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The best part of halloween is definitely the candy! So why not dress up your treat bag in its own little costume? We’ve put together two simple DIY tutorials for fun treat bags that you can fill with all the sweets you can get.



What you’ll need:

A tote bag

White Felt

Bat Iron-on Patches


Fabric Glue

dsc_06721. Trace a circle on the felt to make the shape of the moon. Make sure it’s proportionate to the bag and the patches.

dsc_06772. Cut the circle out and using the fabric glue, glue it onto the bag.

dsc_06783. Place patches as shown.

dsc_06794. Iron the patches on high heat for 20 seconds each. Repeat if necessary.


And you’re done!



What you’ll need:

A tote bag

Felt – Green and White

Two black buttons in different sizes

Vinyl trim


Fabric Glue 

dsc_06841. Draw a zig zag line on the long side of the felt sheet.

dsc_06882. Cut the felt along the line. Using the fabric glue, glue it onto the bag.


3. Cut two differently sized circles from the white felt for the eyes. Make them larger than the buttons.


4. Glue the two circles onto the felt.


5. Glue the buttons onto the white felt, placing them closer to the bottom of the circle.


6. Cut a strip of vinyl trim to make the unibrow.


7. Cut vinyl trim into thin strips for the scar details.


8. Cut a curved mouth shape and glue all the details onto the bag.


Trick or Treat?

DIY Nailhead Bulletin Board

By Sketch42 Blogger Nicole Cohen

I really needed a place in my kitchen to post invitations, schedules and more. I didn’t want to hang up any old cork board, so I made this one out of a cork board, fabric and some nail heads.

You will need:

1. A cork board of any size

2. A fun fabric to cover the cork board and the frame

3. Scissors

4. Spray on glue

5. A staple gun

6. Nail heads


1. Lay your fabric on top of the cork board, leave 2 inches extra around the edge of the board and frame and cut the fabric. If your fabric has a pattern, make sure you consider the placement of the pattern!

2. Spray your glue onto the corkboard. Lay your fabric on top of it and using a ruler or flat edge, rub the fabric outward  to eliminate air bubbles and secure the fabric to the cork board.

3. Spray your frame with glue and wrap fabric around the frame, pressing to secure as you go.

4. Using your staple gun, secure the fabric to the back of the cork board. Cut away extra fabric.

5. Select your favorite nail heads and simply press them into the cork board! Space them as evenly as you can for a more professional look.