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Blogger Highlight: All The Good Girls Go To Heaven

All The Good Girls Go To Heaven is one of our latest DIY blog discoveries. Ren always creates incredibly on-trend DIYs that mirror some of our favorite designer pieces, like her DIY Dannijo bracelet. We would seriously wear everything that she’s made – see more of her great tutorials on All The Good Girls Go To Heaven!

DIY Dannijo Friendship Bracelet

DIY Pyramid Stud Choker

DIY Studded Neon Bracelet

This summer we’re all about neon accessories – especially ones that have a little edge to them. So we picked up some hot pink trim and some metal studs and got right to work with this studded bracelet! You only need 4 supplies (all from M&J Trimming, of course) and the steps are incredibly easy. See the instructions below to find out how to make your own.



1. Stick a stud through the braided trim – make sure the prongs go through to the other side.

2. Flip the trim over and fold the prongs down to keep the stud in place.

3. Add more studs, 4 or 5 should be a good amount.

4. Slide the metal closure onto the vinyl, and fold the trim over it. Glue the trim to itself so the closure stays in place. Then do the same for the other side of the closure.

5. Hold the trim together while the glue dries – you may need to use clips or bobby pins to hold it in place.

6. Once the glue dries, you’re all set. Enjoy your bracelet!

DIY Studded Headband

We’re constantly getting inspired by the items in our store, and today these edgy studs caught our eye. We added them to a classic black ribbon, and ended up with this awesome headband. See how to make it yourself below!



1. Starting in the middle of the ribbon, push a stud through. The prongs should poke out on the other side.

2. Flip the ribbon over and push down the edges of the stud to hold it in. We used our fingers, but some people prefer to use hard, flat objects (like a butter knife).

3. Add studs on either side of the first stud until they are covering about 1/3 of the ribbon, in the middle. You should have extra ribbon on either side so you can tie the headband.

4. All done! Simply tie the ends in a bow to secure it behind your head.

DIY: Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet



By Blerona,

Leather and nailheads are all the rage this season, and I don’t think there going anywhere next season either. Join the fun by making your own leather studded bracelet, its just three easy steps to becoming part of a massive fashion trend.

I had some braided leather cord, and left over nailheads lying around, thinking of something to make I decided on a bracelet. It’s simple and easy and a great way to get creative with leftover trimmings. I hope you enjoy this DIY.




Step 1: Cut the Vinyl Braid to 26inches

Step 2: Take one of the two pieces from the closure and sew one end of the braid to it. Then sew the other end of the braid to the other closure (Make sure you place the braid on top of the closure when sewing)

Step 3:  Take the one SS30 nailhead and push the prongs through the braid and leather closure, (push the prongs inward to aviod stratching when wearing) now the other closure. Finally place SS20 nailheads on sections of the braid. (I used 14 but you can put as many as you like)