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Last Minute Mother’s Day DIYs

It’s not too late to show mom you care this Mother’s Day. Rather than buying her something she already has, make her something she never even knew she wanted. Each of these DIYs are quirky and fun gifts any mom will cherish.  A Girl and a Glue Gun created an easy to make sunglasses pouch that will make any mom smile. U-Create Crafts will make mom chuckle with their Pin-it pin cushion. The irony is so clever we wish we had though of it first. If neither of those are for you, maybe you’ll love Alpha Mom’s Sandpaper printed t-shirt tutorial. We can’t wait to try all three.

Mother's Day DIYA Girl and a Glue Gun

PIN-IT-Pincushion-1U-Create Crafts

Sandpaper-printing-SuppliesAlpha Mom

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DIY Leather Fringe Cropped T

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By: Roseann

DIY fashion is all about modifying what already exists in our closet.  Cutting up an old T-shirt and giving it an updated look is still my favorite DIY project, which coincidentally goes along quite nicely with my current obsession, fringe.  Today’s project is quite simple and is a great way to achieve a grunge revival look.  By adding fringe to our T, we get the benefit of pulling off the look with out having to worry about showing too much skin.  We can’t all look like models.



  1. This is going to depend on your size and how short you want the shirt to be, but I measured and marked with tailors chalk 14” from mid shoulder and cut straight across.
  2. The great thing about jersey is that if you pull on it slightly it will hide any imperfections in your cutting.
  3. Take a measurement of the bottom of the T and cut your fringe down to the correct size adding 1” to total measurement.
  4. Beginning at center back pin the fringe to the bottom inside of the shirt overlapping ½”.
  5. Use sewing machine or hand needle to stitch the fringe down.  Fabric glue could be used instead if you’re not an avid sewer, just be sure not to over do it and allow the glue to seep through to the right side of the fabric.  Since jersey cuts clean and this is a bit of a grunge look I didn’t create a hem at the bottom, just simply attached the fringe to the underside of the jersey.
  6. Wear and enjoy!

DIY Slashed and Braided T-Shirt

By Roseann

As you all may know cutting up a simple shirt and making a glam addition to a wardrobe happens to be my favorite DIY project.  I Simple T-shirt is a great canvas for a creative mind.  Today I would like to show how to braid a T-shirt, it is very simple and the result is always funky and chic.





    1. Remove the collar from T-shirt.
    2. Find center back and mark with a pin.
    3. Beginning 1” down from the back neckline mark a line 8” across.  Be sure it is center.
    4. Mark 10 lines decreasing the size by 1” every other, your final line should be 4” across.
    5. Using a blade or scissors cut open your markings creating strips.
    6. Grab the second strip and loop around the one above by pulling it behind and then over.
    7. Continue braiding and stitch the last piece to the inside of the final slash.
    8. Stitch the appliqué on to the shirt at the end of the braid to create a finished look.

DIY Video Week Six: New Years Embellished T-Shirt

Dear Fashion Lovers,

Our last Holiday DIY Video is here, and I’m showing you how to make this glamorous t-shirt, the perfect statement piece for your New Years Celebration. Be sure to get creative when making this DIY.


 Click here for the list of materials used.

            Happy New Years, Blerona