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Stripes & Sequins’ DIY Tulle Tendril Bib

Grace of Stripes & Sequins makes the prettiest DIY jewelry and this DIY Tulle Tendril Bib is no exception.  It is the perfect statement piece to wear with a dress or blouse on Valentine’s Day next week!  Made with our rhinestones, the necklace is bold and beautiful.  Make sure to, also, check out our selections of organza, lace, and grosgrain ribbons, if you want to make your own version!


Bridesmaid Organza Beaded Necklace

By Kristin


Your flowers are picked, the tuxes are rented and the invitations have all been sent out.  You thought you were finished with the wedding plans when you remembered that you need gifts for your attendants. 

Like most brides, I gave my girls jewelry to wear on the day of, but made sure it was something they could wear again and again over the years.  It seems that a lot of web sites offer jewelry you can buy, but I find it all looks the same after a while. 

This week’s blog is devoted to making a custom necklace that your bridesmaids will love.  It’s fast and easy to make and perfect for a summer or fall wedding.  The colors are also very easy to change according to the colors of your wedding.  I just chose green because it was so pretty and vibrant.  Use this tutorial to make a necklace inspired by mine, or copy it exactly, the options are endless!






  1. The first step is to glue the rhinestone into the center hole of the flower charm.  Dab a tiny amount of glue into the hole using a pin or toothpick, and then drop the stone into it with the tweezers.  Let this dry for 10 minutes.
  2. Once the rhinestone is dry, you can glue the charm to the center of the shell pendant.  Put a little bit of glue on the back of the flower (not too much or it will ooze out the sides), and stick it on the shell.  Let this dry while you work on the ribbon necklace.
  3. String a bead onto the ribbon 2″ from the end, and make a knot on either side to keep it in place.  Make a knot about 1 ½” – 2″ away from the bead you just did, string on a bead, make another knot on the other side of the bead, repeat until you have all the beads knotted and strung leaving 2″ on each end of the ribbon.
  4. String a clamshell clamp on the end of one of the ribbons and make a double knot right at the end, dab a little glue here and let dry, repeat with the other side.  When the glued ends are dry you can clamp the clamshell closed.  This will give a nice finished end to the ribbon so it doesn’t fray over time.
  5. Using the pliers add an open jump ring to the cent of the ribbon and add the pendant, close the jump ring.
  6. Use the pliers to add the closure to the end clamps as well.
  7. Wrap up your completed necklace in a pretty box for your bridesmaids to wear on the big day.

Ring Bearer Pillow

By Kristin

In these times, most brides opt for the Best Man and Maid of Honor to hold the actual rings.  The ring bearer is now just a part of the wedding that has simply become tradition.  Usually between the ages of 2-5, it can be a nephew, son, cousin, or friend.  Why not save a little cash and make one yourself that matches your wedding style.  It could be something simple with a little ribbon and button, or a more elaborate one incorporating fine laces and silk ribbons.


  • 23″ of 1.5″ side pleated ribbon in ivory [34298]
  • 23″ of 3/8″ sheer ribbon with satin edge in ivory (32691)
  • 23″ of 1 3/8″ imported metallic lace (27769)
  • 7″x14″ of silk taffeta fabric in ivory
  • Sewing Machine, straight pins, double sided tape, needle + thread to match the fabric and the lace
  • Loose pillow Stuffing


  1. Cut two 7″x7″ squares out of your fabric
  2. Lay the side pleated ribbon along one of your squares so that the sheer pleated part is going towards the center and the edging lines up with the edge of your square. Pin down.
  3. Machine stitch where you have pinned.
  4. Cut one 7″ piece of sheer ribbon with satin edge and lay across your other square of fabric. Pin and give a quick machine or hand stitch on each edge to hold it in place.
  5. Cut the rest of your satin edged ribbon in half and line one end of each of the two pieces up with the other sides of that same square of fabric.  Give a quick stitch to hold in place.  Leave the loose ends loose; they will be used later to tie the rings onto the pillow
  6. With the same square that you just stitched the ribbon onto, create another square within it about an inch from the edge.  You can use double sided tape to temporarily hold the lace down.  Hand-stitch the lace using matching thread.  You will have to stitch along both edges of the lace so it is smooth to the fabric.
  7. Lay the two squares of fabric together with the wrong sides facing out.  Pin along the edges with your straight pins.  Turn the square so that the side with the machine stitching from the pleated ribbon is facing up.  Use that seam as a guide and machine stitch the two pieces together, leaving about 2″ unstitched.
  8. Turn pillow form inside out and stuff little bit by little bit.  You don’t want it to be overstuffed because that will create lumps and highlight any imperfections in your stitching.
  9. Hand stitch the 2″ gap and you’re done!
  10. Now all you have left to do is wait for him to propose to you.

Tossing The Bride's Garter Belt

By Kristin


The history of the garter belt is quite an interesting story. After the ceremony the couple would depart to the bedroom and consummate the marriage, with guests in tow as witnesses. Guests would try to snatch pieces of the bride’s clothes in hopes that they would soon to be the next to wed. Of course couples were not too happy with this ritual so the groom would toss the bride’s garter to the guests to distract them. Today, the garter toss is a bit more civil with the groom tossing it to his groomsmen and other single men during the reception. 

The bride can use her garter to express who she is as a person, coordinate to her colors or surprise her new husband with a unique themed garter. For a more traditional look, you can use any one of the gorgeous laces that M&J carries, add some elastic, a simple satin ribbon and a button. Now you have a personalized garter for your special day. You could also use a blue ribbon as your ‘Something Blue’.

Whether or not you choose to actually toss the garter is up to you, but it’s became a standard item in the bride’s attire and can be a fun way to surprise your groom on the wedding night.



  1. Mother of Pearl Button #24078 23mm
  2. 1/8″ wide silk or rayon ribbon
  3. 1/2″ elastic #00477 in White
  4. Midori DF Satin Ribbon #37306 in Mink
  5. Organdy Ribbon #02138 in Mint