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Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" Inspired Bracelet

by Blerona

In an interview with WWD Magazine, Lady Gaga said she shops at M&J Trimming where she gets her inspiration for some of her funky and over the top pieces. The performer who describes her look as “filthy, unacceptable,” has now inspired M&J Trimming.

After her change of wild outfits and performance at the MTV Music Video Awards, Lady Gaga set the standard for every pop music artist. And if you weren’t a fan of Lady Gaga then, and still not, then you haven’t seen her latest video “Bad Romance”.


The concept of the video is a fashion installation of a Russian Bath-house. Lady Gaga wears these crazy and exciting costumes; including, shoes from designer Alexander McQueen which are worn throughout the video. When I watched the video for the first time I fell in love completely. The scene of her in the crystal top and headpiece was simply amazing and was my inspiration for this crystal bracelet.




  • Trace the appliqué onto a piece of fabric. Then cut out traced fabric.
  • Now cut ­­­­rhinestone trim into five pieces.
    • Cut two pieces into  1inch
    • 3 pieces into 1/2 inch
    • Glue the 1 inch pieces on opposite sides of each other
    • Glue two smaller strands on opposite sides below the longer strands
    • Glue the remaining strained at the bottom of the appliqué.
    • Now take the cut fabric and glue it on evenly and neatly on the back of the beaded appliqué over the rhinestone trim.
    • Now cut the dress trim w/ prong
      •  The buckle should be 2 inches long
      • The other side should be 2.5 inches
      • Glue the two pieces to the back of the appliqué, one on each side
      • Now take the two strands at the bottom of the applique and cut each strand to 1 inch(or the size of your middle finger) then glue together


Create Your Own Swarovski Bangle

By Goldie

We all have old bangles cluttering our jewelry boxes.  I’d like to share with a quick way to turn your old bangle into a blingin’ Swarovski art piece.  I embellished only a portion of the bangle so that you can get a feel for the before and after.

I used:


When using different shapes and sizes for this type of embellishing I like to draw out the shape and exact dimensions of what I am going to embellish on paper first.  Then lay out my design.  This helps you find a pattern that works, so that you avoid gaps or a cramped looking design.  Once you have decided on the design of your choice you may begin gluing your stones to your bangle.  I believe that the E-6000 adhesive works best.

DIY Holiday Week Two: Iron-on Applique

Hello Holiday Lovers,

As part of our Holiday Season, we are creating DIY Holiday Gift Idea videos for your gift inspirations. Last week I took you on a tour in our NYC’s 5,000 sq ft showroom. This week Carlos and I show you how to apply an iron-on appliqué. A great gift for anyone on the holidays!


Click here for a list of materials 

Tune in next week for a look that will have you chained to our website!

Happy Holidays, Blerona

DIY King of Pop Military Inspired Jacket

By Roseann


I suspect that we will see a lot of MJ impersonators this Halloween, so I’d like to help those who are interested in celebrating the King of Pop’s iconic style do it right.  The late pop star’s style was always evolving and maturing from his bell bottoms and afro in the early 1960’s to tailored and refined yet glitzy looks of late.  While the white glitter glove became the corner stone of MJ’s on stage uniform, military inspired jacket’s endowed with cording, crests, and rich shoulder embellishment will forever remain inscribed in my mind as his most important contribution to fashion.  Creating the jacket is easy and paired with the right accessories will make a great Halloween costume or an awesome addition to your closet this Fall.  





How to:  

  1. Remove the buttons from your jacket.
  2. Cut 8 pieces of metallic cord to 8” long.
  3. Curve the cord around so that the two sides are parallel to each other and the ends are even.
  4. For ease of workability I stitched the parallel sides together
  5. Remove the closure loop and knob of your frogs, you just need the design loops.
  6. Glue the rhinestone appliqués to the shoulders of the jacket.   If this piece is for more than costume, I recommend stitching the appliqués on.
  7. Attach your patches or crest to the left arm.  In case you wanted to get really authentic you could attach a band of ribbon or leather around the right arm.
  8. Glue or stitch (recommended) the metallic cord pieces to the front of the jacket in place of the buttons and covering the button holes.
  9. Attach the ornament portion of the frogs over the unfinished ends of the cords
  10. Measure 1 ½” from the end of the sleeve and mark.  Following these marks sew or glue the remaining metallic cord around the sleeve.  Depending on how much is remaining you could do a second row.
  11. If you used glue let dry for 24 hours before wearing out.
  12. Happy dressing up!

Halloween Costume Series: The Ultimate Flapper Dress

By Roseann


Another popular Halloween and certainly one of my favorites is the Flapper.  I think all of us girls try this costume at least once.  And, why not, who doesn’t want to be a glamorous liberal minded woman breaking free from the shackles that were once placed on us.  This spirit is still alive in most of us and is a fun look for your Halloween shindig  or any other costume party through out the year.


You will need:

  • Slip or cocktail dress, I used black but you can word with any color you like.  Remember that the flapper look put emphasis on the hips and not the waist, so you want a dress that is strait up and down and not contoured to the waist line.
  • 5 yards 3” poly chainette fringe style: 00217-bk The dress that I used I found at Salvation Army and already had fringe on it, so I added 3” fringe in white to bulk it up and give the dress more dimension.
  • 1¼ yard 6” poly chainette fringe style: 06006-bk
  • ¾ yard 5” bugle bead fringe style: 14290-bks all materials listed above can be ordered by calling 1-800-9-mjtrim
  • ¾ yard cut bugle / seed beaded trim style: 14622
  • Unique stitch glue
  • Sewing machine and thread


    1. Before you purchase your supplies be sure to take measurements around your neckline and around the skirt portion of your garment to be sure you are ordering the correct amount of trims.  The amounts listed above are for the dress that I used which is about a size 4 or 6.
    2. Add your 6” fringe around the neckline, you can stitch or glue it is completely your preference.
    3. Then add your bugle bead fringe on top, then measurement given above will only be enough to add the front of the dress
    4. Complete the neckline by adding your seed beaded trim, again I added just to the front
    5. Measure 2” from the bottom of the skirt and mark all the way around.  Repeat until you have marked 5 rows 2” apart.
    6. Add your 3” chainette fringe along your markings.  You may repeat with a complimentary color for more flash.  I added white to every other row.
    7. Be sure to add the correct accessories such as; a feathered headband, strand of pearls, and boa.
    8. Now, go be the most glamorous one at the party!



Rev Up a Classic Shawl with Biker Chic Embellishments

By Roseann


Biker influenced details will be seen everywhere this fall such as; fringe, studs, zippers, and other hardware.  Although this is a trend that has been seen time and time again, designers this season are pairing the hardened classic look with more feminine pieces like gowns and flirty skirts. Although it’s not quite time to pull on a leather biker jacket, the weather is quite right for soft jersey knit shawl.  I experimented with some ultra suede fringe and antique brass nailheads and am quite please with the contrasting robust embellishments on a soft draped fabric.



  • 2 yards of cotton or silk jersey knit fabric or a shawl purchased or preowned
  • 2 packages Ss30 Dome Nailheads 4-ProngStyle: 04030
  • 2 yards of 2″ Faux Leather Cut Fringe Style: 30246, I used a 6” fringe Style: 00807-bk which can be purchased by calling 1-800-9mjtrim.
  • 1 bottle Gem-Tac Glue 4 Oz. Style: 29471
  • 1 Ez Rhinestone Setter Set Style: 39318, or Brisk-Set Rhinestone Setter Style: 16512 and Nailhead Adapter for Brisk-Set Style: 16509 if you plan to work more frequently with nailheads.  The latter setter is more expensive, but will save you an immense amount of time.


  • Cut fabric down to 1 yard wide, or the desirable width you’d like for your shawl to be.  Finish ends with a sewing machine.
  • Cut your fringe into two 1 yard pieces and sew to the short ends of the shawl.
  • Choose which side you’d like to embellish.  Then measure up 16” on the right side and mark.  Using a yard stick create marking for studs in a straight line 1” apart beginning at the bottom left corner to the 16” mark on the right hand side.  Be sure to create your marking on the wrong side of the fabric. Since I used a black fabric I used a whiteout pen to make my marks, a paint marker will work equally as well.
  • Continue with another line of markings 1 ½” bellow the first, repeat until you have created 7 diagonal lines.
  • Now you are going to add each of your nailheads to the markings on the fabric using your setter.  Since jersey is such a light weight fabric I added a drop of Gem-Tac to the back of each nailhead.  I notice that the prongs are more likely to come out of the fabric if you don’t secure it with a little glue.  You are also going to want to let your glue dry for a full 24 hours before wearing.
  • Enjoy!



Pictures from the, "Embellish My Own" workshop


We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the, “Embellish My Own” workshop on May 31st.  The workshop was a great success.  Those who attended brought their own projects to embellish.  There was plenty of creativity going around.  This is the only workshop of it’s’ kind in NYC.  If anyone else is interested in attending the next one, give us a call at 1-800-9-MJTRIM and we’ll put you on the list for this exciting workshop.  The next “Embellish My Own” workshop will be on June 28th.  This workshop is great for all ages. 


Join Us On May 31st For The "Embellish Your Own" Workshop

“Embellish Your Own ” Workshop May 31st, 2009


Last chance to sign-up for the, “Embellish Your Own” workshop.  The workshop is on May 31st at M&J Trimming’s NYC showroom.  It’s from 9:30am to 12pm and only cost $30.  The workshop teaches you how you can be creative with simple trimmings and embellishments.  There are so many things you can do with trimmings; from embellishing your garment to decorating your home.  You can bring what you’d like to embellish to the workshop and we’ll teach you how to make it more beautiful than ever.  Call 1-800-9-MJTRIM to sign-up.

Photos of M&J Trimming's 5,000 sq ft Showroom

[rockyou id=120817310&w=500&h=375]

M&J Trimming would like to share some photos of our 5,000 sq ft New York City showroom.  As you can see, we offer thousands of merchandise to choose from.  All of M&J Trimming’s products are of only the highest quality.  If you’re ever in the area, please do drop by. 

Decorative Candy Jar

By Dara

A few nights ago I had a phone conversion with a friend of mine.  He’s been going out with his girlfriend for almost three years.  Actually, their third year anniversary is coming up pretty soon.  Like most men, he’s pretty clueless about finding the perfect gift.  So he ask me for some advice. 

I wasn’t too sure myself what a perfect gift for her would be.  However, after listening to my friend go on and on about how much he cares for her and wants to be more stable before settling down, I finally thought of a great gift.   

I told him to give her a promise ring.  However, I told him not to hand it over that easily.  The next day we headed over to ikea to pick up a small spice jar.  It pretty much looks like a miniture cookie jar.  Then we went back to my place, where I had a closet filled with M&J Trimming supplies.  We measured and cut 8″ x 8″ of silk fabric using mandial pinking shear scissors.  This scissor helps keep the fabric from fraying.  Then wrapped it using 1mm rattail.  It help to keep the fabric in place like how you see in the photo.  For decoration we used some matching braided buttons (#11884).  It looked really nice on the rattail. 

Finally, we placed my friend and his girlfriend’s picture inside the jar using double sided tape.  He placed the ring inside and filled it up with candy.  We also added a tag and it was ready. 

The idea was for her to think that all he gave her was a pretty jar of candy with their picture inside.  However, it’s not until the she finishes the candy that she’ll realize he gave her a promise ring.  It might take her a while to finish the candy before she finds the ring.  Like love, all good things takes time and patience. 

By the way, that’s not a picture of them that you see.  I had to recreate the gift since he’s giving her the one we made together this weekend.  You can use this idea for wedding favors or bridal gifts also.  Minus the ring of course.