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M&J Trimming featured on The Today Show (Kentucky Derby Fashion)

The Kentucky Derby, held on the first Saturday of May is right around the corner.  To kick off the event, senior editor of All You magazine, Amy Goodman featured some great ideas for dressing up for the occasion.  The segment also featured beautiful silk flower pins from M&J Trimming.  Here is a sneak preview.


Silk Flower-pin Sale!

The warm sun has finally arrived.  Therefore it’s time to box up those winter clothes and get ready for some summer fun.  This spring and summer expect to see more flowers on every corner.  Not only will you see those fresh roses and tulips on your neighbor’s garden, but expect to also see some fabric flower-pins on this season’s fashionable garments.  There’s no doubt that flower-pins are currently a popular must-have.  Whether you want to finish that runway piece you’re working on or simply want to embellish a garment you already have, you can now take advantage of M&J Trimming’s Flower-pin Sale!  Until June 17th, take 10% off all purchase of flower-pins on our website at MJTRIM.com.  That includes the same flower Carrie used in her outfit in “Sex and the City” movie.  Happy shopping!

Take 10% OFF All Purchase of Flower-pins!

Sale Ends June 17th, 2008

Happy Easter!

By Dara


In just a couple of days Spring will arrive and before you know it, it’ll be Easter this coming Sunday. This year, Easter falls on March 23rd. Can you believe it’s already the end of March? Where has time gone? Next thing we know, we’re celebrating New Years again. Okay, maybe I’m way ahead of myself.

Since, I won’t be back home in New Mexico this Easter, I’ve decided to dress up this boring basket and brighten it up. I’m definitely using it to send some flowers back home to my Mom. You can get a basket like this at any local dollar store. Also known as the 99-cent store. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Using about 1 ½ yard of wired ribbon, I started wrapping the basket’s handle. With another 1 ½ of the same-wired ribbon, I added it along the basket using crafts’ wire to hold it down every 3 inches. This created the little bubble like form you see. To finish it off, I took the same-wired ribbon and a yellow organza ribbon and tied a bow on top of the handle.

I filled this basket with some silk flowers because that’s what my Mom likes. However, you can fill yours with anything you’d like such as candies. If you were planning on giving it to a child, I’d recommend some items like crayons, coloring books, barrettes or even some educational books. This might take them away from all those sweets that can cause cavities.

If you’re planning on giving this basket to a friend, family, co-worker or partner, you can fill the basket with items they might like. Maybe some CDs, DVDs, reading books, cook books or accessories.

I hope everyone enjoys your Easter!

Spring Wedding

By Kristin

Silk Flower Bouquet

While planning my wedding for spring of 2007, I was in a tizzy trying to get everything done and come up with ideas while keeping it cool with my soon to be in-laws. Floral arrangements, menu options, favors, gifts and attire were keeping me busy just about 24/7!

However, M&J made my life a bit easier since they provided such a wide variety in one place. The gorgeous silk ribbons and Swarovski rhinestones were just what I was looking for to add a little something extra special to my wedding day. I was able to glue rhinestones to all my accessories, but I had to stop short of bedazzling my cat in the excitement of it all.

I remember carefully arranging the rose stems and crystal sprays for my bouquet (while getting my hair done. Wrapping the stems with silk satin ribbon in ivory to match my dress. The result was just the way I wanted. It was a great feeling to tell my friends that I made the bouquet when they asked about it. However, I wish I had thought of using silk roses like my friend did for her bouquet. My poor bouquet that I had made is now all dried out and sad looking. Silk roses would have still looked fresh and new everyday as my husband and I grow old and wrinkled together.

Now that I work at M&J, it has been really fun and exciting for me to help soon-to-be-brides make their big day special. I’m able to lend advice on what I learned from planning my wedding and giving options on the choices they make. I look forward to making this blog helpful for all brides-to-be.