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DIY: Beaded Summer Sandals

It’s time to free those toes! Put away the stuffy boots and slide into some flirty sandals, because spring is here! We just got these great new beaded iron-on trims and had to put them on something quick. 

What you’ll need:

A Pair of Sandals

Beaded Rhinestone Trim (This one is Iron-On but we didn’t want to iron it onto vinyl)

Pom Pom Trim



Step 1: Cut the trim to size by measuring it on the sandals. To play it safe, cut a little extra on either side. You can always trim that later.

Step 2: Apply a thin line of E6000 on the the strap. Stick the pom pom trim to it with the pom poms facing outward.

(E6000 is a great glue but make sure you’re working in a well ventilated area since it’s a powerful formula. It also takes longer to dry than other glues. You can use a glue gun for quicker results)

Step 3: Apply glue between the two pom pom trims and glue on the rhinestone trim. Since this is an iron on trim you have the option of ironing it on if your base fabric will allow it.

Step 4: Trim the excess on either side and let dry.

And you’re done!

DIY Summer Sandals 3 Ways

Summer is synonymous with sandals, which is all we’ve been wearing since June 21st! We’ve been seeing a lot of simple sandal styles as well as more elaborate ones, but sometimes those trendy sandals can cost a little more than you bargained for. Here are three of our favorite ways to “step up” your sandal game without breaking your budget.


8mm Beaded Snake Chain, 9mm Black Metal ChainSandals

Glue or sew chain trim to the straps of your sandals for a shining accent! Try to choose a chain that is the same width as your straps!

Cameos on Sandals

Cameos, Sandals

If your sandals have wide straps, we would suggest taking advantage of that space with a row of floral cameos!

Braided and Leather Trimmed Sandals

Sandals, 1 3/4″ Multi Color Braided Vinyl10mm Two-Tone Spike Ultra Suede Ribbon

Black basic sandals are essential, but if you prefer yours with a little more oomph, add a strap of braided leather trim or studded leather trim.

Stylish Spring Shoe DIY Roundup

The weather is fine, the sun is out, and it’s so close to summer you can actually taste the sea salt in the air. If you haven’t already, now may be the best time to banish those tall boots! Don’t have enough shoe options for spring? Don’t worry! These DIY options are perfect solution to your footwear woes.

DIY Gladiator Sandals from A Pair and A Spare

These gladiator sandals are definitely for the bold and stylish. Imagine walking down the beach in these!

Blue Lace Flats DIYJazz up a plain pair of flats with some fun colored lace!

Patterned Flats from Amy New NostalgiaAll you need to embellish these cute flats is a pair of basic white shoes and a marker. Think of the possibilities!

Glitter Sneaker from Teen VogueThese glittered sneakers are just the thing to wear on a sunny day! Your feet will certainly be attention-grabbing!

Ombre Sneakers from M&J TrimmingWe’ve made quite a few warm-weather shoes ourselves, and these ombre flats are perfect for a stroll in Central Park!

Top 5 DIY Summer Sandals

We love a good pair of high heels as much as the next girl, but when summer rolls around, flat sandals are our shoe of choice. We love the ease and comfort that they provide, so we sought out some of the best DIY sandals. In no particular order, here’s our top 5!

DIY Glitter Sandals by Glitter N Glue

DIY Arrow Sandals by Kaye at The Etsy Blog

DIY Tribal Wrap Sandals by I Spy DIY

DIY Spiked Sandals by Fashion After Breakfast

DIY Fringed Gladiator Sandals by Chic Steals

DIY Scarf Sandals

Erin of Thanks, I Made It recently had the great idea of DIYing a pair of sandals with scarves, and we absolutely loved the idea. We decided to whip up our own pair using an old pair of sandals and some beautiful Otrera scarves. Keep reading to see our tutorial.

The inspiration:

image via Thanks I Made It

Supplies: A pair of sandals, two small scarves (or one large scarf cut in half), scissors, glue (optional)

1. Cut off the back strap on each of the sandals.

2. Place the scarf horizontally over the middle of the sandal strap. Bring the ends around either side of the strap and pull them through from underneath.

3. Wrap the scarves around your ankle and tie in the back, and you’re ready to wear your new shoes!

Four Ways to Embellish Your Sandals

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By Blerona

To kick off this summer, M&J is showing you how to look super chic on budget, this time we’re doing it with your shoes. Sandal flats are a must have for the summer, but buying several pair of embellished sandals can get costly. So we purchased a pair inexpensive shoes and embellished them four different ways. Here are some simple DIY’s that will set your feet apart from all the rest.

Look One – Jeweled Embellishment



  • Step1: Hot glue the motif on to a piece of suede fabric.
  • Step 2: Cut along off the extra fabric and mesh around the appliqué
  • Step 3: Hot glue or hand stitch the appliqué to the top of each sandal.


Look Two – Ruffled Flats



  • Step 1: Cut the pleated trim in half for each shoe.
  • Step 2: Hot glue the pleated taffeta onto the leather trim of the shoe


Chained Flats


  • 10 inches of 15mm Metal Mesh Chain Item# 44522 (1.800.9.MJTRIM)
  • Hot glue gun /Thread&Needle
  • Scissors


  • Step1: Cut the trim in half both pieces should be 5 inches long
  • Step2: Hot glue only the discs onto the leather trim of the shoe. *Not the chain.


Look Four – Studded Flats



  • Step 1: Iron one appliqué to a piece of suede fabric, then iron a second as seen in the photo above. One appliqué for your shoe is made
  • Step2 : Hot glue the finished appliqué to the leather trim of the sandal