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Kitchen Bulletin Board

By Eleah

Stainless steel refrigerators getting you down? Sure they look cool but they’re not magnetic so there is no longer a place to post up your shopping lists and recipes. A full sized bulletin board is very demanding of space and inevitably becomes a tangled eye sore filled with expired notes and numbers. Who wants to search through a rectangular mass of garbage just to find a business card someone might have given you three weeks ago? But ho! There is a solution dear reader. I have been noticing the growing popularity of long magnetic strips for notes in various home décor magazines. My only problem with them is that sometimes a magnet is not powerful enough to hold up thicker papers such as postcards or recipe cards.

This week I will show you how to make your own space conscious bulletin board for your kitchen or room of choice.


You will need:

  • 32″ to 1 yard of 1 5/8 thick grosgrain ribbon (I used Grosgrain in Mint with white polka dots to evoke a cute retro vibe) 31901-6101
  • 1 yard of 15 mm ribbon (I used Imported Chambray Ribbon to accent the polka dots) 38792-4
  • 3 ½ x 30 inches of a medium weight fabric (I used a stone gray cotton)
  • Magna-Tac 809
  • Spray mount (I recommend Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun + 1 glue sticks
  • One 28″ x 1 ½ ” piece of ½ inch thick foam board (you will have to visit your local hardware or art supply store to find the smallest board to cut your slat from.)
  • T-Square ruler + pen
  • Utility blade

(If you aren’t able to get all these supplies, improvise)

Making the Board:

(You may want to periodically wash your hands in-between steps so you don’t soil the surface of your ribbons.)

  1. Measure and cut our foam board to the dimensions mentioned above.
  2. Lay out your piece of fabric on a flat surface
  3. Give a light spray of Spray adhesive to one side of your foam board and lay sticky side down carefully onto your fabric. Flip and smooth any bubbles with a sleek edge like a credit card.
  4. Apply a pea size drop of Magna-Tac to one end of the foam board, on the ½ ” exposed foam part. Smooth the fabric on the same end over the glue so that you create two triangular tabs of fabric at the corners. Pinch the corners with your fingers and hold for 30 seconds. Cut off the tabs with your scissors. Repeat on the other end.
  5. Apply a thin line of Magna-Tac along the rest of the exposed ½ inch foam to bind the fabric tightly around the foam board. Follow the same technique to smooth the remaining edges onto the back of the board.
  6. Apply Spray Mount to the wrong side of your 1 5/8″ thick ribbon and carefully smooth along the length of the fabric-covered board. Be sure to leave 2″ of ribbon at each end so you can wrap it around the back for a more finished look.
  7. Smooth remaining 2″ of ribbon around the back…You may need to use Magna-Tac to secure it in back.
  8. Cut 2 three-inch strips of your 15mm ribbon and set aside. Cut the remaining 30″ of ribbon in half and make 2 bows. Hot glue the bows about 1″ from each end of the front of your board.
  9. Hot glue the 2 three inch strips into two separate loops and then hot glue those to the back of your board, just behind where you glued your bows. These will be your hooks to attach your board to the wall.
  10. And Serve!