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Top 5 Monogrammed DIY Projects

Something about a monogrammed piece screams power. The bold lettering entails it to be yours and only yours. Regardless of how often your siblings ask to borrow your things a personalized piece will not go very far.  How can it? It was made for you!

Click on each of the images for the full diy tutorials.

Monogrammed DIY 1la vie en rose

Monogrammed DIY red sole diary

Monogrammed DIY my blessed life

Monogrammed DIY Design Mom

Monogrammed DIY 1Martha Stewart

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Revamp His Shirt for Her

By Roseann



Revamping an old tee shirt is one of my favorite DIY fashion projects, and since most of us have so many, we can sacrifice a few for fashion’s greater good.  With a little innovation and feminine lace (lace inserts are one of fall’s hottest trends) we can create a men’s small tee shirt into a comfortable and effortlessly chic women’s top.   







  1. Lay your shirt out flat and decide how long or short you want your finished top to be.  Note that you will be adding extra length at the shoulders if you use the same lace as I did you will add 3 ½” to the length of the shirt. 
  2. Once you have chosen the length measure equally across the bottom of the shirt and pin and crop.
  3. If you shirt has ribbing around the neck cut around to remove it.  Do the same to the seam at the bottom of the sleeve.


  1. Using a ruler and your chalk draw a strait line starting at the shoulder seam at the neck line to the bottom of the sleeve.  Cut. See image above.
  2. Mark a strait line from the seam at the inner arm to the edge of the top of the sleeve.  Cut.  If this is not done the new sleeve you are creating will not hang correctly.
  3. Measure the length of the top of the sleeve to the neckline.  Add 1” to this measurement and cut lace.
  4. Hand stitch the lace to each or your shoulder pieces with ½” left on each side.  Fold excess over and stitch a hem.  Sewing can be done on a machine; however I feel that you can hide your stitching better if this is done by hand.
  5. Measure the bottom of your shirt, cut lace with extra 1” and sew to the bottom.  I left the seam open in the back.
  6. Now try your shirt on.   Depending on the type of lace you used the neckline may or may not be too big.  If it is, like it was on me, this is easily fixed by adding pleats to the back neckline. 
  7. I added 4 ½” pleats to bring the neckline in 2”.  Decide how much you need to bring the neckline in.  Once you have done this divide your measurement by the number of pleats you want to add.  Start in the middle of the neckline and begin measuring towards the sides. Fold, pin, stitch down 1 ½”.  I used the lines in the jersey knit as guide to make sure my pleats were straight.
  8. For a more glam look bead your lace with bugle beads, sequin, or any other embellishment you desire.  M&J has a plethora of fashion accents, and more is more this fall  so go nuts!