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DIY Fringe and Feather Sandals. HOT! HOT! HOT!

By Roseann


I am very much in love with two of this season’s biggest trends, feathers and fringe.  Designers are using these two elements to embellish everything from clothing, jewelry, and accessories, and I am looking for any way to incorporate them into my wardrobe.  As I am searching my closet I find a pair of gladiator sandals from last summer and decide they are perfectly in need of a make over.  By adding just two simple trims to a past “must have” I now posses this summer’s hottest look.

 To Get the Look:

  1. 1 yard of 2” faux leather fringe. M&J carries leather fringe in many different styles, colors, and sizes.  So please, take a look and be creative.
  2. 1 yard of feather fringe.  Style #26796 in Turquoise  available by calling    1-800-9-MJTRIM 
  3. 1 pair of sandals
  4. 1 bottle of Sobo Craft Glue
  5. 1 leather needle.
  6. 1 spool of thread, rayon or a cotton/poly blend work best.


  1. If you are using a pair from your closet, clean them first.
  2. Next measure down the center vertical strap.
  3. Cut two pieces of the fringe about a ¼” longer than strap measurement.  I like to dap just a touch of glue on the ends of the fringe to keep it from fraying and coming apart.
  4. Using glue tack the center of each piece of fringe down the center strap of your sandal.  Let this set up for about 45 minutes.
  5. You may skip this step if you wish, I choose to do it because I like the way it keeps my work in place while I am trying to sew by hand.
  6. Using your leather needle begin to stitch the fringe to the strap.
  7. Using glue once again top the two center pieces of fringe with your feather trim.  Allow to dry for 24 hours.
  8. You may carefully stitch the feather trim down using your leather needle, I would use a very thin thread, being careful to hide all stitches.
  9. Wear, enjoy!