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Denim Days Inspiration

Lately we’re really feeling jeans that are jazzed up. With the holidays right around the corner, adding a little sparkle or flair to your pair makes them all the more festive. Last year we were all about the embellished sweater, but this time around we think its time that the jeans got a chance to shine! We love the look paired with a basic tee or sweater that really lets the look of the embellished denim shine through.
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Pearl embellished Jeans. These are fabulous I love them.

These embellished jeans from Abercrombie are not only cute, they are on sale: $38.50, down from $128.


Project DIY: Baroque n’ Roll Unveiling

This December our monthly DIY subscription service, Project DIY, came out with a collection inspired by the Baroque Style. This popular runway trend emanates radiance, drama and luxury, and is perfect for the holiday season.

While we announced the theme earlier this month, we have kept the projects under wraps. After weeks of waiting, we ‘re excited to finally unveil the Project DIY Baroque n’ Roll projects!

Project DIY Baroque Pearl Hand Adornment

The Baroque Pearl Hand Adornment is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Our beautiful cameo and pearl rosary connects to an elegant filigree ring with a sparkling rhinestone chain. It’s adds an unexpected sparkle to your outfit.

Project DIY Belle of the Ball Earrings

These Belle of the Ball Earrings are a fantastic way to add Baroque-inspired flair to any look. These earrings combine some of the most beloved elements from this collection, from the pearls to the intricate gold detailing.

Project DIY Gem and Lace Headband

The Gem and Lace Headband from the Baroque n’ Roll collection is a true showstopper. This project allows you to dabble in a new skill, sewing! Crafters sew the gorgeous lace trim into a fashionable headband, and attach the jeweled adornment to make it a sparkling statement piece.

Project DIY Baroque n' RollYou can wear these gorgeous projects together for a decadent and glamorous look, or wear each piece individually for some understated elegance. Which project are you most looking forward to making?

DIY: Baroque Pearl Ornament

If you want your ornaments to make an elegant statement, we have the DIY for you! This month is all about sparkle and shine, from the tinsel on a Christmas tree to the icicles adorning your window. With these frosty and fun images in mind, we wanted to create something that was both seasonal and sparkly!

Baroque Pearl Ornament DIY from M&J Trimming

What You’ll Need:

8mm Faux Pearls Package #49380

6mm Faux Pearls Package #49387

40 x 30mm Oval Women Head Cameo #41584

3/8” Single Face Satin Ribbon (Ivory) #00295

7/8” Single Face Satin Ribbon (Silver) #00298

Styrofoam ball





Gluing Cameo onto Styrofoam Ball

Placing Cameo onto Styrofoam from M&J Trimming

1. Glue the cameo onto the center of the Styrofoam ball, and begin pinning pearls around it to create a frame.

Pinning Pearls from M&J Trimming

2. Continue adding pearls to the ornament until it is completely covered, aside from a small space at the top.

Gluing Ribbon from M&J Trimming

3. Pull your satin ribbon through a t-pin, and glue one end to the other.

Gluing Ribbon to Ornament from M&J Trimming

4. Once the ribbon seam is dry, push the t-pin through the empty space on top.Ribbon Bow Ornament from M&J Trimming

5. Create a bow using the other satin ribbon, and glue it in front of the looped ribbon.

DSC_0092Baroque Pearl Ornament from M&J Trimming

This pearl-adorned ornament is perfect for a classic and elegant tree. If you want the ornament to be a little less Baroque-inspired, just remove the cameo for an ornament that’s reminiscent of a playful snowball!

The Perfect Pearl Inspiration

This month we’re really feeling the luxurious textures and tones of the Baroque Era. While it may have something to do with the fact that the latest Project DIY collection is Baroque n’ Roll, we’re sure part of the reason is that this style is so perfect for the season! We love the decadent golds and rich velvet textures that this time period is famous for, but we also absolutely adore a certain component that is inherent to this style. We’re talking about pearls!

Alexander McQueen Pearl Skull Bracelet

This ornate bracelet from Alexander McQueen is beautiful and bold. The focus of this piece is that single pearl in the middle, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s a total stunner.

Velvet Green Pearl Jacket

This emerald green velvet jacket is definitely embracing pearl embellishments to the max. The jacket is so intricate and detailed, like a work of art!

Pearl Dotted Cardigan

Pearl Beanie from Studs and Pearls

Here are two easy ways to wear pearls every day! Sewing a spatter of pearls onto a basic piece makes it more festive and feminine. The bottom embellished beanie is a DIY from our blogger friend Kirsten Nunez of Studs and Pearls

Pearl Decorative Pillow from Frontgate

Pearl Holiday Wreath

Pearls are great to use in decor as well! They are a sophisticated embellishment that adds just the right amount of shine. We love this ornament wreath that’s made to look like a ring of large pearls. What an elegant way to bring in the holidays!

We love the use of pearls in both fashion and home decor because they offer a little sparkle and glamour to everything they touch. Stay tuned because our upcoming DIY features a holiday decoration that’s completely decked out in pearls!

Top 5 Pearl DIYs

Pearls are one of the more classic trends of our time. Pearls can be styled in many ways ranging from modest studs to intricate couture work. Often showcasing a sophistication and maturity, pearls are great for everyone. Each of these DIY projects proves how accessible this trend is for everyone. Those of you who are more daring may opt for something a bit more extreme a la Alexander McQueen while those of you who want to dip your toes into the trend may want to start off with something simpler such as a beaded necklace. We hope you enjoy these DIY projects and don’t forget to tweet us your pearl inspired projects.

crafty stylishCrafty Stylish

d001-hardware-store-chain-pearl-bracelet-Dream-a-Little-BiggerDream a Little Bigger

MJTrim PearlsM&J Trimming Blog



DIY H&M Embellished Jeans by taylor & DEMOLISH

We’re back with another original DIY, this time brought to us by the awesome Candy of taylor & DEMOLISH. Keep reading to find out how to make these embellished cuffed jeans, and stop by taylor & DEMOLISH for more of Candy’s DIYs!Images via Around Lucia, Style ScrapbookTumblr, Sania Claus, Caroline’s Mode

I have been cuffing my jeans ever since the weather began to warm up in Manhattan and when I spotted these jeans from H&M’s upcoming Fall 2012 collection, I knew they would make the perfect DIY to add to my collection!


Medium blue skinny jeans


E6000 glue


Needle & Thread

Rhinestones (SS30 (6mm) Crystal)

Sew-on octagon jewels

Sew-on pearls

Seed beads (Mine are the cry luster colored beads from M&J Trimming)

1. Put jeans on and fold the cuff so it’s about 1.5 inches above your ankle.  The cuff itself should be 2-3 inches long.

2. Using a couple stitches around the jeans, stitch the cuff to the jeans so it doesn’t unfold.

3. Split the number of large jewels that you have in half.  Sew half individually onto the left cuff and half on the right.  Make sure to space them evenly around the entire jean cuff.

4. Glue about 10-15 rhinestones to each cuff with the E6000 glue.  Let rhinestones dry for about 30 minutes.

5. Fill in open gaps by sewing in the pearls.  I used about 30 on each jean cuff.

6. Fill in any other open gaps you may find with your seed beads.  I created loops of 5 beads each.

And there you have it!  Cuff your jeans and expose this beautiful hidden treasure!

DIY Blogger Highlight – SwellMayde

Meet our most recent DIY guru, blogger Aimee of SwellMayde.

Having interned for Rodarte and Nike, Aimee is now a designer working in Los Angeles while still finding time to update her blog with creative and inspiring DIY projects for us to recreate. Her most recent post features the JewelMint Renegade Necklace.

Aimee added a gorgeous twist to the simple necklace by adding yarn and pearls, which can purchase directly from us. Head over to SwellMayde to see the 9 easy steps to create this statement piece yourself!

Your Best Accessory!!

By Blerona

We all love accessories, the bold pieces, the moonstone rings, the  diamonds!, the chunky bracelets, the unusal pendants, I really could go on all day. The thing about this trends is that they come and go and comeback again, but one accessory that will never go is Pearls! They can be dressed up, dressed down, something to slip on to add a little life to your outfit or it can be your winning piece. Either way pearls are a girls best friend, now I don’t know about you but I can’t fit the real things in my budget right now so I use what I got. And what I got are some beautiful M&J Pearls on a Strand in multiple sizes, and why stop there buy every size and combine them for a fun and flirty look.

Some of My Favorites Wearing Pearls

Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker

Katherine Heigl’s Favorite

How The Young Ones Wear Them- Rihanna, Ashlee Simpson

Our First Lady

And Of Course The Icons – Lana Turner, Audrey Hepburn

Dress Up for New Years!…

By Julissa

The New Years Celebration is this week, so let the festivities begin! Of course when you go out, you need to look your best. If you want to stand out, make your own layered necklace made out of M&J’s chains and rhinestone buttons.


  • 2 yards of Swarvoski Crystal Chain, Style# 44700 (1.800.9.mjtrim) (Limited Edition)
  • 1 yard of 15mm  Silver Chain, Style# 44522 (1.800.9.mjtrim)
  • 28” of 6mm Pearl Rosary Chain, Style# 44522 (1.800.9.mjtrim)
  • 1  70L/44mm Crystal Rhinestone Button, Style # 37501 (1.800.9.mjtrim)
  • 1 48L/30mm  Crystal Rhinestone Button, Style# 37501 (1.800.9.mjtrim)
  • 1 40L/25mm  Crystal Rhinestone Button, Style# 37501 (1.800.9.mjtrim)


  • Connect the links to the Swarvoski Chain together. Twist and make two layers of it.
  • Take the pearl chain and link the chain together. It should fall in between the Swarvoski chain.
  • Take the silver chain, that one is going to be the longest and should fall last, buy jump rings and clasps to attach the back.
  • Use wire to wired the buttons on to the chain.

DIY: 3 Piece Bracelet

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By Julissa

With a few easy steps, create your own accessories. Its fun and affordable.You can take pieces of leather, chain and lace trim and make into a fashionable accessory.



  • Take the chain and lace, slide the lace into the link and make a knot, (leave enough lace to tie a knot in both ends for the bracelet), interlock the lace into the chain, then make another knot at the end of the link, then tie both ends together to make a bracelet.
  • Take the pearl chain and attach the clasps at the end.
  • Take the leather cord and wrap around your wrist three times and make a knot.

Or Wear them Separately!