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DIY: Button Brooch

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By Julissa

Thought buttons were only for clothes? Well not anymore…. There are so many ways you can use buttons to dress your outfits, and I don’t mean on your clothes. Here is a fun brooch made out of buttons. It’s easy and affordable, you can use any buttons you want. I made this brooch with metal and pearl buttons.



  • Take the pliers and cut the shanks off the buttons. Note: the largest button maybe hard to cut shank off, you don’t have to cut that one off.
  • Take the largest button and apply glue in the back of the button and glue it on to the pin back. Glue it directly next to the shank. Take the 24l/15mm button (which is the next size down) and apply glue on the back. Glue part of the button on the large and the other part on the pin back.
  • Do the same with the smaller button, Apply glue on the back and glue part of it on the button and part of it on the pin back.
  • take the bigger pearl and glue it a little to the side of the small metal button.
  • then take the small pearl button and glut it next to the bigger pearl and directly on to the pin back.

DIY Pearl and Chromspun Grosgrain Ribbon Necklace

By Dara

Pearl and Chromspun Ribbon Necklace
Pearl and Chromspun Ribbon Necklace by M&J Trimming

 The weather is feeling pretty nice lately and that usually means it is time to pretty up.  So here is this week’s round-up of DIY accessory. 

To give that classic yet chic pretty girl look that has been seen all over the street and magazines lately, we’ll be working with pearls and chromspun grosgrain ribbon. 

This project is quite easy and only takes about 5-10 minutes.



  1. Prepare your needle and thread for at least 20″ long. 
  2. Prepare your chromspun ribbon, but flipping it back and forth and cut after you have flipped the amount of loops you would like to create.  I flipped mine about 3 times then strung the needle through it.
  3. Add the 8MM pearl and repeat step 2.
  4. Add the 4MM pearl and repeat step 2.
  5. Repeat the steps until you finish the design and then tie a knot to keep the last loops of ribbon in place.
  6. With your 60″ long strand of pearls, loop it so that it’s layered like in the image.  Tie clear thread at the top so the pearls stay in place.
  7. Using a needle, sew the design of pearls and ribbon into place to the pearls at the bottom.
  8. Now you’re all done and ready to show of your work!
Pearl & Chromspun Grosgrain Ribbon Necklace
Pearl & Chromspun Grosgrain Ribbon Necklace


Pearl & Chromspun Ribbon Necklace Up Close
Pearl & Chromspun Ribbon Necklace Up Close

Fall Season, New Trend, Easy DIY Alterations

By Dara


After Alterations

The weather is starting to get a little breezy and that is definitely a sign that summer is long gone.  That means it is time to put away those summer clothes and bring out the warmer clothes for Fall.  Fall is usually a fashionista’s favorite time of the year.  It is not too cold nor is it too hot.  It is a perfect time to wear comfortable and trendy clothing.  This week, we brought out the classic black blazer and embellished it with a variety of Swarovski buttons, crystal trims, pearl strands and braided lace or frogs.  Below, you will see a before picture and above is after the alteration.  It is very easy to get this chic look with simple supplies and instructions. 


Before Alterations

You can see there is a big difference in the before and after image.  This Fall, dramatically embellished garments are very popular.  For the blazers, you will notice in a lot magazines that the shoulders are embellished with different materials.  A lot of deisgners are using fringe, and feathers.  However, crystal jewels are the most used to embellish blazers.  Why spend thousands of dollars when you can create your own unique look.  For the unique look on the blazer, I mainly used Swarovski buttons andvarious trims. 






  1. Pin the lace on top of the shoulder according to how you feel it fits best. Then either stitch on the lace or use Unique Stitch glue.  It works just like a needle when applying fabric on fabric.
  2. Decide where you would like to add the buttons on the shoulder and easily stitch them on using the needle.  It is really up to you how you want to design the shoulder.  The main idea is to make it dramatic. 
  3. Add the pearl strands and rhinstone trim along the side and then add a button over where you started the trim.
  4. Do not forget to replace all the old buttons with a different style of glass buttons.  When you do this, your friends will barely notice it is the same blazer from last year. 
  5. When it is done, then you are ready to wear it and show it off. 


M&J Trimming Featured In Martha Stewart Wedding Fall 2008


Silk flower and midori ribbon featured in Martha Stewart Wedding Fall 2008

Silk Rose (Left):  Sea Foam #31907

Silk Rose (Right):  Sage Green #31905

Midori Double Fact Satin Ribbon:  Sea Foam #37307



23MM MESH TUBE RIBBON #36878.  Call 1.800.9.MJTRIM to order or for more information on availabe colors.

White Pearls #11825



16MM Imported Double Face Satin Box Pleated # 33564


Ribbon Beaded Necklace

By Milton

Fall is around the corner and with a new season, some changes in our wardrobe are required. As I said before, sometimes spending money in a new wardrobe is not necessary. With some creativity you can transform pieces you already own or create new ones and accessories are one of the easiest. An outfit can go from boring to breathtaking just by selecting the right accessories. This time I’ll show you how to make a necklace that you will often see in magazines and stores a lot this season.  Why buy it when you can make your own unique version of it?




How to:

  1. First fold the ribbon in half and pin it along the edge.
  2. Sew the two edges together which will create a tube.
  3. Turn it inside out. You need to be patient in this step, since turning the tube inside out may take you a few minutes. You can use a chopstick to push the ribbon thru. You can also use a safety pin or a paper clip.
  4. Now you can start putting the pearls inside the tube, make knots on the sides of it to make it stay in place.

I used about 9 pearls for this necklace, but you can do as many as you wish. Just make sure that if you do more pearls you have some extra ribbon, so you still have enough at the end to tie a knot. You can also do different variations of this necklace, by using more than one size of pearls or leaving more space in between.  Use your creativity and specially have lots of fun!