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Camo Print Craze

Bet you didn’t think that camouflage would be making a comeback. The utilitarian influenced print has been making a major comeback. We love how the neutral based pattern toughens up even the most feminine outfits. natasha-goldenberg-fw13

Camo Runway

Camo Print Runway 2

DIY Camo Print

Looking to create your own camo-printed look? Check out our latest blog post. 

Nautical Style Makes a Splash on Street Fashion

By Milton


This summer nautical fashion makes a come back and has been incorporated in many ways into urban wardrobe.  Some of the details that are visible in runways and street fashion are: white and blue stripes, anchor buttons, bullion crests with sailing-inspired details, like the ones from Arena Home, spring/summer 2009. Other collections inspired by the nautical lifestyle are Dolce and Gabbana spring/summer 2009 and Chanel¹s Resort 2010, which was inspired in Coco Chanel’s first visit to Venice.  I made this striped grosgrain and anchor buttons belt, it’s easy to make and perfect to get the nautical look. 



  1. 2 yards striped grosgrain ribbon in navy
  2. 2 1”D rings
  3. 1 24mm and 2 15mm anchor buttons (42387)
  4. 1 15mm snap (11425)
  5. 1 tube of Unique Stitch Glue
  6. Needle and thread



  1. Measure your waist.
  2. Add 6”to this measurement and cut ribbon this length.
  3. At one end create a finished edge by folding the edge over ¼”and securing it with a drop of Unique Stitch Glue.
  4. Thread the same end through both D rings at ¾”fold and secure with glue
  5. At the other end of the ribbon create another finished edge by folding the edge over twice in ¼”sections.  Be sure to create the fold in the opposite direction as the first.
  6. On the non face side of the end you just finished sew 1 part of the snap ¾”away from the edge.
  7. Measure 10 ½”and sew the other part of the snap
  8. From the second part of the snap measure ½”and sew 1 of the 15mm buttons.
  9. On the face side sew the 24mm button ¾”away from the edge, this will hide the stitches holding the snap in place.
  10. Sew the other 15mm buttons ½”from the 24mm button.
  11. Wear, enjoy!

Inspirational Fashion Trend Boards

By Milton

Like people, fashion come in all shapes and sizes.  It’s no wonder that there are millions of fashion trends out there and inspiration seems to come in all forms.  Each year designers forcast the upcoming trend at least a year before the collection actually hits the runway.

At M&J Trimming, we do the same thing and with us being in the fabric trimming and garment embellishment industry, we have a little bit of an advantage.  We know what designers are planning for their next collection because it’s us that they come to for exclusive trimmings.  Some inspirations actually comes from the trend boards we’ve created especially for our 5,000 sq ft showroom in NYC. Some of you may have seen these as you stroll along shopping at M&J Trimming.  Here’s a few photos of the trend boards.