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DIY Body Harness Belt by Taylor and Demolish

Remember that awesome DIY body harness we posted a while ago? It was created by the incredibly talented Candy of Taylor and Demolish, whose blog we follow religiously. We were so thrilled to see that she created another edgy DIY harness, made with M&J Trimming products, and we just had to share the tutorial with you. Check it out below, and stop by Taylor and Demolish to see more cool DIYS!


3-4 yards of leather trim
Sew-on snaps (or sold in the M&J Trimming store)
Fabric glue
Needle & Thread

1.  Measure the length of trim that would wrap around your waist and sit right above your belly button. Add 1 inch to this measurement and cut this length.

2.  Measure 2 lengths of trim – one that would wrap around your waist and sit 2 inches above the trim cut in step 1 and one that would be 2 inches below the trim cut in step 1.  Add 1 inch to each measurement and cut.

3.  Lay the 3 three pieces of trim that you cut on a flat surface.  Space them out so that they are centered and that there is 2 inches separating them equally.

4.  Cut 2 pieces of trim that will fall diagonally across the 3 waist trims close to the center, as depicted in the picture above.

5.  Add a little fabric glue to connect all of the pieces of trim.

6.  Push the 6 studs onto the 6 meeting points of the trim.

7.  Add sew snaps to the ends of the trims.

8. Et voila!

DIY Harness by Taylor and Demolish


Harnesses have been a huge trend this season, so we were thrilled to see that one of our favorite DIY bloggers, Candy of Taylor and Demolish, made an awesome DIY body harness with supplies from our store. She combined some cool camo trim with a few round rings in order to make this edgy, trendy harness. Check out the tutorial below and stop by Taylor and Demolish to see more.



1.  Cut 2 pieces of trim at 7.5 inches each and 1 piece at 7 inches.

2.  Sew the 3 pieces of trim onto your smaller jump rings as depicted above.  The smaller trim (7 inches) is the one in the middle that is open on one end. You want to fold them about an inch over the the jump rings.

2.  With your extra trim, measure a piece that goes around your lower waist.  Cut this piece and sew one end onto one of the open jump rings.

3.  Sew a large jump ring onto the other end of the 7 inch trim.

4.  This is how it should look so far.  The longer trim will wrap around your waist and hook onto the small jump ring that is open.

5.  With the trim that is remaining, measure from where the large jump ring sits on your ribs, over your shoulder, diagonally across your back and down to the bottom of the harness, as depicted.  Add about 2 inches to this measurement and cut out two equal pieces of this length.

6. Sew both pieces onto the top of the large jump ring and then across the back to the bottom of the harness.

7.  You are almost done!  Remember the jump ring and trim that was left open in step 4?  Put on the harness and see how tight you want the waist to be.  Once you’ve figured it out, sew your snaps onto the inside of the trim and cut off any excess.

8.   Et voila!