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Global Influenced Necklace DIY

We’ve been seeing tons of Global Influenced pieces on the runway. Designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Tory Burch have strayed from their usual esthetics to focus on a more culturally diverse collection. We loved all of the statement making necklaces each designer showcased so much that we opted to create our own global influenced necklace. Enjoy this 10 minute DIY, we sure had fun working on it.

Horn Pipe Bead

1 MM Round Leather Cord


Insert your Horn Pipe Bead half way through the duration of the cord.
Once the bead is exactly half way, insert the opposite side of cord over and through the bead.


Pull both pieces of cord until the bead is perfectly secured.


Continue doing this for each bead creating a pattern between the brown and oxblood Horn Pipe Beads.


Tie a knot at the end of the cord so you’ll be able to slip the necklace over your head.


This DIY necklace is not only easy to make, but matches many outfits. We can’t wait to see your creations!


Global Influences for Fashion

Here at M&J we are always looking for the next big thing but sometimes we don’t have to look too far…

The melting pot we call New York City is filled with culture and diversity. Everyone makes an impression on one another the moment they step out on the sidewalk. Due to the cultural abundances and global influences there is an endless amount of fashion inspiration. Having a store located in the Garment District allows us to truly appreciate our Global presence. Our location allows us to welcome tourists from all over the globe and experience their culture.


Dolce Gabanna Spring 2013 RTW

Global Influences

Harpers Bazaar Fall 2013

Ethnic Fashion

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