheads
6mm Hf Octagon Rhinestone Stud
Needle and Thread

 DSC_03121. Create a pattern going down of side of the shorts using your spikes.

DSC_03162. Once you’ve settled on a pattern, sew them into place.

DSC_03223. On the opposite leg, create a pattern with your iron-ons.

DSC_03214. Once you’ve created your pattern, iron them on or use a hotfix setting tool.


4 Ways to Embellish Summer Shorts: Ripped and Chained

Does your summer need a little more edge? Take your ripped denim shorts up another notch with chain! In this DIY we’ve take a regular pair of ripped denim shorts, and added a metallic element with various chains. These are the perfect shorts to wear if you’re feeling a little more dark and daring!
DSC_0250-2What You’ll Need:

Black Ripped Jean Shorts
4mm Metal Chain
5mm Jewelry Metal Chain
4mm Jump Rings
Pin or Small Hole PuncherDSC_0256-21. Start out by punching a hole near the edge of a large rip.

DSC_0262-22. Push a jump ring into the hole, and add a chain end to the ring before closing it.

DSC_0266-23. Add another hole to the opposite side of the ripped hole. Push a jump ring through, add the end of the chain to the jump ring, and close.

DSC_0268-24. Repeat this process on random rips.

DSC_0270-2Need some more chain to make your shorts rocker-chic? Check out our 4 Ways to Embellish Summer Shorts Shop!

Earth Friendly Jute Belt

By Milton

Fashion has gone green and so should you.  This week I designed an easy-to-make belt made from all natural materials.  The strap of the belt is made from Jute, the buckle from wood and the braid end from cotton twill tape.  This belt is the perfect accessory to a pair of light linen pants, jeans or a classic navy blue or tan A-line dress.


Originally from India, jute is an all-natural vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads.  It is second in production to cotton and has a variety of uses.   It is one of the strongest natural fibers and in today’s world, it doesn’t hurt that it also happens to be 100% biodegradable.  This environmentally sound product requires little to no fertilizer or pesticides and is mainly exported from India and Bangladesh.





  1. Wrap the jute braid around your waist, add about 4 inches and cut to size.  If you want this belt to fit around your hips you will need to make it longer.
  2. Take your piece of twill tape and apply a medium layer of fabric glue to one side, fold it in half and wrap it along one of the cut ends of your jute braid.  It should cover up any raw ends of the braid, which will prevent it from fraying. Cut any excess twill tape from the sides.
  3. On the other end of the jute braid, guide it up through the bottom of the buckle and then back down so it comes out on the flatter bottom side.  Fold it over about 1 ½” and apply fabric glue to secure it.  Fabric glue generally requires a few minutes of pressure until it begins to dry. Most fabric glues dry within 15 minutes. 
  4. And now you have your new eco-friendly belt!