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DIY: Pearl Embellished Sunglasses

Sunglasses can put the finishing touch on an already chic outfit, and really highlight your best features with frames that suit your face. This DIY is all about taking a simple pair of sunglasses, and transforming them into a stylish statement. We’ve used classic accents like pearls to embellish our circular frames, but you can use anything from rhinestones to studs if you’re looking for something more glamorous or edgy.

Materials for Pearl Accented Sunglasses6mm Faux Pearls in Gold and Silver

8mm Faux Pearls in Gold and White

 Hot glue or E6000

Gluing Small Gold Pearls to Circular Sunglasses1. Take your pearls and create a design on each side.

Adding Glue to Top of Sunglasses2. Take the smaller pearls and create a frame going on top of the sun glasses.

Sunglasses with Pearl Accents 3. Fill the center of the sun glasses with more pearls.


Project DIY: Baroque n’ Roll Materials

This month we’re rolling out a Project DIY collection that is sure to turn a few heads. (Probably because it’s packed with sparkle!) Our Baroque n’ Roll collection is lavish, elegant and luxe; perfect for the holiday season. While we aren’t revealing what the projects are just yet, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what materials you’ll be introduced to in this collection.Project DIY: Baroque n' Roll Collection Lace

This is our first Project DIY collection to feature a big band of trim, and beautiful lace trim at that! If you’re wondering what you’ll be making, we aren’t spilling the beans yet, but you will need to use a needle and thread to create it.

Project DIY: Baroque n' Roll Collection Gold Project DIY: Baroque n' Roll Collection Gold

It wouldn’t be a Baroque n’ Roll collection without a little bit of bling! From pearls to rhinestones, we picked materials that were incredibly glamorous and elegant. You’ll also be using rich gold pieces that invoke Baroque with their scrolling filigree details.

Project DIY: Baroque n' Roll Collection Cameo

Since this collection is so elegant and feminine, we wanted to include one of the most elegant and feminine items we know, a cameo embellishment. It’s delicate, charming and a perfect addition to one of our projects.

Any guesses about what projects are in the latest Project DIY collection? Leave them down below!


DIY Pearl Headpiece

Last week we shared this street style snap of Miroslava Duma sporting an elaborate pearl headpiece, and we were so inspired that we decided to DIY our own! All we needed were some jewels and jewelry wire from M&J Trimming, and a bit of patience. Follow our steps below to make your own.


1. Cut a piece of wire that will fit around your head, plus a few inches. Begin threading the pearls onto the wire.

2. Add enough pearls so they fit perfectly around the circumference of your head. Tie the ends of the wire together to create a circle. Snip off any excess wire. This will be the base of your headpiece.

3. Cut a piece of wire that will go from the middle of your forehead to the middle of the back of your head, plus a few inches. Thread 10-15 oval jewels onto the wire. Tie the ends onto opposite sides of the pearl circle, so it divides the pearl circle in half. This strand will be the top of the headpiece.

4. Create another strand of about 10-15 oval jewels. Tie one end onto one of the spots where the other oval jewels are attached to the pearls. This will be the front of the headpiece. Tie the other end onto the pearls, a few inches from the back of the headpiece. You may want to try the headpiece on to decide exactly where you want to tie the jewels. Repeat this step with another strand of jewels, so you have one on each side.

5. Create two more strands of pearls. These will be hanging down from the headpiece, so each one should be an inch or two longer than half of the pearl circle. Attach one end of each strand to the front of the headpiece, and one end to the back.

6. Thread a small piece of wire through the triangle stone, then tie it to the front of the headpiece. Position your amazing new headpiece on your head and you’re all set!