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Fringe Conspiracy: DIY Fringe Vest and T-Shirt in One

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By: Roseann

I recently came across a brief interview in Indie Magazine with Berlin Designer Paula Immich.   The interview was regarding a recent collection called “Mit Haut und Haar” (i.e. “with skin and hair”).  In this collection Immich used flocks of hair in seams and collars.  Sounds Bizarre right, however the effect is quite whimsical.  Her collection got me thinking about material and how so often we are used to seeing them manipulated and used in only one or two different ways.  Take chainette fringe, it has been used in such a costumie way, I always think flapper or Vegas every time I lay my eyes on it.  So I decided to do a DIY Paula Immich using chainette fringe, although I live in NYC I still don’t know if I can pull of wearing synthetic hair around my shoulders.  Boring, I know.



  1. Fist locate where the bust point would exist on the T-shirt and mark from the inside with a pencil.
  2. Find the center point of your shoulder seam and mark a straight line from the bust point to the center marking of the shoulder.
  3. Measure how long this line is and subtract that measurement from 20.
  4. Using the measurement found above, find center back of the neckline and measure down mark with a pin.  Now measure from the pin 3” to each side and draw a line from that mark to shoulder center.
  5. Cut along this line.
  6. Cut the 1 yard of fringe in half, careful not to let it fray and pull apart. It helps if you tape the edges.
  7. Starting 1” from the beginning of the cut pin the fringe between the two pieces.  The fringe should be short 1” on each side.
  8. Now stitch together. Basically here we are creating a bust and back dart in one, so you want to start and end with a slight diagonal so that the intake transitions smoothly with the rest of the t.
  9. Wear and enjoy.