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Cord Bracelet DIY

The arm party may be over, but as we continue obsessing over the bracelets and accessories we’d wear at Coachella, we couldn’t help but make a couple of easy bracelet DIYs with our fabulous leather cords.  These cord bracelet DIYs are so easy, they take less than 10 minutes to make and look great layered together.  Don’t believe us?  Check it out!



3MM Braided Vinyl Cord in Gold/Brown

Braided Leather Bolo in Antique Dark Brown

Jump rings



STEPS:MJ Trimming

Cut the amount of cord that you’d like for each of your your bracelets

Add glue to the end of your cord

Place the glued cord into a metal clasp

Apply pressure securing the cord and clasp together

Repeat the above step for both ends of the cord

Cord Bracelets
Enjoy this easy Cord Bracelet DIY Tutorial. Layer your bracelets and have fun with this look…Don’t forget to tweet us your bracelets! Check out or site for all your Music Festival Fashion needs.

DIY: 3 Piece Bracelet

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By Julissa

With a few easy steps, create your own accessories. Its fun and affordable.You can take pieces of leather, chain and lace trim and make into a fashionable accessory.



  • Take the chain and lace, slide the lace into the link and make a knot, (leave enough lace to tie a knot in both ends for the bracelet), interlock the lace into the chain, then make another knot at the end of the link, then tie both ends together to make a bracelet.
  • Take the pearl chain and attach the clasps at the end.
  • Take the leather cord and wrap around your wrist three times and make a knot.

Or Wear them Separately!