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Cute Feminine Pirate Costume


A pirate costume is a fun and great costume which you can easily make yourself.  You may think this costume is not the most unique idea, but by making it yourself you can add your own creativity and edge and can achieve the perfect feminine pirate costume.




1. I used an inexpensive shirt I purchased at the Salvation Army.  I felt the red and white stripes fit the pirate theme.

2. Using scissors or a blade tear around the edges of the shirt in a triangular motion.  The triangles should not be equal in size or shape or done neatly you want to give the shirt a worn out look. I also replaced the collar strings with brown Italian leather trim 88742-BROWN to give it a vintage feel.

3.  For the belt I used 2 yards of faux leather metal mignon metallic gunmetal 42157-ANTR.   To create a thicker belt it will be wrapped twice around the hips.

4. I embellished the belt to give the pirate feel I was going for.  First I glued 2 metal coin bracelets 36770ANTS than I scattered different color metal coins. Nickel #36772SHINNY, silver #36772ANTS, gold #36772SHIG, and brass #36772ANTBR

5. To finish your belt simply put it around your waist and decide exactly how you want it to fit. Use a blade or leather hole punch to add a hole for your buckle, I choose a metal sword buckle #37242ANTB, slide your buckle through the leather and attach the clasp through the hole.

*All materials listed in green can be purchased by calling 1-800-9-MJTRIM.