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Lanvin Inspired Varsity DIY Necklace

Even though we’re loving varsity embellishments on sweaters, jackets, beanies and scarves we opted to go in a different direction. Inspired by Lanvin’s Fall 2013 collection, we created this Varsity Letter necklace.
Enjoy the diy and check out MJTrim.com for supplies 

Lanvin’s Fall 2013 Collection



2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White

3 Denim Iron-On Patches

7MM Flat Curb Chain

11MM Flat Chain

19MM Metal Chain

6MM Molded Pearls


Safety Pins

Varsity DIY Supplies MJ Trimming


Iron two of the Denim Iron-On Patches together back to back with the denim on the outside.

Varsity DIY Supplies MJ Trimming

Place your 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White where you’d like it to appear.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Carefully flip it over so the letter is facing down on the ironing board.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Gently iron the back of the denim. The heat causes the 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White to stay in place.
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Once your 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White feels secure, flip the denim over.
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Glue pearls around the 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White creating a circle outline. Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Cut the excess denim off around the 6MM Molded Pearls.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

OPTION 1: Sew your chain around the 6MM Molded Pearls creating an additional border.
(as shown)
OPTION 2: Glue your chain around the 6MM Molded Pearls creating an additional border

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Regardless of which option you selected for the previous step, leave an inch of 7MM Flat Curb Chain at the top.
Now safety pin the remaining chain together. Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Carry your 11MM Flat Chain chain through the loop you had just created.  

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Use an additional safety pin to secure both the 19MM Metal Chain and the 11MM Flat Chain  
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Upcoming trends: Accessories for Fall 2010

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By Blerona

Ready to start shopping for your 2010 Fall Accessories, check out what’s new on the runway and what is still sticking around for another season!

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Winter Fur Accessories, At the more luxurious end of the market are natural-dyed furs (faux and real). Try mixing hair lengths for added contrast, the prominent pelts are long fox fur, tufted rabbit and smooth mink.

In Number Order: 1. Chanel, 2. Michael Kors, 3. Just Cavalli, 4. Thakoon, 5. Oscar De La Renta, 6. Dolce & Gabanna , 7. Oscar De la Renta


Sequin Accessories, This season low on prints and patterns, instead designers have played with a surface texture and embellishment.

In number order: 1. Issa, 2.Marc Jacobs, 3. Dolce & Gabbana, 4. Louis Vuitton


Jewel Accessories, After too many seasons of studded accessories, we finally see a move towards more elaborate embellishments as jewel and beaded surfaces come into play for winter.

In number order: 1. 4.1 Phillip Lim, 2. Issa, 3. Bluemarine, 4. Oscar De la Renta, 5. Lanvin, 6. Mark Fast


Gold hardware – Although we are finally seeing a move away from studding, gold hardware is still evident at designer level, more than likely continue in retail also. Instead of studs though we are seeing gold filigree work, charms, dangling pendants, and coins.

In number order: 1. Dolce & Gabbana, 2. Dolce & Gabbana, 3. Moschino, 4. Alexander Mcqueen


Miltary – Here’s a trend that taking off in menswear also. The military boot is key item for women this winter. Look for sheepskin linings for an on-trend aviation direction, or try gold buttons for a vintage look. Key colors black, navy and khaki in leather or canvas materials.

In number order: 1. Reed Krakoff, 2. Burberry Prorsum, 3 Burberry Prorsum, 4. Moschino, 5. Mary Katrantzou


Novelty – Characteristic heels will always have a place at designer level, usually used in fashion shows to help create the story, but many novelty are also appearing on the streets.

In number order: 1. BCBG Max Azria, 2. Balenciaga,  3.Dsquared, 4. Basso & Brooke,  5.Dsquared,  6. Sophia Kokosolaki