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Global Influenced Necklace DIY

We’ve been seeing tons of Global Influenced pieces on the runway. Designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Tory Burch have strayed from their usual esthetics to focus on a more culturally diverse collection. We loved all of the statement making necklaces each designer showcased so much that we opted to create our own global influenced necklace. Enjoy this 10 minute DIY, we sure had fun working on it.

Horn Pipe Bead

1 MM Round Leather Cord


Insert your Horn Pipe Bead half way through the duration of the cord.
Once the bead is exactly half way, insert the opposite side of cord over and through the bead.


Pull both pieces of cord until the bead is perfectly secured.


Continue doing this for each bead creating a pattern between the brown and oxblood Horn Pipe Beads.


Tie a knot at the end of the cord so you’ll be able to slip the necklace over your head.


This DIY necklace is not only easy to make, but matches many outfits. We can’t wait to see your creations!


Top 3 DIY Chunky Chains

Chunky chains have been a DIY favorite here at M&J. These statement making trims can update any outfit in a matter of seconds. We came across three great chunky chain tutorials that we couldn’t wait to share with you. Bromeliadliving’s Runway Inspired Necklace Tutorial is sleek and elegant. While both I SPY DIY and Nest of Posie used bright colors to accent their chains. We can’t wait to try out these easy and fun DIYs.

Chain Inspirationchain afterBromeliadliving’s Runway Inspired Necklace Tutorial

DIY-Color-Chain-Bracelet_Nest of Posies Spray-Painting-Chain-Links_Nest of posiesNest of Posies Spray painted chain bracelet tutorial

ispydiy_chain0ispydiy_chain3I Spy DIY’s Chunky Chain Necklace and Bracelet Tutorial

Top 5 Emerald D.I.Ys

Emerald has been ruling the runways therefore it is only necessary to incorporate the “it color” into our lifestyles. Many bloggers have been creating emerald infused pieces and we’ve rounded up 5 that we particularly love.  The following D.I.Y’s will make everyone around you green with envy.
Click on the images for the tutorials on each piece.

VJuliet Emerald Bib Necklace
Bliss-athome Emerald Decorative Storage Box
Glitter_N_Glue Emerald Green Button Ring
HonestlyWTF Emerald Woven Charm Bracelet
Kittenhood Featuring Vixy Blue’s Emerald Heart Brooch

A big thanks to VJuliet, Bliss-athome, Glitter_N_Glue, HonestlyWTF and Kittenhood for the inspiration.

DIY: Embellished Breastplate Necklace

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By Roseann

I recently became quite excited about this multi chain and chainmail combo and decided to incorporate it into this week’s project.  Inspired by Fiona Paxton’s jewelry this project is a bit more involved than some of my earlier posts, but with a little patience the result is stunning.  A lot of hand work is involved, but don’t let this intimidate you.  If you are really not interested in taking that plunge a similar look can be achieved by sewing together some embellished appliqués to mimic the breastplate.


  • 1 to1 ¼ yards multi chain, to purchase call 1-800-9-mjtrim
  • Metal sequins
  • Glass sew on jewels
  • Piallettes
  • Beading thread
  • Tulle, preferably a heavy one such as crinoline net
  • Scissors, hand needle, and needle nose pliers
  • Multi strand jewelry clasp
  • Jump rings, amount needed depends on your jewelry clasp


    1. Cut a piece of tulle 9”x 7”.
    1. Fold the tulle in thirds so that your piece now measures 3”x 7”.  If you are using cotton tulle you can use an iron to create firm creases, if you are working with nylon spray starch is best.
    2. Begin to embellish. I started with the glass sew on jewels and sort of placed them randomly.  Be sure you leave a ¼” around the sides of your soon to be breastplate.  I made the mistake of not doing so and attaching the chain was a little messy.
    3. I next added the large piallettes and then used the metal sequins to fill in.
    4. Decide where you would like the plate to sit.  Take a measurement around the neck and add 26” to accommodate the additional length of the breastplate and hanging ends.
    5. Divide this measurement in half and cut two pieces of the multi chain.
    6. Attach one side of the plate to the chain beginning 6” from the bottom.  I attached the chain by stitching it to the tulle through the chainmail pieces only.
    7. Attach your multi strand jewelry clasp to the chain using jump rings.
    8. Wear and enjoy

DIY Pearl and Chromspun Grosgrain Ribbon Necklace

By Dara

Pearl and Chromspun Ribbon Necklace
Pearl and Chromspun Ribbon Necklace by M&J Trimming

 The weather is feeling pretty nice lately and that usually means it is time to pretty up.  So here is this week’s round-up of DIY accessory. 

To give that classic yet chic pretty girl look that has been seen all over the street and magazines lately, we’ll be working with pearls and chromspun grosgrain ribbon. 

This project is quite easy and only takes about 5-10 minutes.



  1. Prepare your needle and thread for at least 20″ long. 
  2. Prepare your chromspun ribbon, but flipping it back and forth and cut after you have flipped the amount of loops you would like to create.  I flipped mine about 3 times then strung the needle through it.
  3. Add the 8MM pearl and repeat step 2.
  4. Add the 4MM pearl and repeat step 2.
  5. Repeat the steps until you finish the design and then tie a knot to keep the last loops of ribbon in place.
  6. With your 60″ long strand of pearls, loop it so that it’s layered like in the image.  Tie clear thread at the top so the pearls stay in place.
  7. Using a needle, sew the design of pearls and ribbon into place to the pearls at the bottom.
  8. Now you’re all done and ready to show of your work!
Pearl & Chromspun Grosgrain Ribbon Necklace
Pearl & Chromspun Grosgrain Ribbon Necklace


Pearl & Chromspun Ribbon Necklace Up Close
Pearl & Chromspun Ribbon Necklace Up Close

DIY Knot Rope Necklace

By Blerona

This Year, This Season it’s all about the eccentricity of accessories, the weirder, the bigger, the funkier, The Better. What better gift to give on mother’s day than a gorgeous fashion forward knotted rope necklace. It’s simple and easy and looks anything but plain. Accessory designers like Lizzie Fortunato Jewels and also have there own forms of knotted rope necklaces. Check out this simple DIY.



  • Step One: Important* Tape all the ends of the rayon cord, so they do not unravel.
  • Step Two: To make you starting point, take both rayon twist cords and loop them together. Then make a knot within the two cords.
  • Step two: From here on it’s really all about your imagination and the look you’re going for. You can leave the one knot the way it is or make knots on both sides of the middle knot, and loop different parts together, until you’re satisfied.
  • Step Three: Make one knot on each side about 1” away from the larger bigger knot.
  • Step Four: Now make one knot on one side about 2” or 3” inches away from the smaller knot. Then take your buttons and hot glue or sew each button on top of the knot.
  • Step Five: Now cut your chain in three even pieces and wrap two pieces on different ends of the necklace. (I sewed it into place, but you can also hot glue the chain)
  • Step Six: I made the necklace large enough to fit over my head, so I just hot glued both ends together and wrapped left over chain for finishing look. But you can add end caps to the end of the rayon rope and attach a lobster clasp.

*To see how to make a simple knot watch Bobbie Thomas on LXTV using M&J Trims. Click Here

DIY Spring Accessory Necklace

By Blerona

This season is all about the bright colors, designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Mark Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, and Peter Pilotta have all added bright warm colors to there Spring 2010 collection, so what better thing to make then the perfect spring accessory. Hope you enjoy this DIY Video!


Click Here for a list of Materials

Chain and Feather Tassel Necklace

By: Roseann

Chains, Chains, Chains, they seem to be every where this season and I think they are going to be hanging around through Spring and Summer 2010 as well.  Chain necklaces are nothing new, but these days designers are putting an interesting twist on the trend by the unique mixing of materials and colors.  Anything goes, there are no wrong answers, and you can mix any range of elements into this look, hard or soft, matte and shine, silver and gold.  I decided to create an edgy necklace with a feather tassel to give it a softer look.  The how to is posted below with all the materials used, but please check out our selection and try anything different.




    1. Cut 17mm chain down to 16”
    2. Attach 9mm chain to one of the links of the 17mm. wrap around the 17mm chain threading it throw a couple of times and attach the end link.
    3. Repeat with the twisted metal chain.
    4. Attach jewelry clasp to 17mm chain
    5. To create the tassel, take a pinch of feathers and glue at the very top. 
    6. Wrap several inches of jewelry wire around the top as well leaving a small loop at the head of your newly formed tassel.  This loop is how you are going to attach the feather piece to the jump ring.
    7. Dab a small amount of glue at the end of the cording to keep it from unraveling.   Stating ¾” below the top of the feather piece wrap and glue the cording to the top.  The cording will hide the wire and give a finished look.
    8. Cap the feather tassel with the bead cap; be sure to push the wire loop throw the top of the cap.
    9. Add 1 jump ring to the wire loop and twist till the bead cap is close to the jump ring
    10. Add the other jump rings to connect the newly formed tassel to the middle of your chain necklace.
    11. Wear and Enjoy!

Gossip Girl Fashion Inspiration

By Blerona

Chain and Pendant Necklace

Spring is almost here, and I’m ready for that sun to shine! Next season is all about piling on your mega-big iconic shaped pendants. Designers like Michele Scholnick, Lanvin, Baleciaga and Max Mara are all embracing this look into their collection. To get a head start, learn how to make this simple and beautiful gold chain necklace with two rare and unique pendants. In just 3 Easy Steps!

I got my inspiration from Gossip Girl, I just love the way they dress always very classy, and glamorous. I can definitely picture Serena wearing this with one of her many fabulous outfits!




  1. Attach one pendant to one end of the chain.
  2. Attach second pendant to the other end of the chain
  3. Make a knot on desired location

Glass Jewel Embellished Braided Bib Necklace

By Roseann

It seems that the fashion world can’t get enough of the statement necklace.  The great thing about these pieces is their versatility; they can be worn day or night and can really add personality to a plain T shirt and jeans.   I am thrilled with how this one turned out.  The braiding adds interesting texture and the glass jewels just the right amount of bling.  Do not be intimidated it looks like a lot of work but it is actually very simple to do.


    • Piece of fabric at least 6” by 28” I used denim but you can use any woven fabric you desire.
    • Assortment of glass sew on jewels
    • Nail heads (optional)
    • 1 yard 2” silk ribbon
    • Needle and thread
    • A pair of hands and a creative mind


  1. Cut piece of denim into three 2” strips 28” long.
  2. Pin the three strips on top of each other and loosely braid. 
  3. Secure the other end of the finished braid with a pin.  Be sure that the finished ends of your braid do not exceed 2”.
  4. Hand or machine stitch your finished ends.
  5. Drape the braid around your neck.  By folding the braid in the center work the bib so that it lays flat to the chest and pin.  It may help to have a friend present, this is more easily done on someone else than yourself.
  6. Put a couple of hand stitches in the areas that you folded flat to secure the braid.
  7. Now embellish as desired.  If the mood strikes you or you want to add a little more pop nail heads make a great addition.
  8. Now cut the one yard of ribbon in half.  Fold one end over ¼” and press.  Fold over again ½” and press, now fold back in the opposite direction and press again. 
  9. Sandwich the ends of your braid into your folds of ribbon.  If done correctly you will not see any frayed edges of the ribbon or braid on either side.  Stitch to secure.
  10. Wear and Enjoy!