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Global Influences for Fashion

Here at M&J we are always looking for the next big thing but sometimes we don’t have to look too far…

The melting pot we call New York City is filled with culture and diversity. Everyone makes an impression on one another the moment they step out on the sidewalk. Due to the cultural abundances and global influences there is an endless amount of fashion inspiration. Having a store located in the Garment District allows us to truly appreciate our Global presence. Our location allows us to welcome tourists from all over the globe and experience their culture.


Dolce Gabanna Spring 2013 RTW

Global Influences

Harpers Bazaar Fall 2013

Ethnic Fashion

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M&J New Fashion DIY Books

By Blerona

Ever wanted to learn new crafts, create vintage inspired accessories or learn a basic sewing technique? Well M&J Trimming has just upgraded with some of the newest Fashion Inspired and DIY Books out this season. With titles including Fashion for Dummies, Haper’s Bazaars Fabulous at Every Age, and Stitch ‘n’ Fix. Check out our great selection of Fashion and DIY Books.