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Nautical Style Makes a Splash on Street Fashion

By Milton


This summer nautical fashion makes a come back and has been incorporated in many ways into urban wardrobe.  Some of the details that are visible in runways and street fashion are: white and blue stripes, anchor buttons, bullion crests with sailing-inspired details, like the ones from Arena Home, spring/summer 2009. Other collections inspired by the nautical lifestyle are Dolce and Gabbana spring/summer 2009 and Chanel¹s Resort 2010, which was inspired in Coco Chanel’s first visit to Venice.  I made this striped grosgrain and anchor buttons belt, it’s easy to make and perfect to get the nautical look. 



  1. 2 yards striped grosgrain ribbon in navy
  2. 2 1”D rings
  3. 1 24mm and 2 15mm anchor buttons (42387)
  4. 1 15mm snap (11425)
  5. 1 tube of Unique Stitch Glue
  6. Needle and thread



  1. Measure your waist.
  2. Add 6”to this measurement and cut ribbon this length.
  3. At one end create a finished edge by folding the edge over ¼”and securing it with a drop of Unique Stitch Glue.
  4. Thread the same end through both D rings at ¾”fold and secure with glue
  5. At the other end of the ribbon create another finished edge by folding the edge over twice in ¼”sections.  Be sure to create the fold in the opposite direction as the first.
  6. On the non face side of the end you just finished sew 1 part of the snap ¾”away from the edge.
  7. Measure 10 ½”and sew the other part of the snap
  8. From the second part of the snap measure ½”and sew 1 of the 15mm buttons.
  9. On the face side sew the 24mm button ¾”away from the edge, this will hide the stitches holding the snap in place.
  10. Sew the other 15mm buttons ½”from the 24mm button.
  11. Wear, enjoy!