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Top 5: Gatsby-Inspired DIYs

Even though it’s been months since Baz Luhrman’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby came out, we can’t stop obsessing over the fashions and accessories of the Roaring 20’s. Here are a few DIYs that will be perfect for your next flapper costume, but we love them so much that we might just wear them to our next party!
DIY Gatsby Bracelet

This adorable bracelet from Jolie Jouel captures the fringe of flapper dresses perfectly! The combination of the white and blue gems is refreshing, and the bracelet is so dainty that it won’t overwhelm your wrist. It would look beautiful with a white eyelet dress!


This M&J DIY bracelet was inspired by Daisy Buchanan’s beautiful jewelry. This piece would be the perfect addition to any authentic flapper Halloween costume! The best part? All of the items you need to make it can be found at M&J Trimming, even the floral applique!


If headbands make you feel fussy, try College Fashion’s re-purposed hair brooch on for size!


This incredible fringe dress tutorial from Cup of Tea is not for the novice crafter. It does take some skill with the sewing machine. If you’re feeling brave, give it a go! You’ll end up with an amazing dress. Interested in creating some different color combinations? At M&J we have fringe trim in every color imaginable!


This wouldn’t be a Great Gatsby DIY Roundup without at least ONE headband tutorial. The headpiece is an iconic component of the flapper style! This one from Buzzfeed is simply charming, and the way the rhinestone trim dangles adds a romantic touch. Do you love this look too? Check out our great selection of rhinestone trim and beaded appliques if you want to recreate it!

Now you can totally see why we love The Great Gatsby right? Everything about Jay Gatsby’s parties was glamorous and over the top! And can we just spend a minute gushing over the amazing amount of rhinestones in that movie? If you’re looking for more splendidly sparkly embellishments, visit our Great Gatsby Inspiration Page!

Great Gatsby DIY Bracelet

Do you have Gatsby fever? So do we. We’ve been eyeing the amazing Gatsby collection at Tiffany & Co all week long. Even though most people have been raving about Daisy’s headpiece we can’t get enough of her bracelet. The intricate pearl and diamond piece is truly stunning. For those of us who can’t afford the jewels at Tiffany’s you can create them with our M&J goods.


Great Gatsby Carey MulliganThe Great Gatsby

DIY M&J Trimming

Gather your supplies which should include:
1 yard of 4MM Pearl Rosary Chain
Rhinestone Pearl Flower Applique
Jump rings
Lobster claw
Nu White thread

First cut 5 small strands of the Pearl Rosary Chain about 5 ½ inches long each.  These will comprise the bracelet part of the finished piece.

Attach jump rings to each end of the strands and connect the ends of the strands to the adjacent strand(s) using more jump rings.  The idea is to attach the strands together in adjacent rows so that they don’t get jumbled together in a mess of pearl chains

Once the ends of your chains are linked together, make a little chain of jump rings and attach it to one end and on the other end attach the lobster claw closure to the jump ring on the center pearl strand.  At this point you should have an 5-strand pearl chain bracelet that is adjustable and has a lobster claw closure.

In the center of the pearl strands, link each strand to the one(s) adjacent using jump rings so that the five strands hold together.  This is important because it allows you to attach the Rhinestone Pearl Flower Applique to the jump rings running down the center of the pearl strands so that it is attached to the entire pearl chain bracelet and not just one strand.  Again, this will help to keep the five strands of the bracelets stacked in neat little rows rather than getting jumbled together.

Sew one end of your Rhinestone Pearl Flower Applique to the jump ring in the center of the top row of your Pearl Rosary Chain (Tip: use white thread so it matches the appliqué).

Cut a three inch piece of your Pearl Rosary Chain, and on the other end of the Rhinestone Pearl Flower Applique sew the end of this short piece of Pearl Rosary Chain.  This will form the ring part of the jewelry piece.

Make a loop with the 3 inch piece of chain and attach the end to the base of the strand of pearl chain to complete the ring.

And there you are: your very own Daisy Buchannan party piece.

To wear it, slip your finger first through the ring at the top and make sure the appliqué sits comfortably on the top of your hand, then close the bracelet around your wrist and you’re ready to go.

Top 5 Pearl DIYs

Pearls are one of the more classic trends of our time. Pearls can be styled in many ways ranging from modest studs to intricate couture work. Often showcasing a sophistication and maturity, pearls are great for everyone. Each of these DIY projects proves how accessible this trend is for everyone. Those of you who are more daring may opt for something a bit more extreme a la Alexander McQueen while those of you who want to dip your toes into the trend may want to start off with something simpler such as a beaded necklace. We hope you enjoy these DIY projects and don’t forget to tweet us your pearl inspired projects.

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