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Tutorial: Applying Iron-on Nailheads

By Blerona

So if you haven’t noticed from some of my previous blogs, I’ll let you in on the secret. I’m in love with Iron-on nailheads! I did a little DIY on my jean shorts for my winter vacationwardrobe, and I decided to show you step by step instructions so you too can have fun DIY-ing your clothes and accessories. Here are the super easy steps.

What you’ll need:

Step1: Place you jeans on a flat surface and create your pattern.

Step2: When you created you pattern/design set iron on high no steam.

Step3: Place a cloth carefully over you nailheads. (Without moving the nailheads)

Step4: Place iron over cloth and hold for 2 -3 minutes. Make sure all nailheads are attached to your jeans, otherwise repeat this step.

Step 5: Add more iron nailheads to fill up the heart.



Step6: Repeat step 3 & 4

And you’re finished! Happy DIY’s