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Top 5 Scarf DIYs

Wearing a scarf is one of the simpler ways of sprucing up an outfit. We found 5 DIY tutorials that demonstrate the many innovative ways to wear, embellish, or use scarves in original DIYs. Whether you’re looking to dip dye one you already have or reuse it to tie bows to your toes, these DIYs will perfect your spring wardrobe. Click on each of the images for the full demonstration.

Dip Dye ScarfDip Dyed Scarf via Scarves Dot Net

Jersey Knotted ScarfBraided Jersey Scarf viaPickles

Scarf BraceletScarf Bracelet via Trinkets in Bloom

Scarf FlatsScarf accented shoes via Palm Beach Parties

Scarf NecklaceScarf necklace via My Life; My Story

Bohemian Chic DIY Inspiration

When looking for upcoming trends we are often inspired by our surroundings.Being located in New York City, we find there is always an abundance of style around us. One trend that has been making its way to the east coast post-Coachella is definitely the global influenced/boho trend. The vibrant colors, mixed mediums and over-the-top detail associated with many of these products completely satisfies our creative juices. We’ve rounded up some of our top bohemian-influenced pieces that you can recreate using M&J trims just in time for Bonnaroo or everyday use.

Free People BagFree People

56292-g4MM HF Octagon Rhinestone Stud

18603-84325/8″ Fancy Rayon Braid

Free People Tapestry BagFree People
1″ Mohair Stretch Braid

Florence Tassel Fringe


54701-ivory_14 ½” Beaded Lace


Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones-Black Diamond AB 

Check out M&J for even more inspiration.

Coachella Style Roundup

Supermodels, Celebs, and music lovers rejoiced at Coachella 2013. The California based music festival brought people together to celebrate musicians, comedians and fashion. As we scanned through instagram envious of those soaking up the sun in Cali we admired the many cropped tops, studded shorts and floral headpieces donned by the crowd. Below are some of our favorite looks we can’t wait to recreate.






Fringe Bag DIY

Love fringe? Love studs? This spring time bag update is perfect for you!
Rather than buying a new bag revamp one that you already have with some of our favorite trims!DSC_0128SUPPLIES

8” Imported Ultra Suede Fringe- Beige

4MM HF Octagon Rhinestone Stud in Gold





Scrap piece of fabric

Place your 4MM HF Octagon Rhinestone Stud in Gold on your 8” Imported Ultra Suede Fringe- Beige
DSC_0135Make sure each of your 4MM HF Octagon Rhinestone Studs are centered on each piece of fringe.
Once the stud is properly placed, cover the fringe with a piece of scrap paper.
Iron the scrap piece of fabric for 15 seconds. This will allow your studs to properly stick.


Once you have added all of your studs onto your fringe you’re ready to attach your fringe to your bag. Starting from the inside, begin sewing the fringe into place.



Now you’re ready to show off your new and improved bag!

DSC_0178For more music festival fashion check out our M&J homepage

Top 5 DIY Interior Decor Projects

M&J has an extensive home decor section. We pride ourselves on our selection of rhinestones, fringe, ribbon, cords, cordedge, and tassels. Each of our trims can transform your home from winter to spring. We understand that every detail is keen when adding an element of style and sophistication. Here are five of our top interior decor projects for spring!

Fellow FellowFellow Fellow



Chain VaseBetter Homes

Design Sponge

TentA Beautiful Mess

For more DIY home fashion ideas check out some of our previous posts.

Top 5 Fringe DIYs

After creating our DIY Fringe Christmas tree, we’ve been looking for cool ways to include fringe in all aspects of our holidays: holiday decor, gift wrapping, and gifts!  These are some of our favorite finds…

…and if you are looking to make your own creations with fringe, we are offering 10% off all fringe trims on our site with code MJFRINGE. Valid now until Sunday, December 16.

DIY Fringe Chandelier via The Sweetest Occasion


DIY Fringe Tassel Gift Toppers via Studio DIY


DIY Fringe Clutch via Teen Vogue


DIY Fringe Scarf via I Spy DIY


DIY Fringe Ornament Garland via Confetti Pop


DIY Fringe Christmas Tree


With all of the alternative Christmas trees we’ve spotted, we decided to use some of our versatile fringe trim to create our own!  We especially loved creating this version because you can place it right above a table or chair that will hold all of your holiday presents.  That way it looks magically larger than it really is!



6 yds of emerald 4″ chainette fringe

2 yds of gold 2″ chainette fringe

Green and yellow tacs



1 yd of metallic cord (optional)

Ruler and pencil (not shown)



1.  Your tree is going to measure 34 inches tall and 20 inches wide.  Using a pencil and ruler, measure and mark these points on your wall.

2.  Using your tacs, add your first layer of fringe along these points.



3.  Continue adding fringe from the bottom to the center and to the other side using your tacs.  When pinning at the center, you can leave about an inch of wall space to cover up later.  This will save fringe to complete the entire tree.


4. Once the “tree” is completed, use your gold trim as “decorations”.  Cut out pieces that will drape across the tree to cover up the bare wall spaces.  Tape or glue these pieces on.  I taped them so I could salvage the emerald fringe for any future DIYs.


5.  Add a star to the top of your tree.  If you don’t have one, you can always use some metallic cord you may have leftover from last week’s DIY to create a star using your tacs.


6.  Add any additional ornaments you may have and you’ve created a festive alternative Christmas tree!


DIY Inspiration: Holiday Fringe

Decorating our homes for the holidays has been on our minds for quite some time.  We love the idea of creating garlands and mantle pieces using fringe and some holiday ribbons.  Hopefully, these pictures allow you to fall in love with the idea too!  If you want to put your DIY skills to work, make sure to check out our Holiday Ribbon and our Fringe sections to get started!







Halloween DIY: Flapper Fringe Skirt

Halloween is just around the corner, so naturally we’ve been brainstorming some simple DIY costume ideas. One costume idea that we love is the classic flapper, complete with a fringe skirt and an embellished headband. With this in mind, we dreamed up this DIY fringe skirt that would be perfect for any 20’s inspired costume. It’s incredibly simple, and you could keep wearing it long after Halloween is over. Check out our tutorial below! You can find our flapper inspired items at mjtrim.com.

1. Get your supplies. All you need is some fringe, scissors, fabric glue, and a plain black skirt. If your skirt is elastic, make sure it has a zipper in the back. You may also want to stretch it out a bit with a piece of cardboard before you attach your fringe.

2. Measure out and cut a length of the fringe that will go all the way around the skirt, and perfectly lines up with the bottom of the skirt. Cut another length of fringe that will go all the way around at the top of the skirt.

3. Use your Unique Stitch glue to glue down the bottom piece of fringe. You may want to use a ruler and pencil to draw your desired line before you glue it down.

4. Add the second piece of fringe at the top of the skirt, gluing it down in little sections with your fabric glue.

5. Let the glue dry, then you’re ready to show off your new flapper costume!