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DIY Holiday Greeting Cards

By Roseann


Every year we all send and receive holiday greeting cards.  There are few things more special than receiving a card made by hand specifically for you.  Each handmade card created can be tailored for the recipient and express the maker’s personality and style.  I have created several cards using traditional and nontraditional themes in hopes to give you all a little inspiration.  I used an array of trims including; leather cording, beaded trim, nailheads, rhinestones, and leather tape.  I love the way the trims used create a unique texture for an unexpected holiday surprise.   




I hope that you feel inspired to try and create some cards of your own.  Try something new and unexpected this season; I look forward to hearing all about what you’ve come up with.  Happy DIY Holidays!

DIY Holiday Week Two: Iron-on Applique

Hello Holiday Lovers,

As part of our Holiday Season, we are creating DIY Holiday Gift Idea videos for your gift inspirations. Last week I took you on a tour in our NYC’s 5,000 sq ft showroom. This week Carlos and I show you how to apply an iron-on appliqué. A great gift for anyone on the holidays!


Click here for a list of materials 

Tune in next week for a look that will have you chained to our website!

Happy Holidays, Blerona