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Halloween DIY: Flapper Fringe Skirt

Halloween is just around the corner, so naturally we’ve been brainstorming some simple DIY costume ideas. One costume idea that we love is the classic flapper, complete with a fringe skirt and an embellished headband. With this in mind, we dreamed up this DIY fringe skirt that would be perfect for any 20’s inspired costume. It’s incredibly simple, and you could keep wearing it long after Halloween is over. Check out our tutorial below! You can find our flapper inspired items at mjtrim.com.

1. Get your supplies. All you need is some fringe, scissors, fabric glue, and a plain black skirt. If your skirt is elastic, make sure it has a zipper in the back. You may also want to stretch it out a bit with a piece of cardboard before you attach your fringe.

2. Measure out and cut a length of the fringe that will go all the way around the skirt, and perfectly lines up with the bottom of the skirt. Cut another length of fringe that will go all the way around at the top of the skirt.

3. Use your Unique Stitch glue to glue down the bottom piece of fringe. You may want to use a ruler and pencil to draw your desired line before you glue it down.

4. Add the second piece of fringe at the top of the skirt, gluing it down in little sections with your fabric glue.

5. Let the glue dry, then you’re ready to show off your new flapper costume!

Halloween Costume Series: The Ultimate Flapper Dress

By Roseann


Another popular Halloween and certainly one of my favorites is the Flapper.  I think all of us girls try this costume at least once.  And, why not, who doesn’t want to be a glamorous liberal minded woman breaking free from the shackles that were once placed on us.  This spirit is still alive in most of us and is a fun look for your Halloween shindig  or any other costume party through out the year.


You will need:

  • Slip or cocktail dress, I used black but you can word with any color you like.  Remember that the flapper look put emphasis on the hips and not the waist, so you want a dress that is strait up and down and not contoured to the waist line.
  • 5 yards 3” poly chainette fringe style: 00217-bk The dress that I used I found at Salvation Army and already had fringe on it, so I added 3” fringe in white to bulk it up and give the dress more dimension.
  • 1¼ yard 6” poly chainette fringe style: 06006-bk
  • ¾ yard 5” bugle bead fringe style: 14290-bks all materials listed above can be ordered by calling 1-800-9-mjtrim
  • ¾ yard cut bugle / seed beaded trim style: 14622
  • Unique stitch glue
  • Sewing machine and thread


    1. Before you purchase your supplies be sure to take measurements around your neckline and around the skirt portion of your garment to be sure you are ordering the correct amount of trims.  The amounts listed above are for the dress that I used which is about a size 4 or 6.
    2. Add your 6” fringe around the neckline, you can stitch or glue it is completely your preference.
    3. Then add your bugle bead fringe on top, then measurement given above will only be enough to add the front of the dress
    4. Complete the neckline by adding your seed beaded trim, again I added just to the front
    5. Measure 2” from the bottom of the skirt and mark all the way around.  Repeat until you have marked 5 rows 2” apart.
    6. Add your 3” chainette fringe along your markings.  You may repeat with a complimentary color for more flash.  I added white to every other row.
    7. Be sure to add the correct accessories such as; a feathered headband, strand of pearls, and boa.
    8. Now, go be the most glamorous one at the party!