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M&J Moodboard: 80s

In addition to the flapper, we’re also loving the idea of being a fun 80s girl for Halloween. There’s so many DIY possibilities for this costume, so we’re sharing our 80s mood board to help you get inspired. Deck yourself out with some neon trim, add some leg warmers and a hair bow and you’re all set! Check out our mood board and see more of our 80s inspiration below.

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M&J Moodboard: Lovely Lace



If you’re a regular visitor at M&J Trimming, you may have noticed all of the lovely mood boards placed around our store. We get so  much DIY inspiration from these, so we wanted to share our Halloween mood boards with you. Today we’re loving our baroque lace mood board, which is inspiring us to make some delicate lace accessories. We’re tempted to create a lace collar, or to add some pearl embellishment to a lovely dress. Check out some more of our inspiration below and let us know what you’re inspired to make! You can find our incredible selection of lace at MJTrim.com.











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