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DIY: Metallic Trim Headbands


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By Blerona

Don’t you just love just love wearing headbands!  It’s jewelry in your hair, and the one-of-kind-headbands are my forte. Since I love DIY’s so much of course I’d try my hand in hair accessories. And these accessories are super easy, Instant Gratification! Check out this Oh So Chic DIY Hand bands


Directions First Headband:

  • Step 1: Measure the elastic head band around your head. Make sure it’s tight enough to stay put. Then cut elastic trim to the correct size.
  • Step2: Take your appliqué and hot glue one end onto the back of the appliqué, then hot glue the other end. And you finished!

Second Head band:

  • Step 1: Measure the Metallic trim around your head and cut. Now cut off an extra 2inches of the cut trim and hot glue or sew one end of remaining elastic thread to that end.
  • Step 2: Measure the trim and sewn elastic thread around your head again, and be sure to make it tight to stretch out the elastic trim for a stronger hold.
  • Step 3: Once you measured it cut the extra elastic off and hot glue or sew to the other end of the metallic trim.

Happy DIY’s

DIY Bow Hair Accessory

By Roseann

As I mentioned in a previous post, hair accessories are quite big this season.  Large eccentric bows were part of many spring 2010 collections including; Marc Jacobs, Milly, Jason Wu, and Cynthia Steffe.  The looks were over the top, but when worn on the streets we want to tone it down just a little.  Using a satin ribbon a little elastic and some glue I created my own version.  This project is easy and quick but the out come is chic.





    1. Determine how large you’d like your bow to be.  I created a bow approximately 10” across.
    2. I folded the ribbon in half and measured down from the center 10” and then glued, so that I was left with a 10” loop.
    3. I then glued the area I just closed to the center so that I was now left with 2 5” loops.
    4. You can cut a 3” piece off the end of your ribbon, fold and glue so that this piece is now 2” by 1”.
    5. Wrap this smaller piece around the center of the 2 loops.
    6. Secure with glue in the back
    7. Take a measurement around your head. Cut the loose ends of the ribbon down so that they are 2” smaller than your head measurement.
    8. Fold unfinished ends under about ½” and secure with glue
    9. Glue elastic to the center of the loose ribbon ends, then fold the ribbon around and secure with glue.
    10. Wear and enjoy.

DIY Fringe Headband

By: Roseann

When it comes to hair accessories this season it seems that almost anything goes.  The spring 2010 hair accessories trend includes jeweled, burlesque and vintage inspired, oversized bows and even lace rabbit ears.  I am happy to see the fun spirit of this trend catching on so quickly and I know that many of our readers are too.  Hair accessories are great way to keep on top of current trends with out breaking the bank.  Here is a piece I created for my spring 2010 look.




    1. Cut fringe into a 9” piece.
    2. Cut the braid into a 10” piece.
    3. Glue the braid over top the edging of the fringe leaving a ½” on each side.
    4. Fold the ½” pieces of braid back and glue.
    5. Measure around your head to determine how much elastic you will need to use.  Keep in mind that you want the elastic to be little taught around the head. 
    6. Glue the ends of elastic to the braid and fringe.
    7. Wear and enjoy.